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Chapter 1968 "a.s.signed Students"

The Sun-kissed forest would enter winter if the map was still there. 

The lake would freeze, the sky sea would be full of snow clouds instead of the usual clouds, and so many more. 

Now, Ainsley was in the mountain range, and it was also winter, which just worsened the situation. 

Ainsley held her breath, inhaled and exhaled a few times to calm down before checking the holographic screen from the cameras to see if she had any new missions. 

Since she was already forcefully separated from her teammates and came to a new place, she could only forget about yesterday's events and continued to survive. 

The audience had been watching the contestants' reactions upon suddenly arriving in new places and among the contestants, Ainsley was one of the calmest ones even when she was the youngest. 

They could not help but leave comments in Ainsley's live broadcast channel. 

[This kid is really not joking when she said mafia children are more experienced in facing dangers than other children or even adults.] 

[Yes, yes. Everyone would at least show some panic or something, but this baby was just taken aback for a while, fell silent as if thinking about something, and then quickly adapted.] 

[I think she often faces sudden changes and dangers, so she could accept the bizarre change faster than others.]

Ainsley felt that the sudden change should be something that the judges or the a.s.sessment administrator did to spice up things, so there should be something on the holographic notice. 

Ainsley was right, though. 

The moment she saw the notice out on the holographic screen, the baby twitched her lips and had the urge to slap whoever gave this idea to make contestants suffer. 

The notice was short, but the content was deeply challenging everyone's bottom line. 

In short, the notice said that the second day of the a.s.sessment means that the Eltonians could start giving out missions, but there was something different from last year's a.s.sessment. 

This time, on the second day of the a.s.sessment, each contestant would be tasked with one primary mission that would impact the score greatly because the obtained score points could be deducted! 

The primary task was actually related to the students that they would teach later on. 

Yes. The contestants would be a.s.signed three college students who were not Eltonians from all grades, departments and majors. 

Then, for a whole day, the team of one instructor candidate and three students had to finish their main mission without losing any members. 

The contestant had to ensure the students' safety and that the students could not have a too severe accident that could ruin their future. 

Once the student was detected to be in such danger that the contestants could not face it, the contestants had to send out SOS so that the students could be teleported away safely. 

There might be an unexpected victim or casualty, but the contestant who acted as the students' guardian would always be the one bearing the brunt in the end. 

It was strictly stated that if one of the three students in the team got their future ruined or died, the contestant would immediately be eliminated from the a.s.sessment. 

They would also have to compensate the family of the victim and do all kinds of things to be responsible. 

The academy would be responsible as well, but the contestants would be the ones with the heaviest responsibility. 

After reading the notice, Ainsley had to bite her lips so that she didn't curse out loud during her live stream. 

However, her dark expression already told the audience about her true feelings. 

Ainsley was usually composed and could hide her feelings well, but this time, she didn't want to hide her feelings. 

She just could not understand why the academy would want to bet on their students' lives. 

She remembered that only Eltonians and special instructors could come to this island due to the hidden danger and the uncertainty of the island. 

But now, they would be sending a bunch of college students who were not Eltonians at all to a bunch of contestants who were not even a special instructor yet. 

Isn't this crazy? 

Ainsley inhaled and exhaled sharply for a few times to calm down her complicated emotion before she continued to read the details of the notice. 

It was said in the announcement that the three students would be sent straight to each contestant's coordinate, so they didn't get to choose students but they also didn't have to find the students on their own. 

If the students were not dropped next to their designated contestants, the chance of these students dying would be higher. 

This rule just showed that the Academy still cared about their students to some extent. 

It was said that the students would arrive at seven o'clock sharp and now, because the sun had just risen up from the horizon, it was still around six o'clock. 

Ainsley felt that this was another wave of tests for the contestants. 

If the contestants didn't wake up early, they would suddenly be a.s.signed with three 'burdens' that they had to take care of throughout the day without knowing the official instruction. 

By then, there would be a lot of chaos for these unprepared contestants. 

Not only did their location change overnight, but they also had to bring three students with them to do missions from Eltonians and the judges. 

Ainsley felt that she was lucky to be woken up by the cold, so that she had one hour to prepare to welcome the students. 

If she woke up late, she would not have time to face the students and every minute she spent not knowing anything about the situation, the danger rate would rise bit by bit. 

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