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Rudra got the confirmation that the reason why he was reincarnated was because of the unnamed G.o.d.

He had been the one to chose him to be his champion on a whim, and he was the reason why Rudra got a second chance in life all those years ago.

In a way Rudra owed everything he was today to the unnamed G.o.d, and it was quite an overwhelming feeling for him to meet his benefactor today.

However as much as Rudra wanted to beleive that the unnamed G.o.d wanted nothing more than the best for a mere tier 6 G.o.d like Rudra, he knew that was not how things worked in the universe.

For the unnamed G.o.d to come down personally to meet him, for him to take this time to explain fate to him, it meant that the G.o.d desperately wanted something from him.

For a G.o.d like the unnamed G.o.d to want something from Rudra, it was sure to not be something simple.

Rudra asked politely " I am flattered to be chosen to be your champion, how may i serve you further my lord? "

The unnamed G.o.d chuckled, a small tear escaping his eyes due to mirth, as he said " Ohh dear boy, if you could just see the future like I can, you would surely find this conversation very funny ".

The unnamed G.o.d could not beleive that the man who he was destined to serve as his first commander was addressing him as his lord.

By defying fate, Rudra was on trajectory to become the strongest ent.i.ty in this universe and one of the few who could save this universe from the impending doom that it faced.

Ever since the day that the unnamed G.o.d was cursed with the ability to see the future, he foresaw the end of the universe.

Ever since that day, he had been systematically looking for solutions to somehow alter that destiny, to keep this universe from imploding upon itself and to keep the universe from turning into a cold and lifeless s.p.a.ce.

He was one of the strongest supporters of the Sigma order, he was the one to strongly support the universal queen's installation to stabilize universal order and as a result he delayed the impending doom by a few million years.

However the queen herself was not enough to change the fate of the universe completely.

,m To change fate, one needed to become a ' Fate Defier ' as only those who had broken free from the burden of their own destiny and escaped the very system could someday challenge destiny herself.

To accomplish this mission he trained the angels, he married beniogre and raised many capable children!

He became the patron of many races and he erased the knowledge of his very name from the universe.

Becoming ' Unnamed ' he desperately tried to escape the constraints of destiny, but alas destiny had a tight grip on a tier 9 existance like himself.

In the history of the universe there had never been an individual to have completed Omega and walked out a tier 6 G.o.d until Rudra and it was nothing short of a miraculous feat to have been achieved, but what was even more miraculous was the fact that Rudra had become the only G.o.d to be a fate Defier.

If Rudra could see karmic lines, he would notice that the ones around him warped like he was a blackhole, his very existence a chaos to the order of the universe and one that the universe wanted to get rid off badly.

In his millions of divinations, the unnamed G.o.d had only ever seen 10 possible futures where the universe survived, and in 7 of those ten futures it was him serving Rudra as his first commander, leading the army of Angels into war.

The unnamed G.o.d had a lot that he wanted to tell Rudra, however fate was a cruel thing to tempt.

Smiling amiably at Rudra , the unnamed G.o.d moved at a speed that Rudra could not even comprehend as a chop to his neck knocked him out cold from over the back of the animal he was riding.

Catching his body before it fell, the unnamed G.o.d lowered it down to the ground as gently as possible, as he started the procedure to plant within Rudra two of the most miraculous treasures of the universe.

The tier 9 seed of rebirth


The tier 10 seed of chaos.

When he retrieved them from his inventory in the single split second that the seed of chaos was exposed to the elements, it absorbed the life from the entire planet, killing it's over 1.3 million inhabitants and hundereds of millions of animals in the process.

The seed of rebirth then tried to counteract the effects but being a little weaker than the seed of chaos it could only undo 70% of the damage caused.

These treasures were not something that could be handled by a tier 6 G.o.d like Rudra, however if Rudra was not a G.o.d there would not be the slightest of hope for him to supress these at all!

The unnamed G.o.d proceeded to supress the strength of these treasures to a level where they would not hinder Rudra's day to day life upon being installed however he seemed to age from a middle aged looking man to an old man in the process of suppressing the might of these treasures.

Cutting open Rudra's back, he carefully planted the seeds in Rudra's kidneys, before healing the wound up.

Sweating and panting profousely, the unnamed G.o.d looked around himself as he could see fate lines sinking deep into Rudra's body, but unable to alter his destiny with him already becoming a fate Defier before this procedure.

Talking to Rudra's A.I. Gaia, with the universal queen as the witness, the unnamed G.o.d said " I leave the fate of the universe in your hands now, master.

Your life will be a cruel one full of challenges and you are destined to fall in battle, but your death will not be the end of your journey, for you have a greater burden to carry before eternal rest

Your humble servant begs of you today, please find the strength to save us all!".


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