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Chapter 963 Chapter 963: Finished

The top three in the Trials moved over to the next cities on their list. Meanwhile, the rest were still struggling against their first city Itself.

Even though they were given slightly easier cities with less concentrated forces, it still wasn't as easy to destroy an entire city as Lucifer, and the others made it look like.

In the fourth place, according to the leaderboard, was Malin, who was on Lucifer's team before. As for the fifth and sixth, they were taken by Ron and Raayi's team members.

The rankings were seeing a lot of turmoil on the lower side. However, on the higher side, the scores more or less looked settled for now.

Lucifer left the Royal Beast City and advanced to the next city on his list. It was the city where he met Hun and the other High Beasts. But for now, he only wanted to destroy that city and kill the Baltics, who were taking over the city in the process.


Even though there was another city closest to the Royal City, Lucifer didn't stop there for now. He only had one Target for now.

Still, he also couldn't afford to let his scores fall just because he wanted to kill three people. The city he wanted to go to only had three people, after all. An addition of three to his score was nothing compared to the time he had to waste.

That's where an old trick came into play. It was a trick used by Kellian in the past when he was needed at two places at once. Kellian had created temporary clones of himself to go on a spying mission while he himself stayed behind.

Thanks to some lucky circ.u.mstances, Lucifer received the Shadow Abilities of Kellian, which allowed him to do something like this.

Lucifer created a temporary clone of himself and sent him to destroy the other cities to keep his score up. He didn't worry about the risks at all since he was sure that one clone was enough. If there were any problems, that clone could even summon the Supreme Beasts to help.

That allowed him an opportunity to focus on the main enemy without having to worry about the score at all.


"It's been so long. Didn't you say that the so-called King of yours was going to get us back?"

In the mansion that previously belonged to the Snow Wolf Clan, three people were sitting around a round table.

One of the three was Jian Asade, who used to be the head of the Warlock Council. He was trapped in this world by Lucifer, along with the two Baltics as well.

"You don't have to teach us what we said! We know all too well!" A young lady sharply responded.

She was known as Licia, the strongest out of the four generals of the Baltics Race.

"Calm down. It's not the time to fight," the third person on the table chimed in. He was the second general of the Baltics Race.

Lucifer had already killed the other two out of the four, only sending these two here to save some time.

"Something must've gone wrong on the other side. I'm sure His Majesty would've brought us back by now. Since he hasn't, that can only mean-"

"That he abandoned you?" Jian finished Licia's sentence.

"He would never!" Licia smacked her hand on the table in anger as she stood up. "He can never abadon us."

"What Licia was trying to say was that he might be dead," Milan spoke. "If he hasn't called, I don't see any other reason other than that he might be dead."

"You mean Lucifer killed your King? Don't tell me your King was so weak!"

"Shut up! One more word out of you about our King, and I'll slay you right here!"

Licia could accept anything, but she couldn't accept someone talking bad about their King, who Sacrificed so much for their people.

"Jian, I would appreciate it if you don't try to anger us. Choose your words wisely. If there is someone who is strong enough to kill our Majesty, then that person will be strong enough to kill Tens of you at once!" Even Milan couldn't take the insult of his King.

"There is no way that someone like Lucifer, who couldn't even face us properly, managed to kill our Majesty. I think it has more to do with the destroyer who killed our homes. Maybe he sensed the freedom of His Majesty and came himself."

"Only he has the strength to do something like that. And since His Majesty was all alone in our absence, maybe he was killed?"

Milan was the wisest of them all here when it came to long term planning, but even he hadn't realized just how wrong he was. He was taking credit away from the person who actually deserved it, once again underestimating Lucifer.

Then again, it wasn't shocking. When Lucifer faced them, he was indeed weak and couldn't defeat them. He had to seal them here. They couldn't believe that someone who couldn't even defeat them was capable of killing their King.

"It doesn't matter who killed who. What matters is how we get out of this place. I want to go back to earth! We need to find a way!"

Unlike the Baltics, who revered their King, Jian was more interested in being able to go back. They've been here for a long time and still had no idea on how to get back to earth.

There wasn't any technology in this world for being able to create a s.h.i.+p. And even if they could, they didn't know where Earth actually was.

"You can control s.p.a.ce, right? Can't you find a way to create a portal back to earth?" he asked Licia.

"I can only manipulate the s.p.a.ce around me to control my surroundings. It is to kill enemies and no more. The effects are limited to this world. I can't create any portal." Licia rolled her eyes. "It won't be as easy to find a way back. I wonder if it's even possible or not."

"I see. You're useless then," Joan sighed in disappointment. "I really made a mistake at that time by siding with you. If I had stayed with Lucifer, I wouldn't be trapped in this h.e.l.lhole. I could've even killed him later when I had an opportunity and retrieved the Sword that the Ancient Soul is after."

"But now, not only did that soul abandon me, making me lose most of my skills because I couldn't go back to earth to help it, but I also have to live in this h.e.l.lhole for who knows how long!"

Jiang was so angry, but not at the Baltics. He was angry at himself for being so impatient. Throughout his life, he had been so careful that he didn't even let anyone know that he was the true leader of the Warlock Council, hiding in the shadows.

For someone like him to get so impatient at such a crucial time to make a mistake like that...? He wanted to curse himself out loud. He knew that if he had been more careful, he could've had everything!

"You... Hmm?" Lucia was about to say something, but she stopped in the middle as she looked back.

"What happened?" Seeing such a strange reaction from Licia, even Milan was quite surprised.

"I covered this city in my s.p.a.ce domain before. I'm sensing that someone entered my Domain," Licia answered.

"Just be some stray beast. I'll go take care of him." Milan stood up. This city was off-limits to the people of this world, and they usually killed whoever entered, even if it was by accident.

"No, you can't go alone. This presence... It's familiar! It's none other than him!" Licia also stood up.

"Him? What do you mean by him? Who?"

"Lucifer! That kid dared to come here and barge inside this city!"

Hearing the news, Jian also stood up, excited. "He really did? If he came back, then he must have a way to go out as well! We can finally leave this h.e.l.l! It looks like G.o.ds are with us!"

"We must capture him alive! Don't you dare to kill him! We need him to bring us back! You understand?!" he warned the two Baltics before leaving the mansion.

Even though Lucifer was an enemy that he wanted to kill, for now, leaving this place was more important. As for killing Lucifer, they could do it back on earth as well.

"She was right... It's actually him..." Jian saw a familiar person flying in his direction from a distance.

There was no doubt about it! It was the same silver-haired boy that he hated the most! It was Lucifer!

Seeing Lucifer after so long, Jian licked his lips in excitement.

Licia and Milan also came out, looking at Lucifer in the distance.

"This kid is really brazen. He actually came here and all alone. Why would he come here though?" Milan wondered.

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