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Chapter 359

#8. collapse

Particles of magic scattered through the air, sparkling like starlight. These were fragments of Locralen, which could not resist the "miracle" incarnate.

It was such a beautiful and fantastic landscape that it still felt like a dream, so Ifrin could hardly hold back her tears.

"That's strange…" she muttered.

1 year and 3 months.

These 15 months will forever remain in the heart of Ifrin. She will cherish every day spent next to him.

- Those were the happiest moments in my life.

Ifrin was so happy.

In Lokralen, where everything stood still and the concept of time disappeared, the days did not seem empty, because he was nearby.

But now she felt as if she had woken up from a very happy dream. And now this dream will never come back.

Holding her diary close to her, Ifrin bowed her head.

- ...

And as she stood there like that, a lot of emotions were awakened in her that can't be expressed in words alone. Her throat was dry and her heart sank. She was hurt and sad just thinking about him.

Because Ifrin knows...

Now she won't be able to see him again. No matter how much she wanted, no matter how hard she tried. No matter how great an archmage she became, she could no longer be with Declain.

- Of course, there is still a shelter left.

Shelter "Time". There, she could still talk to the past Declain, as he himself had said.

- But that's not enough.

Ifrin smiled and shook her head.

Conversation with him in the refuge. Although short, it will still be a conversation.

But now that she loves Declan of All Time, such an encounter would be nothing short of poison.

It would be a poison that would make her never forget him, torment her for the rest of her life.

Medicine that won't make her feel better even if she takes it. It will only make her miss him more and more.

“Still… I'm not going to give it up.

This "meeting" with him will be fleeting, and the pain will remain forever. But even this moment will be important enough to overcome eternity.

Time is relative.

- I'll take every chance.

Ifrin stepped forward vigorously, turning away from the collapsing Locralen.

#9. North

The largest city in the north is Freiden.

After the incident with the Altar, the northern fortress of the Empire regained its former status as a holy place for knights. Thousands of knights every month visit the lord's castle, called the Winter Castle, as if on a pilgrimage.

Thanks to cooperation with Uklein, even the province of Freiden, which seemed harsh, barren and backward, began to prosper.

- Hm…

In a workshop where wooden blocks were randomly laid out, as well as various metals such as copper, silver and gold, Julie sculpted sculptures.

- Ready.

She wiped the sweat from her forehead and smiled broadly as she looked at her new creation.

In a way, swordsmans.h.i.+p and sculpting were very similar. Both require refined movements, concentration and soul investment.


While Julie was enjoying the results of her labor, someone opened the door.

Julie winced.

“Someone entered my workshop? n.o.body knows that this is my workshop, right?

Julie tilted her head and looked at the visitor.

- Hm?

A man in a black robe stood at the entrance. Judging by the physique, it was a man, but his face was not visible.

He walked inside, carefully examining her work. Due to his appearance, he might seem suspicious, but it seems that he appreciated the sculptures as a connoisseur.

He soon nodded, as if satisfied.

Showing interest, Julie asked:

- Who you are?

He turned his head. Because of the hood of his robe, she could only see the lower part of his face, so this man seemed completely unfamiliar to her.

- Visitor.

Even his voice was unfamiliar to her.

- That's how.

Julie walked over to him.

This unexpected visitor was the first visitor to her workshop, so she did not want to be rude. And although he was unfamiliar to her, she smelled a smell that somehow seemed familiar.

- Can I buy this? he asked, pointing his finger at the figurine.

- Hm?

Seeing where he was pointing, Julie flinched and shook her head.

- This thing…

It was an alabaster figurine of Julie von Deja Freuden.

A figurine the size of her forearm, depicting a great hero who sacrificed everything to save the continent.

- Not for sale.

Knight, shrouded in eternal ice, with a sword in his hand. A woman who made all her wishes come true.

She could not sell this figurine.

- ...

Suddenly he turned to her. Even as a knight, Julie, who had reached the level of a master, shuddered slightly.

“I still want to buy it,” he insisted.

- I'm sorry but there is no…

Julie politely turned him down.

He sighed. No, that sigh was more like a laugh.

And then he said in a low voice:

- It's a pity. Have you decided to put down your sword and take up sculpture?

- BUT? Ah… I didn’t put down the sword, but…

She is now Julie.

