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Chapter 509: The Great Empress’ Plan!

Immortal King Calamity charged over with myriad strands of sword beam, overturning the world and shattering the boundless sea of stars.

The rage of an Immortal King could destroy heaven and earth!

This was Immortal King Calamity’s famous technique, and it contained boundless might.

Sword energy surged, sweeping through millions of miles of territory!

Immortal King Zi Wei had a calm expression. He was as calm as Mount Tai. He formed a hand seal and erupted with a boundless purple light that shot into the clouds.

The light was dazzling.

Purple energy took the shape of mountains and rivers, suppressing the heavens.


Billions of sword beams collided with the endless purple mountains, causing a heaven-shaking explosion.

The starry sky was riddled with holes.

The laws of the Heavenly Dao surged without end, and they threw heaven and earth into disorder.

All spirits trembled, feeling great fear.

The battle between the two was too terrifying.

Just the overflowing aura from their clash could kill an Ancient G.o.d.

The sky was covered in boundless divine light, creating a scene of devastation.


Immortal King Calamity roared furiously as blood rained down.

Under the suppression of the endless purple mountains, his body was covered in cracks.


A loud explosion echoed!

In the end, the purple mountains crushed the sword energy, shaking millions of mountains and rivers.

Immortal King Calamity’s body trembled intensely, and he retreated for a million miles, stepping through the void.

His eyes were filled with shock and disbelief.

Immortal King Zi Wei’s foundation was unstable, yet his battle prowess was still so astonis.h.i.+ng, causing him to be almost heavily injured.

Fortunately, his life source was not injured.

An evil aura surrounded Immortal King Calamity’s body, and his injuries were completely healed.

His gaze was cold as he shouted, “Zi Wei, you are indeed very strong. But today, you will die!”


The divine sword hummed!

A crimson sword appeared in Immortal King Calamity’s hand.

Blood energy rushed into the heavens, stirring up the clouds in all directions.

Evil energy spread out in all directions, terrifying to the soul.

This was a peerless evil weapon covered in strange evil inscriptions.

A crimson eye was erected on the hilt of the sword as if it wanted to devour one’s soul.

When this sword appeared, heaven and earth seemed to split apart.

The sky was covered in blood aura, terrifying to the extreme. It made the sky seem like a purgatory of blood.

This was a supreme Immortal artifact that contained the power of the grand Dao.

Immortal King Zi Wei’s gaze was solemn. He was fully focused.

If he was at his peak, he wouldn’t fear anyone.

After all, Immortal King Zi Wei was a peerless Immortal King who was at the very top.

But now, he had just revived, and his battle prowess was less than 10% of his peak.

When facing Immortal King Calamity, who had with him an Immortal artifact, Immortal King Zi Wei felt immense pressure!


At this time, Shen Tian walked over.

He took out the Spherical Heaven Chessboard and said, “Father, this is Immortal King Hun Tian’s great artifact. It should be able to contend against the evil weapon!”

Immortal King Zi Wei was Shen Tian’s father, and he was fighting against Immortal King Calamity for him.

Thus, Shen Tian naturally had to do his best to help.

Immortal King Zi Wei’s gaze moved slightly. “Back then, Immortal King Hun Tian and I played chess for tens of thousands of years. I never thought that I would be in possession of his board today!”

With the Spherical Heaven Chessboard in hand, his aura returned to its peak.

At that moment, Immortal King Zi Wei’s invincible heart recovered. He was not afraid of any opponent in his life and was determined to suppress all enemies. Even if his Dao Foundation was unstable, it would not affect him.

“Tian’er, watch carefully. Father will teach you how to beat an Immortal King!”

Immortal King Zi Wei let out a long cry, activating the Spherical Heaven Chessboard to suppress Immortal King Calamity.

The brilliance of this weapon was finally displayed in the hands of Immortal King Zi Wei.

The Spherical Heaven Chessboard suddenly expanded and became boundless!

,000,000 miles!

,000,000 miles!

100,000,000 miles!


In the end, the entire Middle Ground was covered by the Spherical Heaven Chessboard.

It swept out and covered the sky!

A myriad of stars appeared in the sky, and they blotted out the sky and emitted boundless divine light.

The sky transformed into a boundless universe that shone with resplendent light.

