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Chapter Ch70.2 - I’ve got this Undercover Agent’s back (9)

It was normal for old things in an old place to be unable to stand being tossed about. Staunchly holding on until the last minute before breaking was probably already giving them the greatest amount of face.

Boss Gu, who would have over a hundred million if they were counted in the currency of shame, had his back go taut. He fished out the little doctor, who he’d been guarding so well that not even a single strand of his hair was harmed, and gently kissed his forehead. “I’ll replace it for you…”

With little energy left, Lu Baiyu leaned against his arms, half asleep. He turned his head in a daze, but his sight was blocked by Gu Pingming turning sideways. He pulled off the bath towel, wrapped him in it and got up.

He didn’t know if it were the ingredients in the medicated bath, but even after tossing about for a night, his body felt much better than expected. The old injuries in his heart and lungs were still firmly stable. Even the initial soreness and stiffness had subsided as to no longer be noticeable.

Feeling relaxed, Gu Pingming carried the other into the bedroom. First, he carefully wiped Lu Baiyu dry from head to toe and tucked him tight under the quilt. Only then did he have time to do a cursory swipe for himself. He carelessly put on a T-s.h.i.+rt, and feeling refreshed and cool, returned to his bedside.

The little doctor was being well-behaved, all wrapped up in the quilt. Probably because of too much physical exertion, his lips were a little pale. He blinked his eyes and looked up at him. “Your matters…”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Gu Pingming placed the pajamas he had taken by the bed. He picked Lu Baiyu up to sit and carefully avoiding his wound, put them on him. He then took the hair dryer to blow dry his hair.

Lu Baiyu leaned against his arms. After a while, his head drooped. He tried his best to rouse his spirits and sit up straight. Gu Pingming saw he couldn’t hold on and simply sat on the bed himself. He embraced him against his chest, lowered his head and lightly kissed his hair. “Relax, go to sleep. I’m not going anywhere.”

It was already midnight. Around five to six hours have pa.s.sed since the deadline. The person who asked him to tea no longer sent any signals. He probably should have seen by now that he had no intention of going.

His phone was broken. There was no other way to immediately contact him. Those two they’d left in the rain should know what to do about the people he’d beaten to the ground.

He had Lu Baiyu in his arms. He had no intention of going anywhere.

Lu Baiyu raised his head slightly. His sleepy, s.h.i.+ning black eyes blinked quietly. It took a moment to fully understand what he was saying, and then suddenly, he plunged into his arms.

Gu Pingming was taken aback by his movement. He quickly raised his hand to scoop him up and check his condition. But unexpectedly, he found that his little doctor had fallen sound asleep with no concern for anything.

He was actually this tired&#k2026;

Gu Pingming chuckled quietly. He carefully dried the last bit of damp hair, unplugged the hair dryer and placed it by the bedside. He took Lu Baiyu carefully in his arms, holding him close.

His home was here. He wasn’t going anywhere.

The rain seemed to understand their thoughts. Only when they were coming back did it let up a little. Now, it started pouring again. There was thunder and lightning outside the window, but at home it was peaceful and warm, like a constant dream.

Dawn was breaking.

Gu Pingming s.h.i.+vered and suddenly opened his eyes.

The s.p.a.ce beside him was empty.

The quilt was slightly collapsed. It could be vaguely seen that someone had lain down on it. The quilt warmed by a person’s body still hadn’t had time to cool. Even though he knew that this couldn’t be just a dream, worry still spiked in Gu Pingming’s heart and he jumped up and rushed out of the bedroom.

Lu Baiyu was coming out of the bathroom. He met his nearly terrified gaze, and quickly stepped forward to speak. But he was already taken into the other’s arms.

“I’m here……”

The arms holding him were still tense to the point that they were almost trembling. Lu Baiyu gently patted his back and ma.s.saged his neck.

Though he had his arms full, Gu Pingming’s brows furrowed even tighter. He put one hand on the back of his neck and probed. He then lowered his head and checked his forehead temperature with his cheek. “Why is it so cold?”

“It’s cold in the mornings. Never mind that.”

Lu Baiyu’s eyes smiled and he pacified him in a gentle voice. He lowered his head and saw his still bare feet standing bare on the floor. He quietly quirked the corners of his lips and knelt down to support his knee to bend, placing his own slippers on his feet. “I just saw it, the bathtub—”

The bathtub hadn’t been all that st.u.r.dy to begin with, it just hadn’t been changed all this time. Actually, dazedly, he had heard the system’s warning last night. But at that time he really couldn’t attend to anything else. Unexpectedly, the system actually gritted its teeth and to help the tub to last until the last moment. Only that, because it had insufficient energy, the bathtub still broke to pieces.

The effect of the painkiller had run its course. The injury on his shoulder started to hurt again this morning. He considerately allowed the system to rest for a while. He found a pain-reliever and injected it to himself. He tried to make his movements as light as possible, but he still startled Gu Pingming awake.

“I’ll buy you another one. A bigger one; definitely stronger than this.”