In other words, the Julie that everyone on the continent knew is no more. Therefore, this Julie had no choice but to pretend that she knew those who had been a.s.sociated with Julie in the past.

Because the meteorite impact caused by the Altar did not exist on this continent. Knowledgeable people did not want to reveal this fact. And Julie too.

- You're right about the sculptures.

Julie cleared her throat in embarra.s.sment.

It was difficult for her to deal with people who knew her past. She mimicked her old age with Josephine's makeup technique.

- That's how?

- Yes.

- Well, good luck with that.

And then he turned around without saying anything else. Without even asking a few questions, he simply opened the workshop door and walked out.


Looking at the closed door, Julie blinked. He suddenly came and suddenly left.

Julie was confused for a moment, but then turned around, wondering who it was. And at this very moment...

Julie's eyes went wide.

- What?!

It was a scream that she didn't let out even when she was stabbed with a sword. And all because of the empty corner of the display case, where the figurine of Julie used to be.

- Tch!

This guest turned out to be a thief.

Julie rushed outside, but the door was already empty. Just cold skies and stale air.

- Here's the b.i.t.c.h...

Julie almost swore for the first time in her life, but she suppressed her anger and returned to the workshop.

- Well, watch out. You will be taken care of by the appropriate authorities.

She was about to call the police using the crystal ball in the corner of the workshop.

- ...

But suddenly Julie noticed something. There was a small note on the table.

A very short and simple sentence.

[Let's think of this as belated tuition.]

- Education?




Julie, repeating this word three times, suddenly felt gooseb.u.mps all over her body.

- Stop…

If someone taught her...

- Can't be… Declan?

Julie glanced back at the thought, but the cold wind blew past the hastily opened door.

#10. winter hut

The snowy peaks of the mountains, where a strong icy wind blew.

Riya climbed the crest of a snow-covered mountain. As an adventurer hired by the Empress, and as a gambler who wants answers to her questions, she wandered around in search of the "villain of the era."

- There…

Finally, she reached the summit of Aksan, the steepest and highest mountain in the province of Freiden.

Riya looked into the distance and breathed a sigh of relief.

- Where?!

Then there was a loud shout.

- Where? Where to look?!

This person with a short temper was the current head of Uklaine, Yeriel.

- I do not see!

She is usually calm and cool about everything, leading some to say that she has no feelings. She always looked like she didn't care about anyone.

But now she was very excited.

- Come on! Where?!

“Miss Riya, I can’t see either~”

They also had with them a girl who was of great help in finding Declain, the hero of the Redborn, Ellie.

This rugged mountain was also a magical s.p.a.ce, and it would have taken them years to climb it if not for her talent.

- Over there. The chimney of the hut sticks out a little.

Riya pointed to the hut. It was difficult to see it, because it was covered with snow, and only the smoke from the chimney betrayed it.

- Yes! Yes, I see! I see! Yeriel screamed with wide eyes.

She started biting her nails and breathing faster, as if in antic.i.p.ation.

- Let's go to! Don't hesitate!

However, Yeriel, who was about to run, was unable to move a single step.

- …a? What? Let me go.

Because Riya grabbed her hand.

It was a very displeased and intimidating look, but Riya shook her head.

“I’m sorry…but could you wait a bit?”

- ...

Yeriel was silent for a moment and only blinked. She didn't understand Riya's words.

They finally found him. He was right in front of their noses, but now for some reason they had to wait?

- …why? Yeriel asked innocently.

It was so strange that she didn't even get angry. She was just curious.

- Well…

Riya scratched the back of her head.

- There is something I want to tell him in private. It does not take a lot of time.

- What did you say? BUT? Alone…

At that moment, Yeriel began to boil. She seemed ready to pierce Riya with her gaze.

- Miss Yeriel?

However, Ellie interrupted her. She approached with a smile and cupped her hands.

- Please let her. In any case, it won't take long. Right, Miss Rya?

Ellie glanced at Ria, who nodded quickly.

- Yes. It will take 10 minutes, no, less than 5 minutes.

- But…

"We found the professor thanks to Riya, right?"

- ... why did you suddenly rally together?

Yeriel looked at Ellie and Riya alternately.

