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Chapter 1022 - 1022 Lake Surface

1022 Lake Surface

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Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio


Ma Xiaowan frowned.

The two necromancers were, unfortunately, right.

There were still dragon mosquitoes that had not been cleared!

Having lost their geographical advantage, the mercenary groups were barely able to deal with this group of dragon mosquitoes.


Ma Xiaowan’s first reaction was to think of a way to retreat. However, before she could say anything, the six fusion Tyrant forms in front of the team had already rushed forward.

Without saying a word, they swung the tree trunks in their hands!

“Whoos.h.!.+” The sounds of something coming through the wind could be heard.

Many of the dragon mosquitoes that were hit by the trunks fainted.

Chi, chi, chi…

The group of Lickers at the back of the team rushed forward and attacked the fainted dragon mosquitoes on the ground.

The dragon mosquitoes were not to be trifled with. Seeing their companions being attacked, they immediately pounced as well.

Ma Xiaowan watched in all seriousness and to her surprise, found that the undead creatures could actually hold back the group of dragon mosquitoes.


Ma Xiaowan had a lot of experience in team command. After the initial shock, she recovered and gave the order to attack.

This was a great opportunity, and they couldn’t waste it!

From a distance, the mercenaries launched a collective attack on the group of dragon mosquitoes.

The dense rain of arrows fell on the group, and batches of dragon mosquitoes fell.

The party cooperated with the zombie team effectively and cleaned up a wave of 500 dragon mosquitoes in just over 10 minutes.

Fang Heng waved his hand and put the dozens of dropped Tier-1 mutation crystals into his pocket.

Everything else was good, but the drop rate was a little low.

“Hu…” Ma Xiaowan secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

She was very glad to have brought Fang Heng and Mo Jiawei along this time.

Otherwise, not only would they not be able to defeat the dragon mosquitoes, they would probably have to sacrifice a few high-tier scrolls to escape.

So be it if they were to be plagued by bad luck!

Fang Heng put away the mutation crystals and a layer of red light covered his pupils before he looked around again.

“It seems that the dragon mosquito swarm hasn’t been cleared yet.”

The guide asked, “The swarm of dragon mosquitoes came from that direction. Should we continue to explore further? I remember that there should be a lake there which is quite big. There are some rare herbs growing around it.”

The mission was not completed, so they naturally had to go deeper.

“Of course,” Fang Heng nodded, “Since we’re already here, let’s continue to move forward and have a look.”

The mercenaries gathered their bearings and continued to move forward.

They had just walked a short distance when they heard buzzing sounds in the distance once more.

This time, it was different. The sounds came from a further place.

The sounds were very dense. It was as if they had returned to the time when a large number of dragon mosquitoes had gathered.

Everyone couldn’t help but stop in their tracks, their hearts trembling.

It seemed that a large number of dragon mosquitoes had gathered somewhere in the distance.

“The sound is coming from there.”

Fang Heng thought for a while and said, “Large numbers of people easily attract the attention of the dragon mosquitoes. Let’s retreat first. Later, we’ll find a few who have learned aura concealment to go deeper and explore with us.”

“Yes,” Ma Xiaowan agreed with Fang Heng’s suggestion and nodded her head. Soon, she selected a few players from the team. Together with Fang Heng and the others, they formed a small team of eight. They carefully entered the shrubbery and groped forward.

Along the way, everyone on the team held their breath and focused, trying not to make a sound.

They gradually fumbled forward in the short thicket for five minutes.

Mo Jiawei pried away the tree branches hanging down in front of him.


There was an empty s.p.a.ce not far ahead. Behind the empty s.p.a.ce was a large lake.

The moonlight shone on the surface of the lake, giving off a pale glow.

This, this is…

Mo Jiawei could not help but cover his mouth to stop himself from shouting.

He felt as if he had seen a ghost!

Everyone followed Mo Jiawei’s line of sight and looked over. With that, all of them had gloomy and extremely unsightly expressions.

Fang Heng leaned over to observe and then frowned as well.

Above the lake, large groups of dragon mosquitoes had gathered. They were a dense blanket of black that almost covered the entire lake!

What was even more terrifying was that there were white dragon mosquito pupae on the surface of the lake!

The pupae were densely arranged on the surface of the lake. When the wind blew, they swayed in the direction of the wind, making the onlookers’ scalps tingle.

From time to time, dragon mosquitoes would break out of the coc.o.o.ns and fly into the sky.

Ma Xiaowan’s face turned pale.

The pupae almost covered the lake, and her trypophobia was about to act up!

Mo Jiawei could not help but exclaim in a low voice, “What the h.e.l.l! I had been wondering where so many dragon mosquitoes came from, so it turns out they have built their nest here!”

[Hint: The player has discovered the nest of the dragon mosquitoes. The target of the current side mission, in-depth investigation, has been changed. Please try to clear the nest.]

[Mission t.i.tle: In-depth investigation]

[Mission description: you have discovered the nest of the dragon mosquitoes. Why are they here? Please try to clear the dragon mosquitoes’ nest.]

[Mission reward: 10 hours of additional trial time]

Fang Heng and Mo Jiawei looked at each other after receiving the mission notification.

As expected, this side mission wouldn’t be that simple!

The 10-hour bonus trial time reward was not that easy to get!

Ma Xiaowan’s heart was in chaos, and so was her brain.

She had never thought that she would encounter such a situation before coming here.

What to do? What should she do?

If they did not destroy the pupae completely, the dragon mosquitoes would breed again, and the Chambers of Commerce would still not be able to collect materials from the forest in peace!

Fang Heng rubbed his chin and said while thinking, “It seems like we have to think of a way to get rid of these pupae.”

Hmm, it’s not enough to just clear the pupae to complete the mission. It would be best to take care of the dragon mosquitoes as well. After all, that would be a huge sum of mutation crystals!

Ma Xiaowan’s mind was in a mess. After hearing what Fang Heng said, she subconsciously nodded in agreement, “Ah, yes, this…”

Fang Heng was looking at the pupae on the surface of the lake and thinking of something when he suddenly noticed something. He frowned again and said, “Look over there!”

Everyone looked in the direction that Fang Heng was pointing and their expressions became more solemn.

In the distance, there was a giant dragon mosquito more than five meters long hovering on the lake’s surface, slowly flying in the direction of the group.

Including its wings, it looked more than eight meters long from a distance, just like a huge monster!

It was the leader of the giant-sized dragon mosquitoes.

Just by looking at its size, the mercenaries felt a strong sense of oppression from far away.

In addition, there was a dense group of dragon mosquitoes nearby.

The deputy commander, Ku Nuo, who had come along, couldn’t help but gulp and said in a low voice, “Everyone, the leader of the dragon mosquitoes should be patrolling. It’s not coming for us, but it’s still too dangerous here. We’ll be in trouble if it senses us. I suggest that we retreat first, then think of a way.”

“You’re right. It’s not safe here. Let’s go back first.”

The mercenaries nodded in agreement and quickly returned the way they came.

Ma Xiaowan and the others only heaved a sigh of relief after everyone had carefully retreated and regrouped with the waiting team.

It was only then that they realized that their backs had unknowingly been soaked in a cold sweat.

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