Stars interweaved and curled about, forming a big circle. It was ma.s.sive to the extreme!

Under the support of the chessboard, Immortal King Zi Wei seemed to be holding up a universe as he pressed down.

Immortal King Calamity’s expression changed, and his aura became more terrifying.

With the Immortal artifact in hand, Immortal King Zi Wei seemed to have returned to his peak.

He seemed to regain the strength he possessed when he was in his prime and became the supreme Immortal King that countless powerhouses feared.

Immortal King Calamity knew that Zi Wei’s Dao Foundation was currently unstable and that his battle prowess had not yet returned to its peak.

Otherwise, he would have definitely turned around and left.

Back then, Immortal King Zi Wei had been simply too powerful.

But now, Immortal King Calamity’s killing intent was overwhelming.

Regardless of whether it was the Human Emperor Physique or Immortal King Zi Wei, they were all people that the Evil Spirit race must kill.

It was impossible for him to retreat!


Immortal King Calamity slashed with the power that could shatter the nine heavens.

Crimson blood aura coiled around his body, and it dyed the sky red.

The void was instantly sliced in half, and the blood-colored sword beam pierced through the sky.

This strike carried the might to destroy the world!


Immortal King Zi Wei made a hand seal, and boundless divine light erupted from the Spherical Heaven Chessboard.

Immortal light surged, mists rising.

Millions of stars shot out, resplendent to the extreme, making the void continuously shatter.

The two sides fought a b.l.o.o.d.y battle, seeming to cause heaven and earth to split.

A rain of blood poured down from the sky, the scene making everyone’s blood run cold.

Around the two of them, millions of great cracks appeared in the void, extending in all directions.

Immortal King Calamity brandished his blood sword and shattered countless stars.

However, there were too many stars.

Every single star was coiled with Immortal King aura, and it was terrifying.


Brilliant fireworks lit up the sky, illuminating the universe.

Immortal King Calamity’s howl of pain could also be heard from within.

Even if the blood sword was invincible, it was not able to resist the billions of stars.

Immortal King Calamity’s body collapsed, and cracks appeared on it. Even his origin source was almost destroyed.


Immortal King Calamity gnashed his teeth in anger. He finally experienced how terrifying Immortal King Zi Wei was. He was so powerful that he could not match him.

Given his strength, there was no way he could beat him.

Not to mention to kill the Human Emperor Physique!


The five regions’ cultivators were overjoyed. They felt like they had just survived a calamity.

After all, this calamity was too terrifying, and it caused one to feel despair.

Thankfully, the five regions had a deep foundation, and they could resist the calamity with so many experts.

With Immortal King Calamity restricted, it allowed everyone to see hope.

They sighed in their hearts.

The five regions would definitely win this battle!

Shen Tian’s eyes burned, and he let out a long breath.

The Evil Spirit race’s ma.s.sive lineup left him apprehensive.

Fortunately, this was an era in which one depended on one’s background, and he had a strong father.

So what if the opponent is an Immortal King?

Do they really think that I am a soft persimmon that could be pinched as he wished?

If you have the guts, then send more people!

My dad will fight all that you send!

Shen Tian continued to grumble. He had been suppressing his anger all this while and could finally vent it out.

After all, the Evil Spirit race did not care about martial values.

They had sent so many experts to bully him when he had yet to even reach the Thearch realm!

Now, someone could finally take revenge on them on behalf of him.

Yes, it was great!


However, before Shen Tian could rejoice for long, the situation suddenly changed.

In the void, a gigantic fist came cras.h.i.+ng down.

It was extremely heavy as if a meteor was falling from the sky.

The fist light was peerless, shattering the sea of stars and annihilating millions of stars.

Next to it was a giant foot that reached into the heavens. It shuttled through the endless void, directly stepping over.

This aura was extremely tyrannical and violent.

It directly shattered the sky into pieces.

Two more supreme experts attacked Immortal King Zi Wei together.


The heavens collapsed, and the earth split apart!

The chessboard trembled violently.

Two giant holes were pierced through the vast universe.

Immortal King Zi Wei’s body trembled intensely as he retreated. His expression was grave as he looked into the distance.

Two peerless figures flew over. They strolled through the void, suppressing the heavenly river and making the universe tremble.

Immortal King Zi Wei’s voice was heavy. “Cang Mo, Great Crocodile!”

