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Chapter 1739 Shaynak Top 100

?"I am being kind to you by not being kind to you."

With those words, the recorded feed of the masked man concluded.

The bearded man's once-st.u.r.dy room fell into a heavy silence as the spectral rendition vanished.

Unlike the usual tranquility he found in silence, the bearded man's expressions s.h.i.+fted through various shades all of a sudden. He abruptly stood from his seat as the ident.i.ty of the masked man dawned on him. The last line of the masked man struck the bearded man's heart like a bolt of raging lightning.

"Eren!" exclaimed the emerald-green-eyed man, shock painted across his face as memories of time spent with his son in Anfang flooded back.

"When? How? And he... he became a demi-G.o.d? What… What exactly happened in Anfang?"

The initial shock transformed into worry as he realized his son had found a way to Labh Salem, despite leaving him in Anfang, a closed-off realm hidden from the denizens of Labh Salem.

"Kaiser Elijah, we are all set. Should we proceed forward?"

Interrupted another man, entering the story room through the open door. It was as if Elijah was expecting this subordinate of his to come to visit him all along.

Elijah Idril took a moment to compose himself before responding.

"No... not now. Change of plans. I've decided to halt all operations for the time being. Wait for further instructions." Elijah clenched his fists, inwardly reflecting.

'My son, you shouldn't have come here.'


Kolam Continent. Green Dragon Valley. Labh Salem.

In the heart of the mystical Green Dragon Valley, stood the awe-inspiring City of Dragonblood. If one looked at the city from a very high vantage point, one would find that it had been shaped like a colossal dragon's maw, pulsated with energy that echoed the tales of ancient dragons and half-bloods related to them by blood.

As one ventured toward the city, the architecture seamlessly blended draconic elements—scales, wings, and sinuous curves—creating a harmonious fusion of solid architecture and mythical grandeur. Towering spires, adorned with intricate draconic motifs, soared to the heavens, bearing witness to the city's profound connection with the legendary creatures.

At the very heart of Dragonblood, a monumental tribute to the dragons took form—the gigantic Green Dragon Statue. Crafted with unparalleled artistry, the statue depicted a regal dragon, wings outstretched in a gesture of dominion. The dragon's eyes glowed with an eye-catching brilliance, reflecting the ancient power coursing through the veins of Dragonblood's citizens.

The journey continued deeper into the city, unveiling the renowned Dragon Palace—an ethereal abode that could rival the heavens. Flames and fire-inspired architecture adorned its exterior, with pillars featuring sculpted flames and intricate dragon carvings. As visitors stepped inside, the air itself seemed to pulse with a warm, fiery aura.

Within the Dragon Palace, runic details in draconic tongues adorned the walls, each telling a tale of dragons in various forms. Corridors echoed with the distant roars of dragons. The throne room, a masterpiece of fiery design, housed a throne carved from dragon bone—a symbol of the ruler's intimate connection with the mystical beings.

Every element in the City of Dragonblood was a living testament to the unbreakable bond between its denizens and their draconic ancestors. In every flame-kissed corridor and dragon-carved structure, the legacy of dragons thrived.


Nestled within Dragonblood's ancient walls, House Samael stirred from its age-old slumber.

This half-blood clan was propelled into newfound prominence by the enigmatic and potent presence of a woman who materialized in Labh Salem like a tempest.

This formidable figure appeared out of nowhere and single-

handedly lifted the declining clan from obscurity, restoring its dominion over the region.

Having triumphed over formidable adversaries, the mysterious woman, a force to be reckoned with, chose to breathe life back into her ancestral legacy within the heart of Dragonblood. Under her influence, the region underwent a remarkable transformation, a testament to her unwavering prowess.

Earning widespread acclaim for her victories and ascending through the esteemed Shaynak Top 100 rankings, she swiftly became known as the Strongest Debutant of the Century. Her reputation soared, fueled by a relentless combat style and the scorching fame of her green flames.

Presently situated within the top 50, predictions abounded that she would effortlessly breach the top 40 in the ensuing years, given her relentless ascent.

The city, now buzzing with life, attracted a throng of daily visitors eager to witness the mysterious woman recognized as the Witch of the Enderflames. Among these guests were emissaries from influential organizations spanning Labh Salem, seeking to allure the Witch of the Enderflames with Ranking Resources, wealth, and other enticements into their fold.

Others, drawn to the city, yearned for the ultimate test of their prowess, challenging the enigmatic figure to duels that promised fame and recognition alongside the Witch of the Enderflames herself. After all, those who could defeat her would rob her of her place in the Shaynak Top 100 and become equally famous.

The winds of change swept through Dragonblood, bringing an era where House Samael's name echoed with newfound vigor and respect. The Witch of the Enderflames now practically ruled this revitalized city.

Due to her newfound fame and central role in the city, this mysterious woman found herself unusually busy every day. However, she chose to pause her activities and closely monitor the recent changes within Menaka's Blessing.

The Witch of the Enderflames was a mesmerizing beauty, with enchanting green eyes and cascading emerald hair. Her remarkable features, from the allure of her face to the elegance of her curves, portrayed a stunning image.

Despite appearing as if she had just emerged from her teenage years, her mana signatures spoke of extraordinary depths concealed beneath her peaceful exterior. One could only describe her as a beautiful monster.

With a small baby dragon in her arms, she listened intently to the masked man's words and quickly deduced his ident.i.ty. Halting all her work, she focused on what he had to say.

"I am being kind to you by not being kind to you."

The spectral rendition of the masked man vanished in front of the Witch of the Enderflames after uttering these last words. A smile graced her face as she contemplated.

'Fufufu. Anfang was not enough. It seems "he" wants to cause chaos in this world as well.'

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