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Chapter 1121 Operation Begins

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"I and Ria will handle the other side of the area we were designated to," Teemee said as well.

"Glade and I will prevent the Slum dwellers from getting killed before you guys are done with rounding them up," Falco voiced out.

"Be careful because some of them may be in disguise... " Gustav reminded.

"Roger that," Glade stated.

"Aildris will keep an eye out for what anyone may have missed just like Elevora... you two are in charge till we're done with handling the slum dwellers issue," Gustav announced.

Everyone nodded in response.

"E.E," Gustav turned to stare at E.E while calling out to him.

"Let's do this," He added.

E.E's face beamed up with a smile as tears gathered in his eyed.

"Hnm, let's do this," E.E voiced while wiping his eyes.


"He is a part of us so it does count. Stop delaying us and move," Vin was starting to sound incensed.

Seeing the way everyone was staring at him with a look of disapproval, Yonda finally decided to keep quiet.

"If we were considered to have failed, one of the masters would have already appeared before us," Aildris added as they group began moving once more.

This was a training course afterall so they couldn't afford to lose the IYSOP candidates due to training. One of the four masters in charge of training the team would show up before anyone got grilled but that would also spell their failure.

At this point, they were less than twenty feet away from reaching the end of the line where a portal that would get them out of this vicinity was situated.

Surprisingly, they advanced till they arrived at the end of the line without any more intensive situations. The group got into the sky blue colored portal one after the other till only Gustav was left.

Gustav paused for a bit and turned around to scrutinize this dark region once more.

'This is definitely a good training spot... I'll have to come back here,' He said Internally before turning back around and moving into the portal.


He arrived on solid ground where the others could also be seen standing up ahead.

They were currently behind a ma.s.sive mansion with a tip that stabbed into the sky. It was right in between the multiple weird looking regions in the distance.

"You all have successfully pa.s.sed the fourth course." A lady in red outfit and a weird looking helmet stated with a strong tone.



"We did it!"

Sounds of cheers were heard all around as the group of twenty dawned smiley looks.

They had failed this particular course so many times due to the fact that every single one of them had to advance to the end of the line without losing a single person.

They always lost one or two teammates which was the major reason for their flop. Someone as strong as Sheila would have pa.s.sed this course long ago if she was the only one required to transverse across the thin line.

However, as it had to be a team movement without anyone getting left behind individual strength was not the major attribute needed.

"I see you've all met your captain," Mistress Beatrice statement suddenly caused the place to quieten.


"Is it... him?"

Everyone turned to stare in Gustav's direction at this point.

"Your captain is indeed Gustav Crimson..." She confirmed, causing everyone to display looks of awe.

They all suspected it and Gustav's gang was definitely sure of it but some were still thinking it might be a teammate with the highest bloodline rank.

"Seeing as he helped to make sure you guys pa.s.sed the fourth course, I'm sure no one has objections?" She questioned while looking around.

? "I do..."

"Oh yes Yonda, as expected," Mistress Beatrice responded with a sure note of distaste.

"He hasn't..." Yonda was about to start listing reasons when Mistress Beatrice interrupted.

"Hasn't been available? Hasn't trained with you lots? Isn't a team player if he hasn't played with the team?" Mistress Beatrice listed while clicking her tongue.

Yonda found himself speechless for a bit after this subtle trolling from mistress Beatrice.

"He has proven today that he can carry the team in harsh times but of course if you're doubting and wish to take on the role of the captain... a duel between both of you can surely he arranged,"

Everyone's eyes widened slightly as they heard Mistress Beatrice suggest this method.

Yonda was pretty strong since he managed to come second place in the a.n.a.lysis result but everyone had very high doubts his ability could match that of Gustav's especially after what they witnessed today.

Yonda was silent for many seconds causing everyone to stare in his direction.

Gustav who had been silent and unbothered at this time finally began to move towards Yonda position.

'Is he coming to me?' Yonda questioned internally as he glanced briefly in Gustav's direction.

Gustav arrived in front of him and looked down at him, "You want the position of the captain?" Gustav questioned.

"You don't deserve the position," Yonda responded with an unyielding tone.

"Sure. Are you willing to change that? I'll give you the opportunity to try," Gustav stated with a benevolent tone that almost sounded like mockery in the ears of everyone.

"Don't think I can't defeat you Gustav Crimson," Yonda gritted his teeth as he voiced out.

Gustav leaned down further and suddenly released a bit of his energy while peering into Yonda's eyes.


Everyone felt a chill crawl down their spine as unfathomable the energy spread forth from Gustav's frame causing even mistress Beatrice to take a step back in wariness.

The little spill of energy felt like an unmovable divine presence.

'What in the world is he?' This question ran through the minds of everyone who hadn't met Gustav prior to this.

"I didn't say you couldn't..." Gustav finally responded after staring for a bit. He raised his head and withdrew his energy as a smirk appeared on his face.

"You best issue the duel quickly before I leave with my team," Gustav added before turning around and walking away.

"Huh?" Everyone besides mistress Beatrice was confused by what he had just said but he was out of sight before long.

"Aildris, E.E, Angy, Matilda, Vera, Ria, Elevora, Glade and Falco... Are you okay, Falco?" Mistress Beatrice questioned as she noticed something after listing out a number of names.

"Yeah I'm fine," Falco who was intially holding onto his head and rubbing it quickly answered.

"Just a slight headache," He smiled.

'Mixedbloods never develop headaches... that's a human thing,' This thought crossed everyone's mind causing them to stare at Falco suspiciously.

"I'll be okay after sleeping for a bit," Falco added.

"You should probably get checked to be sure you're completely alright," Mistress Beatrice instructed.

"Alright I will," Falco gave in to avoid more questions.

"Why did you call our names, Mistress Beatrice?" Angy questioned.

"You will be leaving the training center with captain Crimson on a mission," She announced.

"Oh?" Everyone now understood the reason for Gustav's last statement.

"The higher ups are labeling it a field a.s.signment for the partic.i.p.ants so he is allowed to take you with him. The others here will be given another filed a.s.signment..." Mistress Beatrice explained.

It turned out Gustav had finally showed up here to take his team with him for the upcoming mission regarding the Genxodus.

They had given him permission to do so, which meant it wouldn't be a problem for him to take them out.

The gang had looks of excitement as they realised they would be finally leaving this place for the first time in over four months.

"What of Endric? Why isn't he added?" Aildris questioned.

"Yeah why didn't you mention this little buddy's name?" E.E voiced out as well.

"Captain Crimson picked the team and it didn't include Endric," After saying this, Mistress Beatrice stepped into a blueish glowing portal and disappeared.

"Why would Gustav not pick Endric?"

"Does he still have bad blood with him?"

"They seemed okay, what happened?"


The gang were confused as to why this happened but they knew they wouldn't get an answer unless they inquired for Gustav personally.

"Where did he go?" Ria questioned.

"He went in the direction of the dark hold," Aildris answered from what he recalled.

"What? He went back there?" Matilda voiced out with an awry expression.

"What is he thinking...? that place is too dangerous without the supervision of any of the masters," Angy expression turned really troubled as she voiced out.

"Let's head there too," Elevora suggested.


"On it,"

A vortex opened up in front and they all jumped in without wasting time.


(The dark hold)

This happened to be the same location the group of twenty had successfully transversed through after encountering multiple dangerous situations.

Gustav's figure could be seen deep within the heart of this dark and gloomy region. However, unlike the previous time, he wasn't positioned on any thin line.

[Daily Task (2/3) Successfully Completed: Use flight ability in the vicinity of the stronghold √]

[+700,000 EXP]

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