To her, Sister Declain, this situation was absurd and unfair, but the expressions on the faces of these women were strangely serious.

Looks like no matter how hard she tries, she can't convince the two of them.

“…only if it’s fast,” Yeriel said through clenched teeth.

Riya bowed.

- Yes thank you. Thank you.

- Okay, go. Five minutes... no, three minutes. Finish in less than 3 minutes.

- Yes!

- Leave before I change my mind.

Riya immediately rushed off.

She slid down the crest of the mountain at faster than human speed, soon reaching the door of the hut.

- Oh…

It was a moment that made her more nervous than she thought.

Riya took a deep breath and then looked into the eyes of Yeriel, who was watching her from behind and counting down three minutes.


She opened the wooden door of the hut. She was greeted by the crackling and warmth of the fire in the fireplace. As well as…

- You've come?

n.o.ble and majestic tone.

Riya turned her head and looked at him with her hand on her chest.

- Declain…

He sat in a rocking chair near the fireplace and looked at her. As always, with a relaxed expression, as if he knew that she would come.

- You found this place.

Declan smiled.

His appearance is no different from before, but Riya could see the difference. She felt something different.

…his life was on the line.

"You're dying," Ria said bluntly.

Declain just raised his eyebrows.

Why are you saying something everyone knows?

- I read the diary.

A diary. The notebook given to her by Declain before the destruction of the continent.

"That's it," Declain said indifferently.

I have read it countless times.

Riya took out the diary, which was already worn out.

- There was nothing there.

The contents of the diary did not matter. In other words, it was just "proof".

Evidence that made Declain the villain. And nothing more. She felt like a fool for trying to find any hidden meaning there.

“But something similar happened in the past.

However, it was a hint that Riya realized later.

“Someone has already handed me a similar letter.

It was quite a long time ago.

He gave her the letter before they started dating, that is, before they confirmed each other's feelings. A letter with nothing. A letter in which he described random things that had happened to him in recent days.

No, it was something like a diary, not a letter.

- I then thought about the same. What was the hidden meaning? I looked at this letter for hours.

However, in the end, there was no hidden meaning in the letter.

After all, it didn't mean anything. It was written to make fun of me.

Because it was a joke. It was a naughty joke from that guy.

- Haha.

Then a mischievous grin fell from Declain's lips. Riya narrowed her eyes.

- Yes. There was no hidden meaning in the diary. But it could be used as proof of my sins.

- ... and no regrets? Ria asked.

Declain replied with a smile on his face:

- What?

- About such a death.

- ...

Declain was still smiling. He looked at Riya like she was cute.

“…I’m not sure if I don’t have any regrets, or if it’s designed so that I don’t have any regrets.”

Riya couldn't figure out who that soft voice belonged to. Kim Woojin or Declan?

But I am not afraid of this death.

"I have a ticket," Ria said.

She didn't have much time. After the promised three minutes, they won't be able to be alone.

- ... a ticket?

In response to this question, Riya took out a sheet of paper from her inner pocket.

Final reward for the main quest. Although this paper was smaller than her palm, it was still a ticket that brought the player back to reality.

- With this, you can survive.

By this point, Riya was already convinced.

That this man who is now looking at her is definitely Kim Woojin.

- Go back there...

- Yuara.

However, he gently interrupted her.

- He is yours.

- …why?

- Can you come closer for a second? My body is not moving.

He beckoned her.

As she drew closer, he whispered to her:

- Because I loved you.

Without any rhetoric, he bluntly said that he loved her. However, his tone was full of sadness.

- If I'm alone there, it won't make sense.

- ...

Was that his excuse?

However, this did not please her at all.

“You know…” Yuara said in a trembling voice.

She put her hand on the pitiful boy's cheek.

- You were my world.

- Not.

He shook his head.

Yuara narrowed her eyes again. This guy wanted to spoil the atmosphere to the very end.

Your world is everything you see, hear and feel.

He tilted his head and pressed his forehead against hers.

- It's not just me. You know it.

The warmth of his voice spread through her body.

Her heart fluttered like a fire in a fireplace.

- So that…

At this point, their 180 seconds came to an end.

- Take care.


At the promised moment, the door swung open.

Yeriel and Ellie appeared at the door.

- Brother!

