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Chapter 1438

「 Can we take Igaras.h.i.+-san as our pet? 」

Marika’s request surprised me.

No, all the other girls in the room are also surprised.

Marika’s thought to be a quiet and introverted girl.

However, she brought in the Matsumoto sisters to become family, and then even Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi.

Was Marika this greedy girl?


I finally see it.

I’m just so slow. To think that I didn’t figure that out.

「 What did Minaho-neesan say? 」

On everything that happened so far.

I met Marika and the Matsumoto sisters earlier today, and after listening to their story, I thought everything was set in motion.

However, isn’t everything going a bit too well?

Minaho-neesan showed up at our school to hear the Matsumoto sisters play.

The investigation and decision to accept the Matsumoto sisters as scholars.h.i.+p students were so quick

Even the preparation to meet elder Matsumoto at this hotel.

Of course, Kouzuki SS has superior investigation and a.n.a.lysis in such a short time.

But that doesn’t mean that we need a full investigative unit to prepare for the meeting with the old man.

In short.

Marika talked to Minaho-neesan about the sisters a few days before she talked to me.

That’s why everything was prepared beforehand.

Also, everything’s prepared in advance so Ruriko could approve their scholars.h.i.+p.

I pretend to be calm so that my girls don’t realize that I’m upset.

「 Minaho-san… 」

Marika smiled at me.

「 “Kou-kun decides,” she said 」

I knew it, she also talked to Minaho-neesan before asking me to keep Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi as her pet.

「 Please? It’s okay, right? Kou-kun 」

Marika pleads.

「 Hey, Maki, ask Kou-kun too, that’s a good idea, don’t you think? We can keep Igaras.h.i.+-san as our pet. Then, we can have fun every day 」

Marika tells Matsumoto Maki, who just became her lover.

「 Marika? 」

「 ……???!!! 」

Both Maki, who’s next to Marika, and Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi herself, were just stunned at Marika’s statement.

「 Err, but, uhm 」

Maki seems confused by Marika’s sudden suggestion.

「 M-Marika? Uhm, are you sure? About doing this? 」

Marika and Maki are both from the piano department, and Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi is in the voice department, so they go to different

Even so, they’re girls from the same school.

She’s proposing to keep a girl of the same age as their pet.

That’s not tolerated in the ordinary world.

「 It’s okay, Kou-kun gave his permission 」

Marika told Maki and she looks at me without hesitation on her face.

「 Maki and I belong to Kou-kun. We’re Kou-kun’s family. That’s why, if Kou-kun allows it, then we can do anything 」

「 I-Is that so? 」

Maki looks at me.

「 Yes, anything goes in Kou-kun’s world 」


No, Marika’s right.

We belong to the Black Forest, a criminal syndicate.

We can use the authority and power of the Kouzuki house.

We have a privately owned armed organization, called Kouzuki SS.

We’re already living in complete disregard for the law and social common sense.


「 What you can do and can’t do is for Kou-kun to decide. We only follow him. But, we can ask. Maki, I asked him, so Kou-kun helped you 」

That’s also right.

Marika asked me, that’s why I helped the Matsumoto sisters.

And since I decided, Ruriko, Mariko, and Minaho-neesan helped out.

I make the decision.

I’m the only man in the family, and I’m obligated to fulfill the wishes of my women as much as possible.

「 Jasmine, you know exactly what you’re talking about, right? 」

Mariko asks Marika.

Mariko’s face is smiling, but her eyes are not.

She’s showing a strong will that if Marika continues to talk arrogantly, she’s going to crush her.

「 Of course, I understand 」

Marika replies.

「 Maki and I are already Kou-kun’s women. Kou-kun will always protect us in his arms, and he’ll support us in our dreams, but… 」


「 We’re still inexperienced. We’re still not worthy of being Kou-kun’s woman. Therefore, Maki and I will have to work hard to improve ourselves to become worthy of Kou-kun 」

Marika said, then she smiled at Maki.

「 You get it, don’t you, Maki? 」

「 Yes. I know, Marika 」

Maki nods lightly and then looked at Mariko and the girls around.

