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Chapter 889: Yan Jinyi Gets Arrested

Seeing that Chen Yulian was babbling nonsense, the surrounding fans stopped her and started rebuking her.

“Who are you, woman? Who are you to scold Jinyi!?!”

“You must be a hater, huh? Are haters all so arrogant now that they’re openly trying to create trouble?”

“Aunt, open your eyes and take a good look. This is Second Young Mistress Huo. Who gave you the guts to lash out at her?”

Chen Yulian should have already cried before as her eyes were red and her hair was messy. Although she was chubby, she was usually well-dressed but this time, she showed up in flip-flops.

“So what if she’s Second Young Mistress Huo? Yan Jinyi, let me ask you, were you there when your grandmother got into an accident the other day? Were you the one who made the emergency call?”

‘How did she know about this?’

Yan Jinyi was slightly stunned. At that time, there wasn’t anyone else around so Chen Yulian was implying that Yan Jinyi had caused Yang Guifang’s death, huh?

For fear that Yan Jinyi wouldn’t admit to it, Chen Yulian hurriedly took out a few photos and said, “Hmph, no crime goes unpunished in this world and you’ll definitely face retribution for your misdeeds. Here are some photos taken by a kind Samaritan. Take a look yourself.”

Yan Jinyi took it expressionlessly. She was photographed standing right beside Yang Guifang who was lying in a pool of blood.

“I have confirmed with the hospital that the person who made the call is you but you were long gone when the ambulance arrived. Why? Did you have a guilty conscience? Or did you already confirm that Grandma was dead before you pretended to ask for help?”

Chen Yulian was extremely aggressive and coupled with the content of the photos, everyone seemed to be shocked.

There were also photos. Could it be that Yan Jinyi had really killed her own grandmother?

“Who gave you the photos?” Yan Jinyi squinted slightly with a look of composure.

“It doesn’t matter who gave it to me. What’s important is that there is concrete proof. Yan Jinyi, just you wait and go to jail.”

Chen Yulian’s smile became increasingly menacing. All of a sudden, a piering siren filled the air and soon, two police cars drove through the crowd before stopping in front of Yan Jinyi.

The person who stepped out of the car was Yan Jinyi’s acquaintance whom she had met at the police station several times.

The person had a complicated look on his face when he saw Yan Jinyi. “Second Young Mistress Huo, you’re suspected of intentional homicide. Please come with us.”

“Officer Zhang, Jinyi isn’t such a person,” Shen Yan said anxiously.

Officer Zhang was known to be harsh and impartial. “If Second Young Mistress Huo has been maligned, the law will do her justice. Second Young Mistress, please come with us.”

All eyes were on Yan Jinyi but she remained calm. “I can leave with you.”

The scene was being broadcasted live so the matter of Yan Jinyi being pinned as a prime suspect of her grandmother’s murder had spread all over the internet.

In the luxurious presidential suite, Leng Yuxi was in a celebratory mood, feeling at ease with a wine gla.s.s in hand.

“Hmph, no wonder Yan Jinyi is an actress. She can remain so calm despite being on the verge of death.”

An Xin glanced at Leng Yuxi with an ambiguous gaze before smiling slowly. “I reckon she thought that Mr. Huo could save her.”

“Sister An Xin, thank you so much for this.”

“You’re welcome. I just happened to be visiting an old friend that day.”

Leng Yuxi raised her brows slightly, feeling a little scared.

Fortunately, she left early that day. However, she didn’t trust An Xin completely and she knew that keeping her around would result in greater trouble.

Huo Zihang, Huo Qingyuan, and Yan Jinyi’s underlings were the most fl.u.s.tered ones when Yan Jinyi was taken away by the police.

After Zhang Guoquan sent away the people who arrived at the Black Cloud Fortress for the umpteenth time, he finally couldn’t help but knock on the door of the study.

Huo Xishen and Huo Xian had already been inside all afternoon.

“Uncle Zhang, what did Grandpa and second Brother say?” Huo Qingyuan’s eyes were red from crying, and when she saw Zhang Guoquan coming out, she tugged his sleeve incessantly.

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Madam Is A Sensational Figure In The City Chapter 889 - Yan Jinyi Gets Arrested summary

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