As soon as Yeriel saw Declain, she threw herself into his arms and burst into tears. Without any words, she conveyed all her emotions through the most primal cry.

- ...

Looking at the two of them, Riya stepped back. Ellie next to her smiled softly and put her hand on Ria's shoulder.

“Miss Sylvia is on her way here too.

Riya nodded without saying a word. Now she couldn't say anything.

Tears welled up in her eyes, and her lips were swollen from biting them too often.

Ellie added:

“Thank you for your efforts, adventurer Riya.

These words sounded like "Game Over".

Whether she won or lost, the game was over anyway.

- ...yes.

With a slightly confused but calmer expression, she looked at Declain and said:

- We all went through a lot.

#11. Time

Time on the continent inexorably continued its course.

No matter who died and who lived on, human life is constant and always follows the same path.

Even if the most important person in the world dies, eventually time will make the rest forget him.

Just as the giants who once ruled the continent have become a legend, in the same way, the destruction of the continent caused by the last follower has also become "non-existent".

Of course, Ifrin knew about it.

She was now an archmage whose apprentice every mage on the continent dreamed of becoming.

She sat on the sh.o.r.e and looked at the float.

Has it been 1 year, 2 years or 3 years since he died?

She didn't know exactly how many years had pa.s.sed.

- ...

Ifrin was just pa.s.sing the time. Of course, it wasn't fun at all.

There was a time when she tried to add some fun to her life. Fis.h.i.+ng, writing, reading and everything else on this continent that can be called "hobbies".

But it wasn't that easy. No, it was too difficult.

"Professor," Ifrin muttered softly. - I understand why you left.


It is said that people are like this because they live together and interact with each other, but now Ifrin saw no point in living with someone.

Magicians think only of themselves, the n.o.bles are too obsessed with pretentiousness and status, and the Floating Isle only yearns for her research...

Everything on this continent was of no interest to Ifrin.

"The archmage just fishes?"

At one moment, a n.o.ble voice, which belonged to the most majestic being on the continent, reached the ears of Ifrin. It was Empress Sophien.

However, Ifrin remained indifferent.

- Yes. I am fis.h.i.+ng.

The old Ifrin, stammering and bowing to her, was no more.

“They say you haven’t been to the Floating Isle for years. Five years?

- …five years? Has it been five years already?

But Ifrin didn't show much reaction, as if she didn't care.

- Yes. I watched Declan's death from afar, and five years have pa.s.sed since then. Today is the fifth anniversary.

- That's how.

Ifrin nodded her head indifferently.

Five years is five years.

- Hmph.

Sophien chuckled and sat down in the chair next to her.

“Maybe I’ll go fis.h.i.+ng too.”

Sitting on two small fisherman's chairs were two of the most distinguished men on the continent. It was an incredible sight, but, unfortunately, there was not a single spectator who could tell this story.

It's not good to be too obsessed with one person.

- ...

Ifrin was funny to hear that. This “one person” was dearer to her than the entire continent put together.

- I know it. Time, s.p.a.ce and people are all relative.

- Would you like to see him again?

- ...

Ifrin silently looked at Sophien.

Sophien grinned and repeated:

"So would you like to see him again?"

- ...ts, of course.

She even clicked her tongue. Unprecedented arrogance.

Even in front of the empress, she was nonchalant.

- Well. I know the way.

- ...

Simultaneously with these words, the empress threw her float into the water.


Waves splashed around.

Sophien looked at the water and smiled broadly.

- Way? Are you talking about fis.h.i.+ng?

At Ifrin's question, Sophien shook her head.

“However, this requires your and my dedication.

The meaning of these words was mysterious even to Archmage Ifrin.

- So I'll ask you.

But Sophien didn't like riddles, so she didn't waste time getting to the point.

Are you ready to sacrifice yourself for Declain?

When asked if she could sacrifice herself, Ifrin involuntarily smiled.

- Should I ask?


At this time, the fish pecked at the bait.

- He told me to live my life.

They both grabbed their fis.h.i.+ng rods.

“But if I can see him again just once…”

And pulled them at the same time.

- I am not against such a sacrifice.


The fish shot up over the surface of the water, scattering spray that distorted the sunlight into a rainbow of seven colors.

Sofien and Ifrin exchanged glances at this beautiful sight…

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