「 I have to chase after everyone here. I’m still lacking. I need to put on some effort 」

「 Me too, Maki. Maki and I are now different from ordinary girls, we now live in Kou-kun’s world, and so, we need to chase after the family and our sisters 」

「 Yes 」

My world. Our family’s world.

I don’t get what Marika and Maki mean when they say that they’re immature, that they have to catch up, or that it’s not enough.

Then, Marika goes back to Mariko.

「 No, before improving myself, before catching up to everyone, I first have to try my best not to embarra.s.s myself. That’s the first step 」

「 Me too. That’s the first step for me as well 」


「 Marika, Maki, what do you mean by that? Explain it 」

I asked.

I decided to accept both Marika and Maki as my women, judging that they were suited for our family.

Both of them are smart, they have good manners, and they’re beautiful.

Of course, she’s a piano student at our music high school, and they have a background in music. The two of them have talent in piano.

Compared to my women, they don’t seem lacking.

「 Kou-kun, Maki, and I gained Mariko-chan and Ruriko-chan as sisters through you 」

Marika told me.

「 And today, it’s not just Kou-kun, but Mariko-chan, Ruriko-chan, and even Minaho-san all helped us with our burden 」

「 Luna-chan and everyone else helped out a ton too 」

Mariko used her status as the daughter of the president of Torii electronics.

Ruriko used the scholars.h.i.+p program of the Kouzuki world cultural exchange center because she’s the daughter of the Kouzuki house.

Of course, Kouzuki SS was also there.

Minaho-neesan coordinated the event and even lent us the hotel as a venue.

Then, Kyouko-san.

Then, Luna can soften the mood with her Miko power.

Michi, Kinos.h.i.+ta-san, and Kurose Anju helped as bodyguards.

「 The family helped us using what they have 」

「 But, we don’t have anything we can offer to the family yet 」


「 That’s not true. Your performance on the piano is amazing. I’m sure that one day, your piano performance will help someone in the family 」

Mariko said.

「 That’s what we want. But, we’re still inexperienced in our piano talent 」

「 Marika’s right. We’re still lacking 」

Maki, who wants to be a professional, thinks that way.

「 We’ll do our best in music. But, for now, I promise to not do anything that would embarra.s.s Mariko-chan, Ruriko-chan, and others 」

「 Me too, I’ll become someone suitable for Kou-kun, and for the sisters 」

Marika and Maki announced.

「 After all, everyone’s convinced Maki’s grandfather to allow her to continue her dreams, and Maki even got a scholars.h.i.+p grant from Kouzuki world cultural exchange center 」

「 If I lax or neglect my studies, I’ll be putting those who recommended me for the scholars.h.i.+p, as well as Mariko-chan and Ruriko-chan to embarra.s.sment 」

I see.

Since they insisted that Maki has talent in music so much in front of Maki’s grandfather that…

If Maki gets lousy in music, I’ll bring embarra.s.sment to Ruriko and Mariko.

「 I know that I have to study music harder than ever and become a great pianist. I’m ready for it 」

「 It’s not just Maki, but me as well 」

Both Maki and Marika understand that they have to repay what we gave her.

「 That aside… 」


「 I’ll explain to the students at school that I asked my relative, Reika-oneesan, to introduce Maki to the scholars.h.i.+p program of the Kouzuki world cultural exchange center 」

「 Yes. Today’s story about Maki being a scholars.h.i.+p student will go around at the school quickly 」

Marika said, Maki nodded.

Rei-chan told the students at the dorm back when she dropped off Marika there that she was a relative.

The students in Marika and Maki’s school believe that Marika is a relative of Fujimiya Reika.

Rei-chan’s face and name are well known around the public after her showdown with Kyouko-san and Anya in the special TV program.

Rei-chan’s dignity and beauty, and her spectacular actions with her well-trained body have captivated the audience.

Nowadays, Fujimiya Reika of Kouzuki SS has been named a celebrity.

People can imagine that Kouzuki SS and Kouzuki world cultural exchange center is connected by the Kouzuki group.

