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Chapter 316: Zhao Xiaozhou

The group of survivors was clearly more well-off than the average cultivator. The one who had spoken previously was a young man, and from the way, the others listened to him and seemed to respect him, he was clearly the center of their group.

Bai Rouyun was not familiar with the faces of the various people from the Wus.h.i.+ Continent, so while Yun Mingshen had spent time explaining the positions each faction held, she did not know who belonged where.

Seeing that many of their guards had already died and were lying on the ground as lifeless as the, but this young master could maintain his poise, Bai Rouyun knew that he was anything but ordinary.

Such a person was not suitable to be an enemy, so she quickly aborted her plans of robbing the corpses, and instead smiled gently as she seemed approachable.

It was, after all, a known fact that one would not slap a smiling face, and as long as she stayed polite and out of their way, she should be able to keep herself and her children safe.

"Miss, please wait."

Bai Rouyun had already turned around and was ready to leave the battlefield, when she once more heard the young man's voice call out to her.

Even if she was no longer interested in watching the drama, she still understood that she should not clash with this group for now, and thus she turned back with a quizzical expression, as if utterly confused about the reasons behind calling her once more.

"Miss, you said that you are new to the Wus.h.i.+ Continent? I take it that you have just ascended from a lower realm?"

Bai Rouyun was not clear on the purpose for this young man when asking such questions, but she was not particularly interested in hiding her arrival at the Wus.h.i.+ Continent.

While she could not say where she came from, as the prison continent was currently rather popular, she could still be clear about her progressing fast and thus ascending to the upper realms.

The realms were split into numerous layers, and the higher the layer one traveled, the better talent and performance the many experts had.

The Prison Continent was among the weakest of all the layers, but it was not the only one that could ascend to the Wus.h.i.+ Continent.

Bai Rouyun knew her weaknesses well. Since she was new to the Wus.h.i.+ Continent, she would naturally have reactions that were very unlike those who had lived here all their lives.

At the same time, her origin would become much more interesting if she tried to hide anything, so while she was, naturally, not willing to show or tell the complete truth, she still weaved lies and truths together, to make her stories much more believable and reasonable.

The young man was stumped by how simply Bai Rouyun admitted to being new to the Wus.h.i.+ Continent.

Most people who arrived at the Wus.h.i.+ Continent would feel inferior and try to hide their origin, but this young woman was clearly not ashamed by her lacking background.

Such confidence was rare, even among the younger generation that had grown up on the Wus.h.i.+ Continent, and he could not help but feel intrigued.

Even so, he also understood that now was not suitable for him to get closer to a foreign woman. Although she had piqued his interest, he had just gone through an attempt, and who knew if she had some sort of impure purpose.

From her words, she had initially planned on helping all of them on the way to reincarnation and then robbing their valuables, but after seeing that their conditions were not horrible, this plan had, seemingly, been abandoned.

For now, it would be most beneficial to all of them if they parted ways and dealt with their own current situations. If fate was on his side, he would encounter her again another day, and if not, he could only sigh for the slight curiosity he had felt.

Bai Rouyun quickly sensed that this young man seemed to be interested in her group, but she was not certain if it was due to her openness while discussing her background, or due to her rather odd group of children, so when she realized that he was a reasonable person and willing to let them go, she quickly got ready to continue forward.

"My name is Zhao Xiaozhou. If we ever meet again, we might have the time to get to know one another better."

Zhao Xiaozhou did not mind telling his ident.i.ty to this mixed group. Although he had just suffered from an attack, he would never hide who he was.

He was well aware that this woman and her group of misfits were not likely to know of his ident.i.ty, nor of the Zhao family, but he still held a strange feeling of excitement when thinking about how she would recognize his ident.i.ty later, or at least hear of the Zhao family as she began to journey through the Wus.h.i.+ Continent.

"Thank you for your greetings. I am Bai Rouyun; a mere independant cultivator that had the luck to ascent from a lower realm."

Bai Rouyun's ident.i.ty was special, as both her current and past lives were connected to the Wus.h.i.+ Continent. The Yun and the Bai families were both native to this stronger realm, but even so, she still had ended up in the prison continent twice, and thus her words were without fault.

Having introduced herself, she quickly cupped her fists and made a greeting before she turned around and took her children away. She was a bit depressed about losing the opportunity to rob this group, but survival was naturally most important.

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