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Chapter 377 Chapter 376: Knocking on Ninia's Door

"Can't you also make EXP potions to help the players?"

"I probably can if I try to, but I won't make EXP potions. I don't have that much free time to spend on creating potions. And most importantly, do you know what EXP stands for?" Zach asked with a judging look on his face.


"Exactly. Players need to learn. What if I make EXP potions and someone consumes them and ascends to the higher realm, only to die by the weakest monster there? I would be blamed for his death."

"That's true."

"However, you two can level up today!" Zach said in a loud voice and turned to Aria. "My dear wife, how about you take Noah and Elina to the dungeons today?"

'I am going to f.u.c.k Ninia now, so it's better if they are not here,' Zach said to Aria using telepathy.

'When should I return?' Aria asked.

'I don't know. Maybe evening. I need to c.u.m over a hundred times, remember?'

"Sure." Aria changed to her adventurer outfit, which was similar to her regular outfit in the pattern but in a different color.

"Are you two ready?"

"Yeah. I will get my sword from the room."

"Me too!"

Aria walked to Zach and whispered, "You are going to bed your prophet, who is the mother of your religion. I know this might excite you but remember, she is your loyal follower.

She has the power to influence your religion. The more happy and satisfied she is, the stronger your religion will get. It might even increase your soul powers drastically. However, don't forget that it is considered a taboo in the laws of the Divine."

Zach gulped down, not in anxiousness but in excitement.

"I am really turned out right now."

Zach grabbed Aria's hand and placed it on his crotch.

"You are so hard…" she said while looking into his eyes with an alluring gaze. She rubbed her hand against his snake and said, "You turned me on too."

"Oops. It looks like my G.o.ddess wife has to spend a day being h.o.r.n.y." He kissed her on the lips and asked, "Can you manage it?"

"I can. But in return, I want to spend my night with you."


Noah returned from his room while Elina returned from Ninia's room.

"We are ready!"

"Alright, kids. Let's go and have fun in the dungeon today!" Aria said cheerfully. She genuinely seemed excited, which made Zach relieved.

"Hey, listen." Zach grabbed Aria's hand and said, "Don't go too deep. There might be 'surprise' floors that might be troublesome for them."

"I think I can handle all the 100 floors, but it will take a lot of time to clear them, and they are just kids, so they will get tired pretty fast. Moreover, we have already cleared that dungeon, so my EXP gain will be getting close to none on the first floors."


"So, how many floors should I let them clear?"

Zach looked past Aria's shoulder to look at Noah and Elina and said, "25? But of course, if they get tired, leave immediately. Treat them food and show them around. Let them enjoy this day."

"Alright. I will message you when we are on our way here, so you can handle everything," she said while pointing her gaze at Ninia's chamber.

Zach gave something to Aria before she left with the kids, but he told her to not look at it until they had cleared the first floors of the dungeon.

Now, the only ones in the church were Zach, Ninia, and Victoria, who was sleeping in her room after her wild night with Zach.

Ninia went to her chamber as soon as they returned from the garden, and she even locked her door, which was rare.

"Layla, come out."

Layla came out of Zach's shadow and stood in front of him with an innocent smile on her face.


Every time Zach saw her smile, he felt a sting in his heart.

"Can you guard the church for me? If an injured player comes, check if they are gravely injured. If not, send them back. There are many healers available who can heal the players at the same if not, a little more coins."

Layla nodded in response.

"Umm… can you see the player's HP bar?"

"Yes," she spoke.

'She said she doesn't remember anything of her past life but remembers the pain and regret she felt while dying. I have to make sure I don't do something that can trigger her trauma,' Zach uttered inwardly.

"Alright." Zach patted her on the head and said, "If the player's HP is lower than 30%, you call me. Otherwise, don't disturb me, okay?"


"Good girl. I will reward you later at night. Also, you don't have to stand. Just rest in the shadows until someone arrives. And I don't think anyone would actually come. They all are in the garden, getting marked."

"I…" Layla uttered something but couldn't finish.


She shook her head and turned around.

"What's wrong? You can ask for anything you want," he said calmly.

Layla shook her head again without looking at Zach.

"Come on. Now you got me all curious."



"I order you to tell me."

Layla turned around and suddenly hugged Zach.

"...?" Zach hugged her back with a confused look on his face and asked, "Could it be that you just wanted to hug me?"


"Oh! You want MP?"


Since the undead never felt thirsty or hungry, their only food was MP which they constantly fed on. On the other hand, Cerberus was revived as an undead using the core, so he had his own source of power other than MP.

However, Zach had no idea how it worked for an undead soul.

"You could have just asked for it."

He poured 1000MP in Layla and said, "You can let me know if you want more."

"That's. Enough."

She hid in the church's shadow while Zach made his way to Ninia's chamber.


"Ninia, it's me. Open the door."

A few seconds later, Ninia opened the door and pulled Zach in.


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