So the story of Marika asking Rei-chan to introduce Maki to the Kouzuki world cultural exchange center won’t pose any problems.

「 Of course, everyone at school knew that I was about to leave the school after the recent loss of my father 」

Maki said.

「 There were a lot of people who saw me talking to Maki and taking her out today. Igaras.h.i.+-san even came along with us 」

Marika testifies.

Marika and Maki live in a dorm, so the students see each other a lot.

Today’s Sunday, and Marika, Maki, and for some reason, Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi with bad makeup and leather jacket went out.

「 Of course, people won’t blame me for using Reika-oneesan as a connection and introducing Maki to the Kouzuki world cultural exchange center. Maki was in trouble, and they know that Maki’s got the talent to be chosen as a scholars.h.i.+p student 」

Marika’s right, Maki’s got excellent grades in her piano lessons.

Earlier, Kyouko-san even said that she met the criteria to become a scholars.h.i.+p student from the survey.

「 And so, many would be happy to have Maki as a scholars.h.i.+p student, so she could continue her studies. Many love Maki’s piano performance, and I think they’ll be happy to see that Maki didn’t give up on her dream halfway through, but… 」

Marika said.

「 She also has a lot of haters. Those will definitely get jealous that Maki got her scholars.h.i.+p. They’ll be mean to us out of jealousy, that they’ll say terrible things when we’re not around 」

「 Indeed. With tuition and living expenses and all of Maki’s future musical activities backed by Kouzuki world cultural exchange center, it won’t be surprising that people would be jealous of it 」

Mariko mutters.

I see.

Apart from Maki, many girls in their music high school can be in some difficult economic circ.u.mstances.

The a.s.sistance we provide Maki goes beyond the normal scholars.h.i.+p programs.

They’ll be envious of that. That’s likely to cause some hara.s.sment

「 It was the same when I got introduced as Reika-oneesama’s relative 」


「 Of course, I was happy about that. Before, it was just me and Mother. It was nice to hear that a lovely sister like Reika-oneesama tell everyone in school that I’m close to her and I’m thankful for that. 」

Marika lived alone with her mother, a former prost.i.tute of the brothel, since childhood.

「 However, some of the students at school started following me around every day, telling me to let them see Reika-oneesama, or have her autograph something. On the other hand, there were some with clear malicious intent too 」

「 Yes, I know. I’ve seen them too 」

Maki said.

「 But, I have to be resolute and have to brace myself, ready to deal with it. If I did something that would be the other girls laugh at me, then I’ll cause trouble for Reika-oneesama 」

Even if there are people causing annoyance to Marika, she doesn’t turn it into big trouble.

If that were to happen, Marika feels that it would tarnish the reputation of her relative, Rei-chan.

「 Marika’s piano has been feeling tensed up lately, so that’s what it was 」

Maki said, Marika;

「 Was it worse than before? 」

「 No, it became better. The dignity, and elegance…Oh, I see! 」

Maki looked at Mariko and Ruriko.

「 It must be the influence of the sisters. Marika’s music has changed because you have a graceful family. 」

「 If I did improve, then Maki will 」

「 Yes, I think so. I will change. I’ll get better and better. I have to get better, if not… 」

Maki looked at me.

「 Then joining Kou-kun’s family would be for naught. I’ll have to use my piano skills to overwhelm and silence those who are jealous and hara.s.s me because I’m a scholars.h.i.+p student 」

「 Me too. It can’t be just Maki who’s good at piano, I’ll have to improve or Maki will laugh at me. Minaho-san, Mariko-chan, Ruriko-chan, and everyone in the family, and Kou-kun…I can’t put them to shame 」

「 I see, both Jasmine-chan and Maki-chan have a clear understanding of what it means to be a part of our family 」

Mariko laughed and said.


I didn’t understand.

When Agnes went to school, I asked her to be in the same cla.s.s as Luna, Koyomi-chan, and Karen.

That’s because I was afraid that Agnes would get bullied or isolated in cla.s.s.

If there’s already a group with her from the start, then the bullying is less likely.

