The Marriage of an Esteemed Supreme Healer, a Noble Ruler Chapter 2540 - 2540 Side Story 44: I'm Afraid of Going Back on My Word

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Chapter 2540 - 2540 Side Story 44: I'm Afraid of Going Back on My Word

2540 Side Story 44: I’m Afraid of Going Back on My Word

Yu Jiu still braved himself and walked over.

Xiao Ba was very upset at this. “Yu Jiu, your Eighth Sister has something to do. Can you not cause trouble?”

Yu Jiu pointed his own nose in disbelief. “Eighth Sister, when did you see me cause trouble?”

Didn’t I just want to follow them and sit down?!

Xiao Ba glanced at him. “I saw it with my own two eyes.”

Yu Jiu: “…”

Xiao Ba glanced at the sky. “It’s evening. Why are you still here?”

Yu Jiu asked, “Eighth Sister, aren’t you here too?”

Xiao Ba looked at him strangely. “Brother Yan Qing is injured. Haven’t I been taking care of him recently?”

Yu Jiu struggled for a moment but still did not say ‘why do you stay later and later everyday.’

“T-then… I feel quite unwell recently. Eighth Sister, can you check for me?” After some time, Yu Jiu found such an excuse.

Xiao Ba rejected him mercilessly. “Do I look very bored?”


At the side, Yan Qing—who did not really speak—opened his mouth with much difficulty. “Your seventh and eleventh move lacks some energy. You can just train it more.”

Yu Jiu’s heart skipped a beat as he instinctively looked at Xiao Ba. As expected, Xiao Ba’s expression instantly became dangerous.

She smiled.”Oh, Yu Jiu, so you came to find Brother Yan Qing to practice your sword?”

A chill ran down Yu Jiu’s spine, and he immediately straightened his back. “No, no! J-just… I heard that Left Divine General’s sword skills were out of this world. I-I specifically came here to ask for guidance. We just dueled for a bit—”

As he spoke, he held out his finger and gestured ‘a short time.’

Xiao Ba smiled even more warmly. “Really? You recalled that his sword skills are good, but did you remember that he’s injured?”

Yu Jiu instantly felt defeated. “Y-yes…”

You keep coming over every day and want to bring the entire medicinal mountain over. Who doesn’t know that Yan Qing is injured!?

Xiao Ba looked down and glanced at her own hands. The pretty manicured nails glowed slightly, and her fingers were very soft.

Then, she curved her eyes and asked kindly, “Yu Jiu, if you really wish to practice and elevate your skills… Aren’t Master’s sword skills amazing too?”


Yu Jiu did not sit stably and slid off his chair. He forcefully supported himself using the table and stood up. “E-Eighth Sister, who are you kidding? Master is pregnant now!”

If I dare to bring my sword to ask Master for ‘guidance,’ I will definitely come out lying down. The Emperor guards Master everyday.

“Oh, you know that too,” said Xiao Ba lazily. Following that, she raised her brows and glanced at him. “Then, why are you still here?”

Yu Jiu was on the brink of tears. “I-I’ll go back now and train diligently!”

With that, he walked away sadly.

At the door, he paused in his tracks and turned around as if he wanted to say something.

Xiao Ba stood up, crossed her arms, and lazily said, “What, do you want me to see you off?”

“No need!” Yu Jiu was frightened and ran out.

Seeing him running away in panic, Xiao Ba snorted and turned around to sit beside Yan Qing. As she took out the pill, she muttered, “They’re more and more daring…”

Looking at her bulging cheeks, Yan Qing’s lips curled upat an extremely faint angle. “It’s a small matter. Why get angry?”

Xiao Ba lightly snorted. “Do you think I don’t know? Big Brother and the rest didn’t go easy on you for the past few days, right?”

Of course, Cen Yi didn’t personally appear, but the Thirteen Yue Guards had a telepathic connection. She just had to think to know that this was their uniform opinion.

Every day, Xiao Ba knew that they kept finding Yan Qing to ‘duel.’

Yan Qing shook his head. “They’re not putting me in a spot.”

Xiao Ba glared at him. “You don’t have to put in a good word for them because of me. Do you think I don’t know them?”

Yan Qing paused and then said, “I mean… I can handle that bit of ‘dueling,’ so it’s not difficult for me. Besides…”

He looked at the lady beside him.

The evening sun shone in from the windows and cast a warm light, which outlined her curves.

Every inch, every area was beyond perfect. Even her brows had few rare hints of gentleness.

They seemed unreachable, yet they were right before him.

The lady the Thirteen Yue Guard cherished for so many years had now become his. It was no wonder they acted in this manner.

If it were him, he definitely would be reluctant.

Originally, Xiao Ba was quite upset. After all, her heart ached for her own man.

But seeing that he did not seem injured, her displeasure quickly dissipated.

Detecting Yan Qing’s gaze, her face strangely started to burn, and she stopped her actions. “Why are you looking at me?”

She pouted. “Clothes.”

Yan Qing touched the b.u.t.ton at his collar with one hand.

During this time, Xiao Ba was indeed in charge of his injury.

As his defined finger unb.u.t.toned his s.h.i.+rt, he saw Xiao Ba reach out and press her hand against his forehead. “See, so much sweat.”

Yan Qing paused.

However, Xiao Ba did not seem to realize as she pouted while muttering, “If you fight too aggressively, what will happen if your injury gets infected and you have a fever?”

Yan Qing looked up at her with a slightly deep gaze. “Don’t worry. My body has always been well.”

Xiao Ba retracted her hand and touched his face with her soft fingers.

She grunted. “My heart hurts.”

Yan Qing’s breathing paused. Then, he b.u.t.toned his s.h.i.+rt again.

Xiao Ba was dazed. “What’s wrong?”

Yan Qing stood up and picked up the sword at the side. “Nothing. I just feel that I didn’t finish the duel with Ninth Deity properly. I should continue.”

Xiao Ba was confused. “Huh?”

Again? I’ve chased him away.

She stood up and instinctively pulled Yan Qing’s sleeves. ‘You really want to go out? Your wound—”

“My wound is fine. It has healed.” Yan Qing tilted his head.

At this point, he back faced the light, and his handsome and cold face looked rather ambiguous under the light.

He looked at her with glowing eyes. After a moment, he spoke with a slightly hoa.r.s.e voice. “I’m afraid of going back on my word.”

Especially the promise he had just made.

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The Marriage of an Esteemed Supreme Healer, a Noble Ruler Chapter 2540 - 2540 Side Story 44: I'm Afraid of Going Back on My Word summary

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