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Chapter 2290 "Dead Mountain"

Bello rarely used his cat form when he could already transform into a human, so he knew that if Ainsley wanted to hug a furry, she would first find Cellino, who was still in a cat form because his beast form was too inconvenient to move around in daily life. 

Bello suddenly felt that he had fallen out of favor! 

It was true that Ainsley rarely found Bello except when she needed him to fight, but that was because this cat was too lazy and good at being spoiled. 

When he was at home, he would use his beast form at the magic prairie, and then, he would lay on the gra.s.s, basking in the sun. 

He also liked to act like a spoiled child, but because he was in beast form, even Ainsley could not really spoil him. 

That's why Ainsley went to find Cellino more often than Bello because the little one liked to be in a cat form, so it was also easier for the baby to interact with Cellino. 

Bello was instantly struck on the spot until the man's usually cheerful face turned gloomy, as if the storm was about to come. 

The man just realized that he was really not 'favored', and now that there was a possible new furry animal around Ainsley...

Bello became even more anxious, and the man couldn't help but say some things about the nine-tailed fox that everyone had not even seen yet. 

"What's so good about a fox? I heard that a nine-tailed fox, especially the demonic one, is vicious. They feed on the flesh and blood of many human beings and other races." 

"They also liked to seduce people and suck them dry! Both the male and female foxes are like that. If you think that the female fox might be more vicious, then, you're wrong." 

"The male nine-tailed fox is usually even more vicious because he can seduce both men and women of all races!" 

Bello tried to discredit the nine-tailed fox, but the poor fox had already been dead for G.o.d knew how long, and now, the fox was only a spirit. 

Whether the fox was a male or a female, it didn't really matter because the fox was already dead, after all. 

Ainsley was speechless at Bello's words, which felt like a jealous villain. She didn't know why Bello acted like that, but maybe, the fox was really dangerous and a worthy enemy...

Ainsley felt that they really had to be careful. Still, in the end, her goal was to find the first ancestor, not the nine-tailed fox spirit. Even if the fox was there with the first ancestor, it would only be a 'side dish'. 

It was only a rumor that the first ancestor wanted to find the nine-tailed fox, which might mean that the fox was not found yet. 

Ainsley quickly tried not to think about the fox or other unrelated topics, and soon, the group had already entered the forest and climbed the mountain. 

It was rare for Ainsley to climb the mountain like this with the  forest on the left and the right side of the small path winding up the mountain. 

The baby just took this chance to relax a bit, but then, after the group started to climb the mountain, Ainsley found a lot of extraordinary things on the mountain. 

First, wild animals would be everywhere, but strangely, these animals were all spirits. 

Yes. There were no living beasts or monsters here, not even ordinary forest animals. Not all tigers were beasts, and not all lions were beasts. 

If they didn't awaken any abilities, even if just the simplest one, such as speed booster or strength booster, those lions and tigers would only be ordinary animals. 

For ability users with offensive abilities, no matter how weak they were, it would still be easy to face off an ordinary lion, tiger, jackal, leopard, wolf, and other fierce animals in nature. 

Many ability users didn't even think of killing these animals and focused more on valuable beasts, so the number of beasts would continue to plummet due to excessive killing. 

However, after the country released the law related to beasts, ability users became more careful when hunting beasts, and the only race they could kill wantonly were monsters who could breed super fast and were more dangerous to humans. 

This mountain was said to be a hundred thousand spirit mountain for a reason. 

There were several shamans in the group, and the rest wore various items to be able to see spirits. 

They all saw the various spirits living in the forest and the mountain, so they naturally saw the strangeness of this mountain. 

The mountain was flouris.h.i.+ng, with a lot of magical plants, but there were no beasts and monsters around. 

Only spirits were left. 

Countless monster spirits, beast spirits, and so on, even ordinary animal spirits, replaced living beasts and monsters. 

People in the shaman circle knew that besides mutated monsters with high intelligence, no other monsters would become spirits after death. Usually, only creatures with a certain amount of intelligence could be spirits after death.  n-/1n

Beasts could still be 'famous' and well-known among fellow beasts and humans because they had distinguished appearances, but monsters generally looked similar except if they were from different species. 

How could monsters become spirits after death? But here, there were indeed a lot of monster spirits, and they still looked like the usual low-intelligence monster. 

It was just that, usually, monsters were the most ferocious to humans and other humanoid races, but these monster spirits were completely calm, as if they were never monsters in the first place! 

How could this be? This is defying the law of nature! 

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