I thought of that. So…

I put Agnes and the girls in a group, and yet…

The daughters of the branch family of Mizus.h.i.+ma house use the time when Karen isn’t with Agnes and Luna to bully Karen.

I’m going to the Mizus.h.i.+ma house tomorrow with Karen because of that matter.

I’m already familiar with that example, and yet…

I didn’t consider Marika’s school life.

「 Oh, I’m starting to get it 」

Mariko smiled.

「 In short, Jasmine-chan and Maki-chan need her to be a pet so your school time goes well. 」

That girl, Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi.

Marika and Maki also need to create a strong group in the dorm where they usually live to prevent ordinary students from doing anything unnecessary.


「 But of course, that’s not the only reason. Igaras.h.i.+-san’s a lovely girl, as you can see, and I have a great desire to pet and adore her like a pet together with Maki. But apart from that… 」


「 If Igaras.h.i.+-san becomes our pet, then I think that our lives will become easier 」



「 In short, you brought Igaras.h.i.+-san because you want to show me that wanted her to be your pet from the start? 」

Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi didn’t tag along with Marika and Maki today without asking for permission.

Marika made Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi follow her.

「 Yes 」

Marika smiled.


「 Marika, how is Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi in school? 」

I asked Marika.

I don’t get why Marika wants Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi.

I don’t understand, and the person herself shouldn’t either.

「 She’s so bright and kind, she’s like Erica in our school 」


Marika’s younger sister who she didn’t know exist until recently.

Erica’s attending the same school as Ruriko and the girls, and she’s called the star of middle school.

She’s loved by her seniors as a little sister, and respected by the juniors as an elder sister.

That’s because of Erica’s carefree and bright personality, and endless cuteness.

Marika’s true nature is of a perverted girl who loves lewd literature.

Erica’s enjoying a ton of perverted plays.

So Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi resembles Erica?

「 Igaras.h.i.+’s treated as the flower in our school 」

Maki said.

「 She stands out a lot among the first-years, but they all love Igaras.h.i.+-san 」

「 Yes. She’s sensible and thoughtful, and she doesn’t rush, but, Igaras.h.i.+-san isn’t a two-faced person, so they all love her. 」 It’s fun watching her too 」

Marika and Maki’s commentary made Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi open her mouth dumbfoundedly.

「 Oh, I get it 」


「 Igaras.h.i.+-san’s the idiot-cute type. We have those types in our school too 」


「 I see. Thinking about it, that makeup of hers was funny 」

Mariko laughed.

I see.

When we met Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi who tagged along with Marika and the Matsumoto sisters for the first time earlier this afternoon.

Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi’s trying to show off like a delinquent, putting on such flashy makeup, and a black leather jacket.

That appearance was absurd.

Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi doesn’t look like a delinquent at all, she just looked like a young girl who forced herself to act tough, it didn’t look good on her.

However, the way she dressed ridiculously, and actin tough to put pressure on me was only to help out Maki, whom she had a crush on.

Looking at it from an objective view, that was just cute.

I may have misunderstood her.

「 That’s not all. Nii-san 」


She read my thoughts.

「 Igaras.h.i.+-san didn’t trust Marika-oneesan and Nii-san, she’s worried that Maki-neesan’s deceived by some scammers, and so she’s been treating Nii-san as an enemy, that’s why she was rude, right? 」

I see. So that’s it.

「 That’s why Nii-san’s impression of Igaras.h.i.+-san was poor. 」

Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi was looking ridiculous and was standoffish.

That’s why I had a harsh rating on her.

「 Nii-san’s too strict when giving scores on girls these days 」

Luna said, and that hit a chord.

I also did that yesterday.

I decided that Is.h.i.+gami Mizuki was a dumb young lady, and looked down on her.

However, she didn’t lose her pride as a young lady of n.o.bility even after I raped her.

I was wrong about Is.h.i.+gami Mizuki.

If so…

I look again at Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi, who just showered with Marika and the girls, and is now wearing a bathrobe.


Now without my prejudice, she sure is a cute pet.i.te girl.

She’s trembling as she doesn’t know what will happen to her is so adorable, just like a small animal.

