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Chapter 1764 "Chain Of Contempt"

Arlin spoke about Lael, the second child of the Aretha family who was known for his big brain and his t.i.tle as a genius strategist at such a young age.

Arlin was from the Earth Cla.s.s and didn't know a lot of students from the Sky Cla.s.s.

Lael was someone from the Sky Cla.s.s, so it should be impossible for her to know about Lael.

It was only because Lael's last name was Aretha that recently, Arlin noticed the boy.

"This young master looks calm and calm but he secretly looks down on everyone."

"He even brags about his little sister all day along, saying that his little sister is going to join the academy this year."

G.o.d knows why Blair didn't join the academy when she was five years old and only joined now, but for Lael to say such things because the entrance exam was even held...

Arlin had to shake her hand at Lael's arrogance.

"I don't know why this boy is so annoying. He also has a younger brother in Azkar and La.r.s.en's fifth grade. Both siblings are equally annoying."

Arlin noticed the two siblings because both of them boasted about their genius younger sister who already became a multiple-ability user at the age of six.

"I remembered that Lael said his younger sister should have received an invitation or something."

Arlin and the others never got an invitation letter because it was only for geniuses or those with unique special abilities.

Now that Blair should really have received a special invitation, Blair should have been proud because she had been preparing to enter the Academy through the entrance examination but got an invitation letter in the end.

After all, compared to other geniuses, Blair was indeed already excellent because she was young and yet had awakened several abilities.

Even 'Seiya', Ainsley's disguised ident.i.ty, only had one ability when the two people were only one year apart. Or maybe two years?

Ainsley herself didn't remember anyone and didn't care.

Hearing about the long-lost name again, Ainsley, who acted as if she wasn't interested in Elton Academy, couldn't help but feel a bit more interested now.

Her purpose to join the Academy was not to study, but she didn't know that she would meet three of the Aretha Family members in the academy.

It seemed that there would indeed be many interesting things in the academy.

Ainsley wanted to see what the three siblings' reactions would be when they saw her appearing as a special instructor!

While Ainsley and her friends were talking about the students at Elton Academy, many families all over the world with young children were also talking about the opening entrance examination of the number one academy in the world.

Many children who didn't enter the Elton Academy at a young age and reluctantly entered other schools had all graduated but they still had a chance to enter the Elton Academy as a junior high school, a senior high school or a college student.

Of course, there was a so-called 'chain of contempt' between special admission students and ordinary students, which means there was also another chain of contempt between fellow ordinary students.

The ordinary students who had entered the Academy from a young age all looked down on the 'newcomers' who entered the academy when they were older.

Because these students had created their own circle from a young age, the newcomers who joined the academy late were often not able to blend in and became outcasts.

Unless the newcomer was a special admission student or at least a Sky Cla.s.s student, it would be hard to blend in.

Of course, some students still relied on their family background to make friends in the academy and created their own circle, but the academy had always been a place where family background didn't matter.

Only personal achievement matters.

Usually, these kids who relied on family backgrounds would be suppressed hard by fellow kids with good family backgrounds who also had the strength or were crushed by geniuses.

The poor people in the academy didn't have to worry about offending influential kids as long as their strength was good because the Academy would forbid any kinds of 'targeting' from one student to another student's family.

No matter how influential a family was, in front of the behemoth of the Elton Academy's force, they would also be obedient.

Not to mention that students with no background and no money could bring their family members to live in a special area at Elton Academy as long as they paid with academy credits.

This is why students in Elton Academy spoke with strength.

The academy never forbade internal fighting as long as it didn't cripple fellow students, injuring the talent or killing the student.

For many mafia families' kids who had definitely killed people once in their childhood, the academy greatly restricted their impulse to kill fellow students.

The academy never cared about the students killing people outside of the academy, but they could never target fellow students, no matter what the reason.


This is also why families who had feuded with each other never dared to target the opponent's children if that child entered the Elton Academy.

After all, the Elton Academy was very protective of their own people but they were also strict with the students.

If the students were lawful outside and were taught a lesson, as long as the child didn't die, the academy turned a blind eye to those arrogant students.

Because of this, the Elton Academy had a high prestige among many people, making these big bosses who had children of various ages want to send their children to Elton Academy!

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