Hearing him mention the bathtub, Gu Pingming gave a s.h.i.+ver and immediately opened his mouth to promise.

Seeing his particularly nervous posture, Lu Baiyu’s eyes clearly revealed a smile. He easily changed the topic. Having no qualms at all, he got up and speared his arms wide, “We can save on resources. Like this, it won’t be cold.”

Only then did Gu Pingming recover from the lingering fear of almost losing him. Looking at the serious little doctor, looking for a hug, in front of him, Gu Pingming was momentarily stunned before his attention was drawn back by the extra warmth on his feet. His heart clenched. He quickly embraced the other. “The slippers could have waited… What would I do if you caught a cold?”

“You’re a patient. Of course, it couldn’t have waited.”

It was still early. It wasn’t time to get to work yet. Lu Baiyu leaned against his neck and nuzzled contentedly against it. Yawning and then closing his eyes, he replied, completely deadpan, “Besides, I don’t have to walk…”

Gu Pingming laughed soundlessly. He bowed his head and kissed the doctor’s gentle and handsome ink-colored brows. “Alright. In the future, you won’t ever have to walk. I’ll carry you all the time. Tether you to my body so that no one can ever s.n.a.t.c.h you away, okay?”

Although it was half-joking, his eyes took on an unusual seriousness, as if he was making a promise that he would never change.

Lu Baiyu looked up at him for a while. Eyes smiling, he nodded lightly. “Okay.”

Gu Pingming lowered his head and kissed him. He carried him back to the bedroom and lay down on the bed. He stopped over and smoothened out his forehead. He said, “I’ll just be handling some matters…I’ll be right by the bed. I’ll be back soon.”

These days, he’s been going home with Lu Baiyu and he’s left a lot of things here. Although his phone was broken beyond any hope of repair, he could still use his laptop to conduct necessary communications.

It seemed like the young doctor really had just gotten up to go to the bathroom. He obediently lay under the quilt and hugged the pillow he stuffed into his arms. Soon, he once again fell sound asleep.

For a while, Gu Pingming stood watch by the bed. His lips touched his forehead and then he got up to retrieve his computer. He typed on the keyboard, keeping his movements gentle.

The bureau chief was very decisive in handling matters. The ones caught last night were taken back and controlled. A specialist like him, someone with an uncertain ident.i.ty, would come in to conduct the interrogations. If the captured men proved suitable, they would be treated as informants. If they were unsuitable, they would be handed over to him as bargaining chips. From start to finish, they never exposed the involvement of the police.

The kidnapping failed. Not only did they not get the hostage but now, no trace of the would-be kidnappers could even be found. The person from last night, who had been br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence as he asked him out for tea was obviously shocked. Up til now there was still no new movement.

Though he had recklessly vented his anger and kicked up a ruckus, his iron-handed methods at the time vaguely revealed some indicators. Contrary to expectations, it made many to guess whether he was going to come out and take on active duty once again. Several forces, unable to hold back, have already sent him messages to express their goodwill. One after the other, they all expressed their willingness to help him sweep the door and clear the road. They tentatively asking him if he had any trivial matters they could lend a hand with.

Gu Pingming slowly browsed through several pages. Holding the little doctor’s slightly cool hand in one hand, touching his fingertips to the veins on his wrist, the light in the depths of his eyes gradually darkened.

Given how cold he was, Lu Baiyu had been out of bed for at least ten minutes. His heart rate was slightly rapid. His arms and neck, underneath his clothes, were somewhat clammy. He obviously hadn’t gone to use the bathroom.

He had been extremely careful to avoid Lu Baiyu’s injury last night. He hadn’t touched it at all. He also hadn’t made Lu Baiyu exert any force. But when all was said and done, he had gotten himself out of the hands of those fiends; and after being drenched in the rain for so long, the splint had to be removed because it had gotten completely soaked. How was it possible that he was completely fine after that?

Thinking of how the little doctor had woken up from the pain early that morning, and unwilling to disturb him, had secretly applied the painkiller by himself, Gu Pingming’s chest hurt. It was as though a hand was around his heart and was squeezing it tightly.

Lu Baiyu didn’t want to let him know, and he didn’t open his mouth to expose him. However, necessary reprisals and intimidations still needed to be repaid.

After knocking out a string of replies that were enough to turn that dark world chaotic, Gu Pingming closed the computer. The somewhat somber aura around his body disappeared in a flash. He tried to pull the pillow out of Lu Baiyu’s arms, but couldn’t move it at all. So he simply lay down on the pillow, and took the person, pillow and all, into his arms. Bowing his head, he kissed his forehead.

Originally, it was because he had left too hastily that his ident.i.ty wandered into the crevice between both sides, where neither could see clearly.

Some people dared to make designs on Lu Baiyu. There was no way to completely protect him using conventional means. Before their path to retreat was completely paved, it wasn’t too late for him to return to his ident.i.ty as the black market boss, whose very name struck fear and let those people have a few more sleepless nights.

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