「 It’s true that Igaras.h.i.+-san isn’t as bright to be a regular family member, but I think that she’s good enough to be Jasmine-chan’s pet, right? Don’t you think, Kou? 」

Mariko said.

But, Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi might just end up telling others about the family on some occasions.

That’s just likely.

「 We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen. 」


Luna’s going to use her Miko power to tie up Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi so she doesn’t leak out anything about us.

「 Don’t worry, Nii-san. That’s a no-brainer 」

If it’s just manipulating her mind so she doesn’t tell others, then that won’t break Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi’s mind…


I look at Marika again.

「 Do you really need her as a pet? 」


「 I won’t say that she’s absolutely necessary, but I think it’s better to have her, and also, I want to have a pet 」

Marika replied honestly.

Then, she looked at the naked girl next to her.

「 What about Maki 」

Maki looked at Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi.

「 Right, I think it’s okay if she’s a pet. Marika and I will be sure to dote on her 」

If so…

「 From now on, when Marika and I are together, other girls will look at us like we’re strange, but… 」

「 If we have Igaras.h.i.+-san with us, there will be fewer people looking at us that way 」

If the two girls are too close to each other, they’ll talk behind their backs saying that they’re lesbians, but…

If there are three girls, then it’s just a trio of close friends.

「 I think the other students might be more receptive to the idea of two good piano girls with a silly but pretty girl with them 」

Mariko said.

Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi’s just unable to comprehend what’s going on in front of her and she’s just shaking.

「 So, what will you do, Kou? The rest is your call.

Mariko’s right, Minaho-neesan did tell Marika that if I say yes, then she can keep Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi as her pet.

I have to decide.

I look at the scared Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi.

She’s definitely a cute girl.

I don’t think I have anything to object to if we’re keeping her as a pet, even if she’s a little dumb.

「 Can you take responsibility for her? 」

I asked Marika.

「 I can. Maki and I can 」

「 We’ll take care of her 」

Marika and Maki answer, so I don’t hesitate.

「 Then, she’s yours to keep 」

「 Thanks, Kou-kun 」

「 Kou-kun, thank you 」

Then, Marika and Maki turned to Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi.

「 Kou-kun gave his permission, Igaras.h.i.+-san. 」

「 You’re now Marika and My pet, we’ll be sure to dote on you 」

Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi’s trembling, she’s not answering.

「 Hey, Onee-san, you can’t just do that! 」

Maki’s sister, Miki-san shouts, but…

「 Why not? Just let us be 」

Marika replied to Miki-san calmly.

「 We’re Kou-kun’s women, Kou-kun’s family, and so if he allows it, nothing in this world can go against it. After all, as long as we take care of her and give her the attention then… 」

「 That can’t be! 」

Miki-san can’t understand our logic.

「 Pets can’t choose their owners, but owners can choose their pets. Jasmine-chan and Maki-chan chose Igaras.h.i.+-san as their pet, so Igaras.h.i.+-san’s their pet now 」

Mariko laughed.

「 So, what will you make your pet do first, Jasmine-chan? 」


「 Of course, that would be s.e.x with Kou-kun. She’s our pet, so she needs to be able to serve Kou-kun anytime as well

Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi’s face turned pale.

「 I feel sorry for Igarsas.h.i.+-san if she’s left out while Maki and I are having s.e.x with Kou-kun. Since she’s our pet, Igaras.h.i.+-san should also enjoy s.e.x with us 」

「 Indeed. Marika’s right 」

Maki nods.

「 Kou-kun, you can have s.e.x with Igaras.h.i.+-san whenever you like, okay? She’s our pet, so you can use her as you please 」

In the end, it’s like that.

Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi’s turned to a pet, and for that…

「 Earlier, Kou-kun asked if we could train her, so, Igaras.h.i.+-san’s first training would be to beg Kou-kun 」

Training a pet…

Thus, I have to deflower Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi here.

I’ll violate her so that Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi will understand with her body that she has no other choice but to become a pet.

「 Sure, let’s do it 」

I stood up from the bed and approached the frightened girl in her bathrobe.

「 !!! 」

Igaras.h.i.+ Izumi trembles in fear.

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