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Chapter 378 Chapter 377: Custom-Made Attire

Ninia pulled Zach into her chamber and closed the door behind him.

"...!" Zach was shocked, not by what she did, but by what she was wearing.

"Do you… like it?" she asked while squirming with a flushed face.

Ninia was wearing her nun outfit, but it wasn't her regular everyday nun outfit which Zach loved. It was a revealing nun outfit that Ninia had made, especially by keeping Zach in mind.

It was a semi-transparent nun with a transparent veil on her head. Her navel was visible, and her thighs were stealing the scene.

She was wearing her underwear and the first layer of her nun outfit that only covered her private parts. And she wore a lingerie-type nun outfit on top of that.

Zach didn't know if it was custom-made or if such an outfit existed in the real world. Regardless, he was obviously left speechless, and his little brother had ripped through his pants to greet Ninia.

"Why are you so f.u.c.king hot, dammit?" Zach stripped himself in less than a second and said, "I have never seen a girl so hot as you."

Ninia squinted her eyes and said, "I bet you say the same to every girl you sleep with."

"Well, you are not wrong, but…" Zach chuckled nervously and said, "Let me get this straight. Aurora is cute. Aria is s.e.xy. Victoria is beautiful. And you are hot."

"What would you say to a fifth girl?" Ninia asked with a judging look on her face.

"Well, Xie Lua is definitely hot as she is a G.o.dd.a.m.n phoenix, but she is also s.e.xy. Ruli and Aquarius are hot and beautiful."

"You are just mixing the terms now."

Zach shrugged his shoulders and said, "It do be like that, though."

"I don't care what you think of other girls, but I want you to focus on me for today." She stepped closer to him and continued, "Would you live to take off my clothes?"

"Honestly, it would be such a shame to take this holy attire off you. And I am actually a fan of clothed s.e.x, but since this is our first time together, let's do this ritual in a pure and holy way."

Zach removed the veil off Ninia's head, which seemed awfully like when a groom takes off the bride's veil to kiss her on the wedding day.

He threw the veil on the bed and slowly began to take off her clothes one by one, but it's of throwing them around in the room as he usually did, he kept the clothes on the table.

He stripped Ninia into her underwear and said, "This would be my first time seeing you entirely naked. I am hard as a rock right now, and I feel like my snake can penetrate the strongest mountains and shape them into a cave.

I will try my best to make this a memorable and pleasurable first experience for you. But if I end up going rough on you because of excitement, I apologize in advance."

Ninia chuckled softly and hugged Zach, burying his face between her b.r.e.a.s.t.s while his snake poked her cave.

"You can never hurt me, daddy~"

Zach moved his hand to Ninia's back, unhooked her bra, then moved them to her hips and gently spanked her.

"You think too highly of me, my prophet. But since you have so much faith in your G.o.d, I must let you experience heaven."

Zach carried Ninia into his arms and placed her on the bed. Then, he got between her legs and rubbed his thumb against her cave over her panties.

"You are a little wet already."

He removed her panties and immediately started eating her cave.


After a few seconds, Ninia's cave was wet and ready for exploration. But Zach began to finger her to widen it enough so his snake could enter inside without hurting her much.

He kissed her on the lips while squeezing her breast with one hand and fingering her with another.

"I usually do foreplays first before the main deed, but that's impossible in the current situation."

He once again got between her legs and placed the tip of his snake at the entrance of her cave.

"Are you ready to relive the blessings of your G.o.d?

"Yes~ Bless me by filling my body with your holy water and let me experience the pleasure of heaven~"

"People do roleplay to make s.e.x exciting, but this is f.u.c.king real! I am going to f.u.c.k a hot nun!"

"Hehe." Ninia giggled softly and said, "I am as excited as you are, daddy~"

Zach was about to penetrate Ninia's cave while looking at her face to see her live reaction when she lost her virginity, but he suddenly stopped and remembered Selene.

'Is this okay? This body belongs to Selene, not Ninia. I thought if Ninia became a player, she would regain her memories of Selene, and they would become the same person, but that didn't happen.

The owner of this body is Selene, and Ninia is just a persona. I love Ninia, but what about Selene? I am feeling guilty, but I am going to f.u.c.k Ninia regardless of that. It's too late to back down.

However… what about Selene? I am afraid of losing Ninia. If Selene has managed to gain consciousness once, it can happen again. She is aware of Ninia, but Ninia is not cognizant of Selene.

Should I tell Ninia about Selene? Logically speaking, if someone said to me that my body doesn't belong to me and I am just a fake persona, I would be freaked out as h.e.l.l. I will start to question my existence and end up having an ident.i.ty crisis.

I don't want that to happen to Ninia, not ever. I know I am being selfish, but I don't want to lose Ninia. I won't tell Ninia until I find a way where Ninia and Selene can coexist together or become one person.'

"What's wrong, daddy~?"

"Nothing. I was just wondering for how long you would be able to stay sane," he chuckled softly.

Seconds later, Zach's snake penetrated Ninia's forbidden cave and began the holy ritual.


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