He recognized the ident.i.ties of these two people. They were the Evil Spirit race’s Immortal King Cang Mo and Immortal King Great Crocodile!

These two people were similarly peak Immortal Kings, and their combat strength wasn’t inferior to Immortal King Calamity’s!

The arrival of two Immortal Kings caused the pressure on Immortal King Zi Wei to increase greatly.

Immortal King Calamity was overjoyed and said, “Fellow Daoists, you came at the right time! Slay the Human Emperor Physique first, then kill Zi Wei!”

It was basically impossible to kill Shen Tian with the power of one person.

Now that two great Immortal Kings had come, hope appeared again.

Immortal King Calamity did not believe that three great Immortal Kings could not kill the one with Human Emperor Physique and Immortal King Zi Wei!

The two of them posed a huge threat to the Evil Spirit race.

They had to kill them no matter the cost!


Hearing Immortal King Calamity’s words, Immortal King Zi Wei frowned deeply.

He snorted. “What is your aim? Why did you pay such a huge price to summon so many Immortal Kings?”

Although the five regions’ barrier had been broken, the Celestial World still had restrictions on the Evil Spirits descending into this realm.

The Evil Spirit race was an existence from outside this region. Upon entering this realm, they would be rejected by the world, suppressed by the Heavenly Dao.

Therefore, they had to pay a huge price to enter.

The number of resources an Immortal King expert had to expend to enter was immeasurable.

Furthermore, they had to sacrifice countless Evil Spirits to open up a path to here.

The Evil Spirit race had actually dispatched three Immortal Kings in order to deal with Shen Tian.

This was truly unimaginable.

Immortal King Cang Mo calmly replied, “Throughout the ages, the foundation of our race far exceeds your imagination. As long as we can slay the Human Emperor Physique, our race will spare no expense to do it.”

The three great Immortal Kings’ killing intent overflowed into the heavens, their att.i.tudes resolute.

Immortal King Zi Wei had a solemn expression, and for the first time, he felt fear in his heart.

With three great Immortal Kings joining hands and given his current state, it was hard for him to contend against them.


“Fellow Daoists, I’ll stop Zi Wei. All of you, kill the one with the Human Emperor Physique!” Immortal King Calamity roared as he charged toward Immortal King Zi Wei.

In this world, only Immortal King Zi Wei could contend against Immortal Kings.

As long as he could stall him, the Human Emperor Physique would definitely die.

The two Immortal Kings nodded and rushed toward Shen Tian.

Their eyes were sharp as they shot out divine light that pierced through the heavens.

The two Immortal Kings moved out together, making the entire universe tremble.

Shen Tian’s hair stood on end, and he felt like his heart was about to explode.

Their aura was just too terrifying. There was no way for him to defend against it.

These two were exceptional Immortal Kings who could easily destroy an entire region.

“Tian’er, be careful.”

Concubine Lan and Ye Qincang were devastated. They attacked with everything they had, but in the end, they couldn’t even break through the Immortal King’s aura and were sent flying away.

“Get lost!”

Immortal King Zi Wei roared furiously, and he did not hesitate to expend his origin source to charge out.

He carried endless purple qi, causing Immortal King Calamity to vomit blood as his body exploded.

Nevertheless, Immortal King Calamity did not retreat. He forcefully rea.s.sembled his body and coiled around Zi Wei.

He laughed sinisterly. “Zi Wei, no matter how heroic you are, there is nothing you can do. Don’t worry. It’s your turn to die after I slay the one with the Human Emperor Physique!”

With three Immortal Kings working together, they had absolute confidence in killing Zi Wei!


The two great Immortal Kings slaughtered their way over.

They pierced through the endless void with the intent of annihilating Shen Tian’s true spirit.

Shen Tian’s heart palpitated. No matter what methods he used, he knew that he couldn’t block the attack.

The difference in strength between the two sides was too great and difficult to make up for.

This was going to be death for him!

However, endless divine light lingered around Shen Tian’s body, dazzling to the extreme.

The bronze ring was like a rising sun, its light blazing and illuminating the heavens.

A peerless figure suddenly appeared in the sky.

This person’s white clothes were like snow, extraordinary, and otherworldly.

Primal chaotic aura coiled around her, and she was cold like snow.

