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Chapter 891: The Rumors Have Spread Like Wildfir

“Plead guilty to what?” Yan Jinyi questioned, still as arrogant as before.

“You are suspected of killing Yang Guifang. Do you plead guilty?”

Yan Jinyi stretched her back and said, “Who saw me killing someone? Did you make that a.s.sumption based on just a few photos?”

Hearing those words, Chen Yulian immediately got excited. “Why? Can a few photos mean anything? Yan Jinyi, I’m telling you, the witnesses will arrive immediately and this time, you have to pay for what you’ve done!”

“We can wait until the witnesses are here.”

Seeing that she was still arrogant, as if the matter didn’t concern her at all, Yang Guifang flew into a rage. “You unrepentant dog, you really don’t know any better. I’m telling you, if it wasn’t for your grandmother, do you really think that you could have married into the Huo family? You’re not even a member of our family!”

Everyone was shocked to hear that.

‘Is Yan Jinyi not from the Yan family?’

Huo Zihang and Huo Qingyuan looked at each other and blinked.

‘Is Second Sister-in-law a phony?’

“Third Brother, our second sister-in-law is a fake...”

“Nonsense. Do you want someone else except Yan Jinyi to be our second sister-in-law?”

As if she had heard a terrifying thing, Huo Qingyuan nodded vigorously and said, “No, no, no, only Yan Jinyi can be our Second Sister-in-law.”


Huo Zihang humphed coldly and exclaimed, “Listen, regardless of whether or not Second Sister-in-law is the biological daughter of the Yan family, she’s still part of the Huo family. So, bullying her is akin to bullying the Huo family!”

‘A bunch of sc.u.mbags.’

Chen Yulian was known for being loud. Seeing her lack of respect, the judge slammed her hand against the table and said, “Silence. I didn’t tell you to speak.”

The two policemen put her on the chair and only then did Chen Yulian quietly looked at Yan Jinyi’s menacing gaze, wis.h.i.+ng she could rip her into shreds immediately.

Chen Yulian and her family proceeded to provide plenty of evidence.

[Yan Jinyi completely broke off ties with her family after marrying into the Huo family.]

[Yang Guifang has asked Yan Jinyi for maintenance multiple times, only to be rejected. Yan Jinyi even hurled profanities at her.]

[Yan Jinyi has been refusing to admit that Yang Guifang is her grandmother. She even humiliated her in public.]


All signs indicated that Yan Jinyi was suspicious of killing Yang Guifang.

The most outrageous thing was that her cousin had somehow caught wind of the fact that she was learning to drive but still hadn’t picked it up after several months of learning.

Wouldn’t that mean that the accident happened because she had been driving without a license?

“Yan Jinyi, do you plead guilty?” The judge asked again.

“Your Honor, did you not hear what I said? This bit of evidence is not enough to prove that I killed someone!”

They were at a stand still and eventually, the judge had no choice but to declare a temporary break.

As the defendant, Yan Jinyi was being guarded by several police officers and as soon as she left the courtroom to the lounge, Chen Yulian suddenly appeared and stopped her.

“Is there something wrong?”

“You won’t be able to be so arrogant later. Our witness will be here soon.” Looking at Yan Jinyi with contempt, she said, “You still don’t know that you’re just an orphan who was adopted, do you? You’re not the real Second Young Mistress Huo and if weren’t because of the fact that your sister was underage at that time, she would have taken your place.”

Yan Jinyi smiled and nodded nonchalantly. “Oh, I’m really heartened to be able to finally break free from your family.”

Huo Xishen still hadn’t showed up at the second trial. Seeing this, Chen Yulian was completely relieved because she reckoned that Yan Jinyi should have already been abandoned.

Chen Yulian began reprimanding her again but Yan Jinyi merely replied, “Rumors have already spread like wildfire before the truth has even come to light.”

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Madam Is A Sensational Figure In The City Chapter 891 - The Rumors Have Spread Like Wildfir summary

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