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Chapter 1763 "Reuniting With The Five Besties"

The five little friends had all become one year older and maybe because they had joined the Elton Academy ever since they were young, they adapted fast to the academy.

The five people entered the Elton Academy at varied ages because they awakened their abilities at varied ages, but the Academy still placed the cla.s.s system according to age.

For example, the two boys Azkar and La.r.s.en.

Azkar had unique tiger fangs, wheat-coloured skin, flamboyant red hair and a blazing fiery temper.

He was like a small sun and he was also popular among his peers.

La.r.s.en was more mature with his cute round

La.r.s.en was like a complete opposite of Azkar and he looked more intelligent, serious, and had the air of a shaman.

Azkar was nine years old while La.r.s.en was ten years old when they first awakened their abilities.

But Azkar didn't immediately enter the Elton Academy when he had just awakened his ability at the age of nine.

First of all, there was no cla.s.s for students under the age of ten back then and secondly, even if the cla.s.s was open, Azkar would not pa.s.s the examination and had to retry the next year.

On the other hand, La.r.s.en awakened his shaman ability later than Azkar, at the age of ten, but he was immediately admitted to the Elton Academy.

Actually, when he became friends with Ainsley, he had just become a student at Elton Academy for a few months.

Both boys were the same age when they entered the Elton Academy, and they were put into the same grade as children around their age.

Some other students who were admitted into the Academy at the same time as the two boys yet have different ages were placed in different grades based on their age.

However, in one grade, there were a lot of and there were better than other ordinary ones.

As a shaman, La.r.s.en was given special treatment and entered a better cla.s.s than Azkar, who only had basic elemental ability without any signs of evolution yet.

The better cla.s.s was called the Sky cla.s.s while the ordinary ones were called the Earth Cla.s.s.

The Sky Cla.s.s had more than just one cla.s.s. There were two to three cla.s.srooms with thirty people per cla.s.s.

But this was indeed too little compared to Earth Cla.s.s with a total of ten cla.s.srooms and thirty students per cla.s.s.

That's just one grade according to age.

The boys were still in elementary school grade four when they entered the Academy, and there were six grades in elementary school.

Not to mention two grades of kindergarten, three grades of junior high school, another three grades of senior high school and there was still college.

Everyone was admitted into the academy and was divided into according to their ages, but this only applied to students who didn't apply for the college section.

Many geniuses at the age of fifteen to seventeen applied for the college section and successfully pa.s.sed the test, making them younger than most of the Elton Academy's college students.

The new students who had been admitted to the academy could also 'skip grades' and jump to higher grades as long as they could pa.s.s the special grade a.s.sessment!

The two boys were now eleven years old, and they were at elementary school grade five.

The two boys didn't tell Ainsley because they weren't that familiar with Ainsley back then, but now, they were a bit hesitant to tell Ainsley that they actually met Asael, the youngest son of the Aretha Family at school.

Back then, both boys had only been in the academy for several months and they didn't know a lot about Ainsley's past grievances or anything.

But after that, they noticed that there was an arrogant monster-tamer boy in Sky Cla.s.s next door to La.r.s.en's Sky Cla.s.s A.

This boy was in cla.s.s B of Sky Cla.s.s, and he was said to be a genius who had awakened his ability early and even joined the G.o.dlif Country's Monster Tamer guild during summer vacation.

The academy didn't have three months of summer vacation but they replaced it with a chance for the students to go out of the academy to gain experience.


The students could join guilds, organizations or anything as long as they didn't bring trouble to themselves or to the academy.

The two boys didn't know much about this Asael boy until they knew more about Ainsley and realized that the baby had beef with Azael because of Azael's sister-- Blair.

If they remembered things right, Blair should be a year older than Ainsley and she should also try to join the academy this year.

Since Ainsley was five years old now, Blaze should be six years old.

No wonder Ainsley didn't say about wanting to join the Elton Academy. Isn't that because she didn't want to meet Blaze?

The two boys didn't say anything, and Zenan, who was twelve years old and had to focus on graduating from elementary school to try junior high school the next year knew nothing about this hidden topic.

Only Arlin, the 'big girl' of the group of six children, the oldest among them all who had just turned fourteen years old suddenly looked at Ainsley with a strange expression on her face.

Arlin had always been cheerful and straightforward.

The little princess of her family didn't think much and just casually mentioned something to Ainsley while they were talking about the Elton Academy.

This time, Arlin talked about someone that Ainsley knew but also studied at Elt Academy.

"That, little Ain. I just realized that there seems to be someone from the Aretha Family in my grade."

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