Her appearance was unparalleled, and so was her strength. They far surpa.s.sed any other immortals.

This person’s aura was terrifying.

She was definitely not a fairy-like figure but a peerless empress who looked down on both past and present.

After this person appeared, she unleashed a shocking sword attack.

The silver sword beam tore through heaven and earth, annihilating the Immortal Kings’ attacks.

The two Immortal Kings trembled slightly in shock. “Great Empress!?”

They seemed to have seen an incomparably terrifying existence, and their hearts trembled.

But after that, Immortal King Cang Mo reacted and snorted. “It’s just a mere projection of her!”

The aura of the Great Empress’ projection was not strong, and it did not reach the level that they were afraid of.

After all, if the Great Empress had come in person, she wouldn’t even have given them time to speak. She would have immediately killed them instead.

This was an unmatched existence, making even Immortal Kings s.h.i.+ver inwardly.

Immortal King Great Crocodile’s eyes were cold. “A projection cannot stop us!

“The Great Empress’ true self has already been restrained by the supreme existence of our race and is unable to descend.

“Today, the one with the Human Emperor Physique will definitely die!”

The Evil Spirit race had long planned it out and had invited a supreme expert to stop the Great Empress.

Otherwise, how could they dare enter this world without fear?

Seeing that it was just the Great Empress’ projection, the two Immortal Kings were not intimidated.

The Great Empress replied calmly, “My methods are not something you can fathom.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the illusory figure transformed into the boundless divine light of the Heavenly Dao and charged toward the surroundings.

Heaven and earth were covered by divine radiance in that instant, with multicolored light overflowing in all directions.

Laws rose, and order erupted!

All the grand Daos were completely awakened, and they emanated mysterious and unfathomable energy.

The five regions were currently undergoing a huge transformation.

Resplendent divine light erupted everywhere, illuminating the great world.

A heaven-shaking pillar of light shot out of the Eastern Wilderness’ Forbidden Area and pierced through the clouds.

This was a power derived from the Heavenly Dao that made use of the world’s origin source.

It was not just Eastern Wilderness!

In Southern Border’s endless forests, West Desert’s ancient Buddhist lands, North Sea’s Chaotic Star Sea, and Middle Ground’s Supreme Sky Tree, divine light had appeared.

Five divine columns pierced through the heavens, forming a supreme grand formation to receive the origin source of the world.

The light converged and transformed into a gorgeous waterfall that charged straight at Shen Tian.

Shen Tian’s body shook violently as origin power enveloped him.

His aura suddenly increased at a shocking speed.

Sub-Thearch, Thearch... Immortal King!

Boundless divine light erupted around Shen Tian, illuminating him.

At that moment, he gave off an illusion that he didn’t belong to this world.

It seemed as if he didn’t belong to this age and was instead a creature that crossed the long river of time.

Upon seeing this, the three Immortal Kings were shocked.

They were unable to imagine that the Great Empress actually possessed such a heaven-defying ability.

Although she had not raised Shen Tian’s cultivation to the Immortal King realm, she had allowed him to temporarily borrow the origin source of the world to obtain the strength of an Immortal King!

This was enough to shock the world as it is something that far surpa.s.sed all common sense.


Endless divine light slowly converged.

Shen Tian stepped forward and said indifferently, “You all wanted to besiege me previously? Feel free to come up now!”

Immortal King Great Crocodile’s eyes turned sharp. “Brat, don’t think that you can stop me just because your battle prowess is comparable to an Immortal King. The power of an Immortal King is far beyond your imagination!”

The corners of Shen Tian’s lips turned up. “We’ll see if you can beat me after you give it a try!”


Immortal King Great Crocodile snorted and charged at Shen Tian. He formed a fist imprint, and a giant crocodile phantom appeared on his fist, devouring heaven and earth.

Immortal King Great Crocodile was a primordial great vicious beast that had once devoured an entire universe.

Now, he carried the power of the heavens and intended to crush Shen Tian into powder.

However, Shen Tian brandished his fist and attacked with billions of stars.


The gigantic crocodile phantom exploded and turned into dust.

Immortal King Great Crocodile’s body shook intensely, retreating tens of millions of miles.


He never expected that Shen Tian, who had grasped the might of an Immortal King for the first time, would actually be so terrifying!

