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Chapter 1089 Chapter 1089: Monument Of Heavenly Dao

"Can you tell me how long it will take them to invade the Heavens?" Ye Xiao asked.

Ye Xiao wanted to know exactly how long of a period he has in his hand. And then, he'll plan everything accordingly.

Jia Fei was still looking up high. She spoke: "I'm not sure, but I can say for sure that they will come in less than 5,000 years."

Ye Xiao nodded his head and didn't say anything. He was expecting the time period to be at least 10,000 years, or might even 100,000 years.

But he did not expect it to be so short. The trouble is coming very quickly.

Ye Xiao shook his head and spoke: "I have something to do, I'll be going!"

Jia Fei finally s.h.i.+fted her gaze. Looking at Ye Xiao, she spoke: "Although this catastrophe has nothing to do with me, if you want, I could help you universe fight the coming World Epoch."

"However, even I'm just a Fake Divine G.o.d. I don't have the confidence to deal with a single Chaos Beast, let alone a herd of them. So, you should think of something else as well!"

After saying this, she turned around and disappeared.

Ye Xiao kept silence for a few moments before disappearing as well.

The next moment Ye Xiao appeared, he was in the Divine Realm.

╠ Divine Realm ╣

In the endless dark s.p.a.ce, Ye Xiao was floating. He had his eyes closed and tried to communicate with the Heavens. He did not know if the Heavens could hear him or not, but he still spoke: "Help me comprehend the Time Law!"

The moment he spoke this sentence, a black hole appeared in front of him out of nowhere and sucked him into it as a strong suction force was produced.

When he finally regained his posture, he took in his surroundings. It seemed to him that he was in a valley, and he had never been there before. He tried to look forward, but there was nothing but a stretch of mountain ranges in his vision.

He frowned and could not help but mutter: "Why am I finding this place familiar? No, I'm not familiar with this place, but the breath here."

"This is...?"

Suddenly, Ye Xiao realized something and acted as if he was struck by a powerful bolt of lightning. He exclaimed: "This is the Realm of Dream!"

Just when Ye Xiao exclaimed, a majestic voice entered his ears: "Yes, this is the Realm of Dream!"

Ye Xiao turned his head and found the Emissary of Heavens standing in front of him.

Without giving Ye Xiao any chance of asking, the Emissary of Heavens spoke: "Realm of Dreams is actually the same as you. It was not born naturally, instead, the Heavens created it from the Source of the Heavens. This place is extremely close to the Source of Heavens, and also the first layer of defense."

"Don't ask me how the Realm of Dreams could defend against attacks. You have experienced the Realm of Dream yourself!"

Then he pointed at a monument not far away and spoke: "That is the Monument of Heavenly Dao. You could comprehend any Law and its Profound Meaning from it, even the Time Law and Profound Meaning of Time is no exception since you have already been approved by the Heavens itself!"

Ye Xiao nodded his head in understanding and wanted to say something, but the Emissary of Heavens disappeared.

It was as if the Emissary of Heavens came here mainly to introduce him to this place.

Shaking his head, Ye Xiao smiled bitterly and then focused on the Monument of Heavenly Dao.

The Monument of Heavenly Dao was a ma.s.sive monument. Ye Xiao had to lift his head to look at it, and he was amazed.

There were many lines and nodes on top of the Monument of Heavenly Dao, and they gave off the vibe of a starry sky. He squinted his eyes slightly and saw several Dao rhythms in them.

He hastily sat cross-legged in front of the Monument of Heavenly Dao and closed his eyes.

As he tried to make a mental connection with the Monument of Heavenly Dao, he felt a strange aura enveloping him in a barrier.

He also seemed to understand that he does not have to worry about the pa.s.sage of time at this place. One year here is equivalent to 100 years outside. Even if he spent 400,000 years here, it would only be equivalent to 4,000 years outside.

Since he does not have to worry about the pa.s.sage of time, he decided to take his sweet time comprehending and perfecting all 3,000 Laws and their Profound Meanings instead of just the Time Law.

He tried to ask Heavens if he could do it or not and soon received a response in the form of a strange sense of comfort that suddenly appeared in his heart.

As he focused, an illusionary scene that represented his Small Universe appeared behind him. It seemed like a projection of the universe, but n.o.body could see it.

In this illusionary scene of the Small Universe, a Divine Nascent Soul could be seen sitting cross-legged on something with closed eyes.

Yes, the G.o.d Domieering Crystal could not be seen in this illusionary Small Universe, but Ye Xiao Divine Nascent Soul did appear.

After that, a very strange scene appeared. The Divine Nascent Soul actually raised his hand that was holding the Dao Fruit. The Dao Fruit has 2,999 threads, each thread representing a law of the Heavens.

At this moment, in front of the Monument of Heavenly Dao, Ye Xiao felt he had arrived at the source of all Heavenly Dao. A plume of flame exploded and turned into a star. It then continued to collapse and condense into a point before turning back into a plume of flame.

In the next second, he felt he had come to the eye of the storm. He was surrounded by a raging wind that could even destroy his body and soul. Before he could take a closer look at it, lightning burst out of nowhere and a dark fog descended.

And all sorts of strange phenomena appeared.

Ye Xiao knew that every phenomenon was related to the Law of Heavenly Dao. He started comprehending everything slowly.

Time went by slowly and very soon, 300 years pa.s.sed. In these 700 years, Ye Xiao perfected his comprehension of all ordinary laws and their profound meanings.

After that, he started focusing on the Unique Laws, and it took him more than 5,000 years to perfect his comprehension of all the unique laws.

Now, only Supreme Laws were left.

Ye Xiao focused on comprehending the Supreme Laws.

Time was pa.s.sing slowly and very soon, 10,000 years pa.s.sed.

On this day, s.p.a.ce rippled around him intensely, but was suppressed by a strange power that seemed to be coming from the ground itself.

Otherwise, the ripple of spatial force was so intense that it could have destroyed an entire world.

When the intense spatial ripple disappeared, a pillar of light rushed out from above Ye Xiao's head.

Ye Xiao finally opened his eyes and muttered in shock: "I've already comprehended the 70% Profound Meaning of s.p.a.ce Law previously. But to comprehend the rest of the 30%, it took me 10,000 years. And that is in front of the Monument of Heavenly Dao."

"Then how long it would have taken me to perfect my comprehension of the Profound Meaning of s.p.a.ce normally?"

Ye Xiao took a deep breath and calmed down his heart. Then he again muttered: "It is no wonder that from the beginning of time, other than the Ancestral Dragons who were born with 100% comprehension of a particular law's Profound Meaning, not a single person ever appeared who could comprehend a Supreme Law's Profound Meaning to 100%."

"Let's see how long it will take me to comprehend the Law of Destruction and its Profound Meanings."

With that, Ye Xiao once again closed his eyes and focused on comprehending, and just like, 40,000 years pa.s.sed.

And on this particular day, another intense ripple belonging to Destruction Law appeared that was suppressed by a strange force that appeared from the land below, and after it disappeared, another beam of light shot out of Ye Xiao's head.

This meant that he had perfectly comprehended the Profound Meaning of Destruction.

And it actually took him 40,000 years.

Obviously, comprehending the Destruction Law and its Profound Meaning was much more difficult than comprehending s.p.a.ce Law.

Till now, 55,700 years have already pa.s.sed.

Other than the pa.s.sage of time, one thing worth mentioning was that, with every perfection of the law, his Small Universe enlarged and many new worlds were born. At the same time, life also showed signs of appearance for the first time. But it did not actually appear.

After all, Ye Xiao's Small Universe still lacked one rule that is vital for the universe.

The Law of Time!

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