I Became the Strongest With The Failure Frame【Abnormal State Skill】As I Devastated Everything Chapter 384 - The Fallen God Who was Once a Serpent God, and the Lost Paradise

I Became the Strongest With The Failure Frame【Abnormal State Skill】As I Devastated Everything -

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Chapter 384 - The Fallen G.o.d Who was Once a Serpent G.o.d, and the Lost Paradise


Wormungandr blocked my sweeping strike with his right arm.

(Tsk, he’s too tough!?)

[Gyehahaha———- You think this attack could reach me!? Even though a lot of my power has been allocated for fighting Deities!? So this is how low humans are———-]

His ma.s.sive, white arm, which seemed capable of mowing through everyone in his path, swung.

[You’ve gotta be kidding me!]

Twisting my body and increasing the density of my unique sword, I tried blocking his attack.

CRASH———- The same solid sound from earlier echoed through the area.

I had added a twist to my body to dodge just in case but……

(If I increase the density of my unique sword to the maximum, it won’t break———- I can block his attack with my sword. The toughness of his skin and my sword is almost equal…… As for the size difference, it’s not a problem due to my unique skill…… I can fight him head-on!)

I manifested floating weapons behind Wormungandr, intending to attack his back.


My hammer collided with his fist.

At the same time, a dull, heavy metallic sound rang out.

With the collision, a gust of wind blew from the collision, fluttering my hair but———

I swung my war mallet through.

It was a full swing, like a golf swing, sending Wormungandr flying.

The white G.o.d crashed into a two-story brick house.

The bricks shattered, and dust filled the air.

The collapse of a pillar caused the second floor to crumble.

Seeing him fallen at a distance, I steadied my breathing.

[Haahhh…… Haahhh———- ……Fuuuu.]

(With an opponent like this…… The advantage of a weapon’s range is almost meaningless…… Even if I change my weapon’s form instantaneously, he should have already memorized it by now……)

That last attack was intended to be a surprise attack using a move he’s unfamiliar with.

From now on, swapping weapons might just create an opening instead.


A large silhouette stood up, pus.h.i.+ng away the rubble.

Clap…… Clap……

Wormungandr dusted off his arms and emerged from the dissipating dust.

[……The slight delay in my movements must be due to that ringing in my ears from earlier. I can’t even use Divine-level Magic because my organ has shut down…… Gyehahaha, Vysis must be p.i.s.sed.]

Wormungandr s.h.i.+fted his gaze from his arm to me.

[Your strength…… it’s not just due to the Divine Protection, is it?]

He was probably referring to the Heroes’ Status Boosts.

I mean, even I myself had managed to change.

I, who had strayed from my path.

I——— was evidently saved from leading such a future.


Humans can save other humans.

[Anyone can change for the better if guided correctly———– Isn’t that what the “potential” you mentioned means?]

Wormungandr laughed.

And then———

[I won’t deny it completely———– but that’s an idealistic view.]

In an instant, he closed the distance between us.

[ ! ]

The same went for the floating weapons.

More importantly, trying to divert his attention caused a slight drop in the density of my unique sword.

Yes———- right now, I have allocated all of my Silver World to the unique sword.

(Thanks to that, I can block his tough fists and manage to trade blows but———- my…… reaction speed……!)


(Even with Asagi-san’s Enhancement Skills active, it’s like this……!?)

Bit by bit……

I’m being pushed back.

If this drags on and Asagi-san’s buffs wear off———-


Second Form.

There’s no guarantee this would work again.

After that time, I had tried it and understood.

Using Second Form here……

If I fail, the backlash will be immense.

In this situation, such a thing happening could be fatal.

However———– I have no other options.

I have to go for it.

————Limit Release: Two————

As I unleashed a series of continuous attacks, Limit Release: Two was unleashed.

And then———-

It happened.

I mean———-

Those differently colored parts, it was constantly changing.

This being the case, I hypothesized.

Wormungandr was likely hardening the parts of his body that were being attacked to an extreme degree.


He could concentrate the “substance” for hardening on the areas he wanted to.

Wormungandr could move this “substance” by his will.

Anywhere on his body———- As long as he wanted to.

Strangely, this principle is somewhat similar to my unique skill.

Increasing density to enhance attack power.

Or sometimes, using it to toughen up my defenses.

Now then, how would I fight such an opponent?

Create a distraction, find an opening, and strike before he can harden.

To confirm if my theory was correct———

To confirm if my attacks would actually get through, I needed to land a blow first.

Even if it was just a shallow cut……


Until now, I couldn’t create that opening.

He wouldn’t allow it.

He blocked even the floating weapons from behind without “seeing” them.

While he was prattling on earlier, I tried to find an opening.

However, it was still not possible.

I thought I could distract him by talking, but that was futile too.

A theory remains a theory unless it’s proven in practice.

In that case———-

(If creating an opening is impossible, then I have no other choice———-)

……but to strike at a speed that he cannot harden in time.

To “achieve” this, I needed the Second Form———– Limit Release: Two

After landing the first blow, I didn’t hesitate.

My hypothesis was confirmed, the theory proven.

I had the result———– the exact solution.

Now, I just needed to execute.

All I had to do now was attack.

I unleashed a flurry of rapid sword strikes, closing the distance even further.

Wormungandr deflected and parried with his arms.

But this time———– things are different from before.

My slashes began to connect.

I was inflicting cuts.

And as Wormungandr took my attacks———-

He laughed.

[Kuku…… How long has it been since a human made me bleed? That’s right! This is the hidden potential of humanity, Vysis! However, you want to snuff this out, don’t you!? You want to nip this potential in the bud! Gyehahaha…… Fine. This hadn’t been something I intended, but let’s do this splendidly! Just as I was ordered! GYEHAHAHAHAHAHA!]

Recently, new information about the anime has been released, so I would like to share it with you.

First, four additional cast members have been announced:

Eve Speed: Ueda Hitomi

(Gold s.h.i.+p from Uma Musume, Ashlock from Arknights, and Brid from NIKKE)

Lizbeth: Watada Misaki

(Gotoh Futari from Bocchi the Rock!, and Xu Fu from FGO)

Nyantan Kikeepat: s.h.i.+oiri Asuka

(No notable characters)

Civit Gartland: Suwabe Jun’ichi

(This is…… quite the heavyweight. Notables are Sukuna from JJK, Shouta Aizawa from MHA, Grimmjow from Bleach, Daiki Aomine from Kuroko’s Basketball and Archer(EMIYA) from Fate.)

Additionally, the second PV and the third key visual have been released. In the second PV, you can see Eve and Lizbeth speaking for the first time. Moreover, the ending theme “pray” by Hakubi-sama is revealed for the first time in this PV (like the first one, I felt it was an amazing PV with great synergy with the music). Furthermore, in the third key visual, along with Eve and Lizbeth, who appeared in the PV, the visuals of Nyantan and Civit have also been unveiled.

Lastly, the broadcast information has been updated. However, there is quite a lot of information, so I apologize for the inconvenience, but please check the official website for details.

  • Official Website (You can also view the 2nd PV and the 3rd key visual here)

  • 2nd PV (YouTube)

Before we know it, the broadcast date is approaching.

Please look forward to the anime version of “Failure Frame”.

The next chapter is scheduled to be updated on Tuesday, June 25th, around 9:00 pm.

Eve Speed


Nyantan Kikeepat

Civit Gartland

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