At the side, Immortal King Cang Mo had also rushed over.

He took action, with stars swirling between his palms.

Immortal King Cang Mo tried to suppress Shen Tian.

Shen Tian took out the Human Emperor’s Seal and smashed it forward.


The ancient golden seal erupted with a world-shocking aura, seeming to kill everything in its way!

Immortal King Cang Mo’s palm exploded as dark golden blood dripped down.

Every drop of blood smashed the earth into a bottomless abyss.


Immortal King Cang Mo’s face contorted as he attempted to reform his body.

However, the Human Emperor’s Seal contained the supreme power of the First Human Emperor.

This power far exceeded normal Immortal Kings and was capable of destroying their origin source.

Immortal King Cang Mo was actually unable to heal his injuries and completely severed his palm.


Immortal King Great Crocodile attacked once more, his back shrouded in dense mist.

The giant crocodile roared, with countless great Dao symbols swirling about him, terrifying to the extreme.

He swallowed the void for millions of miles, shattering the sun, moon, and stars as he tore toward Shen Tian.

At the same time, Immortal King Cang Mo leaped up. He formed seals with his fingers, displaying Immortal King methods, changing the order of heaven and earth.

In front of Immortal King Cang Mo, a gigantic blade appeared.

The giant blade was formed from runes of the Heavenly Dao and was indestructible. It slashed down on Shen Tian’s head.

When two Immortal Kings joined hands, they were terrifying to the extreme. Even an overlord from the Celestial World would find it difficult to resist them.


Shen Tian spoke indifferently, his eyes incomparably deep.

He activated the Human Emperor’s Seal and Human Emperor Palace, forming a heavenly cycle to trap the two.

At the same time, brilliant light erupted behind Shen Tian. His body suddenly enlarged as he stood tall and upright, transforming into Pangu, who controlled the world.

Endless Heavenly Dao runes gathered, forming a battle-ax.

Shen Tian raised his battle-ax and pointed it toward the sky.


He raised his battle-ax, shooting out endless divine light.


Heaven and earth trembled. Unable to withstand the pressure, they began to shatter!


The light was extremely resplendent, turning the entire sky into ruins.


The battle-ax cleaved down heavily, emitting an apocalyptic might.

At that moment, the ax gleam transformed into eternity.

The two great Immortal Kings were horrified, feeling as if the threat of death was coming toward them.

Such a world-shaking ultimate move was enough to annihilate them.


“Block it!”

The Immortal Kings roared angrily, not hesitating to exhaust their origin source.

Their life auras suddenly weakened.

The two great Immortal Kings fought with everything they had, producing Dao symbols to try and resist.

However, in the face of this heaven-splitting divine might, they were unable to withstand even a single blow.

Heaven and earth instantly shattered into powder.

The two great Immortal Kings were directly pushed past, their figures frozen in place.

A line of blood appeared between their eyebrows.

However, there was no light in their eyes. Their true spirits had been completely obliterated.

Then, the s.p.a.ce between their brows opened, releasing endless divine light!


A loud explosion resounded!

The Immortal Kings’ bodies exploded into pieces and transformed into powder.

Two Immortal Kings had fallen just like that.

They turned into blood and bones, their souls falling onto the ground.

b.l.o.o.d.y mists descended from the sky like the roars of G.o.ds and devils.

This was the scene that would appear only when an Immortal King died! Even heaven and earth would mourn for them!

However, the cultivators of the five regions didn’t care about that.

Immortal King Calamity was terrified—even his soul was about to fall out. He would never have thought that the two Immortal Kings would actually die!

They had died in the hands of Shen Tian without a corpse.

This scene made his courage shatter.

Fear filled his eyes, and he didn’t dare to stay any longer.

But at that moment, Immortal King Zi Wei attacked. He withdrew the board and attacked with supreme might.


Immortal King Calamity roared, unable to react in time.

However, Immortal King Zi Wei did not give him a chance. He directly penetrated his body and extracted his true spirit to suppress it.

Eventually, an Immortal King of a generation fell in the hands of Immortal King Zi Wei.


Everyone was stunned by the sight.

Shen Tian actually resolved the crisis that made everyone despair.

In this battle, all three of the Evil Spirit race’s great Immortal Kings were annihilated!

Shen Tian was truly their savior!

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