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924 Chapter 924: Powerful Opponent

Princess Chen was covered in beads of cold sweat. She was a little lost at what to do. If she stayed here any longer, she needed to face the Emissary of Heavens once again.

But, she doesn’t want to.

No one but her is aware of how terrifying the Emissary of Heavens is. He is someone that she was unable to even scratch in her previous life.

In the entire Heavens, if she fears someone, then it is the Emissary of Heavens.

She has yet to regain her full strength back. She doesn’t want to die again soon.

But if she leaves this place now, what about her successor?

She could sense that her successor was still in Poison Devil Forest, seemingly waiting for someone to come. There is another girl beside her successor, and she could feel very familiar yet unfamiliar energy inside that girl’s body.

She was immediately reminded of the time when the Emissary of Heaven extracted one-fourth mysterious energy that she created by fusing three types of different energy. Those three types of energies were the True Essence of Heaven and Earth, the Soul Force of her Divine Soul, and the energy that came from beyond Heavens. And exactly that energy that came from beyond Heavens was the main catalyst.

Those two girls were also looking at the sky with fearful expressions on their faces.

Princess Chen knew that this entire forest was going to be destroyed now that the Emissary of Heaven was about to descend. Not only that, the entire Three Domain Divine World might suffer heavy losses as well.

Taking a deep breath, she transmitted her voice into Zhao Yufei’s mind: “It is very dangerous outside. Hurry up and enter the Emperor Ring. This way, you can escape the disaster that is about to befall this world.”

Zhao Yufei was shocked when she heard this voice. It is because she had heard the same voice when she obtained the Emperor Ring, a very powerful cultivation technique, as well as the mysterious energy that could devour Divine Souls to grow stronger.

She could also sense heavy pressure descending from the sky, and knew the mysterious expert that talked to him is right. But, she was still worried about Ye Xiao.

However, Ye Xiao was nowhere to be seen.

Sighing, she could only hope Ye Xiao is safe and entered the Emperor Ring with Zhao Qing’er.

Seeing this, Princess Chen nodded her head and heaved a sigh of relief. Then she once again focused on the huge vortex and the pair of terrifying eyes in the sky.

On the other hand, Ye Xiao also looked at the crimson eyes while remaining on guard against Princess Chen. Although he found Princess Chen familiar, he has no idea if she is a friend or foe.

“What does he want to do?”

Ye Xiao muttered with gritted teeth. The pair of eyes did not attack but kept devouring creatures including humans and demonic beasts from this world ceaselessly. Was he going to eat up all living beings in the Three Domain Divine World?

If this was so, then how was it different from slaughtering all the Three Domain Divine World?

He raised his hands, and Void Shattering Spear flew to his hands. He was ready to face the so-called Emissary of Heavens. After all, its main target was him.

What Ye Xiao was completely unaware of was that Princess Chen was now also included in the targets of the Emissary of Heaven.

“Stop! What are you trying to do? Do you even know the extent of his strength? If you try to attack, you will surely die!”

Seeing Ye Xiao is ready to attack, Princess Chen became anxious and cried out in a solemn tone. From the start till now, it was her first time sounding so grave.

Ye Xiao saw more and more creatures’ lives being swept up, and he could not maintain his calmness. He could sense the pulling power becoming stronger. If this continued, the world would be in danger.

His eyes became more determined. The spear in his hand vibrated a lot and seemed to be affecting the s.p.a.ce in the surroundings. If anyone looks closely, they’ll be shocked to see the s.p.a.ce around the Void Shattering Spear has distorted to the extent that cracks have started appearing.


At this time, seeing that Ye Xiao not going to stop, Princess Chen, who was far away, also charged toward the sky. With a loud cry, she slashed upward with the light sword in her hand.

A thousand meters long sword qi in the shape of a crescent shot upwards and crashed into the black vortex with an unstoppable force.

She wanted to help Ye Xiao deal some damage to the black vortex, however, it was a pity that her attack dealt no damage. But even so, Princess Chen did not stop. She charged toward the black vortex while hacking and slas.h.i.+ng, generating countless sword Qis.

At this moment, she seemed like a sword devil, giving her all to defeat her opponent.

The powerful aura of a G.o.d gradually crumbled the earth of Poison Devil Forest. Ma.s.sive cracks appeared on the ground that swallowed waves after waves of trees and all other creatures present into miles of area.

It was at this time that Ye Xiao also took action. With a deep breath, he leaped upwards and charged toward the vortex.


A domineering dragon roar resounded across the entire Three Domain Divine World. Ye Xiao, along with all his Void Shattering Spear, transformed into a humongous green dragon that was more than ten thousand meters long. The Ancestral Dragon glowed in radiance. It soared with a majestic roar, generating powerful gales that dispersed the clouds.

p、a,nd a-n、o、ve,l It was the World Exterminating Demon Dragon.

Princess Chen was shocked when she saw this scene. She didn’t expect Ye Xiao to be a dragon.

Previously, she thought Ye Xiao is a human, but now, he turned to be a dragon.

Princess Chen and the World Exterminating Demon Dragon charged into the black vortex together.

But at this moment, a b.l.o.o.d.y-red light flashed in the sky, and the source of that light was a pair of crimson eyes. The moment the red light flashed, a world-shaking explosion could be heard from the sky. Next, people from below could see Ye Xiao and Princess falling from the sky, covered in blood.

The pulling force stopped because of this. The creatures who were being swept up into the air fell as well.

Ye Xiao and Princess Chen were in the same boat now. The two crashed onto the mausoleum near the Well that was previously filled with blood and turned it into ruins, and no one knew if they were still alive.

“Such a tiny ant that not only dared to steal from Heavens but also dare to fight the Heavens. You are really overestimating yourself. Do you really think you are invincible just because you have obtained serendipity that connects you to Nine Ancestral Dragons?”


An indifferent but majestic voice could be heard at this time. The speaker sounded like a giant G.o.d in the sky evaluating a mortal below. No one was even angry because they were grasped with unmeasurable fear.

Facing such a powerful aura, all the creatures in the world felt very weak. At the same time, they wondered who the owner of that voice is, and to whom he is saying those words.

Princess Chen’s eyes opened wide as she turned and looked at Ye Xiao, and muttered: “Nine Ancestral Dragons?”

The four old men looked at each other. They hurriedly arrived and helped Princess Chen stand up. Old Qi asked: “Master, do you know anything about Nine Ancestral Dragons?”

Princess Chen’s body was trembling. She had many injuries on her body, and many parts of her body were bloodied. She replied: “I don’t know much about them, I just know that they seemed to be the ancestors of all the dragons. And they are the first ever beings born in Heavens!”

Her words caused the four men to be extremely shocked. They could not help but gulp down their saliva. But their astonishment was nothing compared to the bomb exploded on them by Princess Chen again.

She looked at Ye Xiao with envy as well as admiration in her eyes and said: “I just didn’t expect him to have obtained the legacy of all nine Ancestral Dragons. Maybe, that is the reason why he was able to transform into a horrifyingly powerful dragon. I doubt, even in the peak of my previous life, I wouldn’t have been his match!”

Her words once again shocked the four old men. They just couldn’t believe their ears. They thought they were hearing things.

But when they thought about the gigantic dragon that Ye Xiao had transformed into previously, they took a deep breath and looked at Ye Xiao in fear.

When Ye Xiao and Princess Chen were falling from the sky, Ye Xiao had already returned to the human form once again. He was also greatly injured and his entire body dyed with blood.

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