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Chapter 1202 - 1202 The Story

1202 The Story

“The virus was airborne and spreads among humans, leading to a large number of deaths. Well, I think the virus must have used some medium to spread, so the effect of the virus has been weakened a lot, and the death rate has reduced significantly.”

“Well, the mortality rate isn’t high?” Sandy flipped through the autobiography in his hands. “It says that in the end, less than one-tenth of the human population survived the plague.”

“The death rate is relatively low. When our world was attacked by the zombie virus, the death rate was close to 100%.”

“In addition, the humans who survived the plague also benefited from the disaster. They were infected by the virus and their physical fitness was strengthened. Their descendants also inherited this strengthening, which is why traces of the virus can be found in the ordinary people of this world.”


Qiu Yaokang tried to make an a.n.a.lysis after combining all the previous clues. He then raised his head and asked, “And then? what happened after that? Continue.”

“Oh, okay. Because of the plague and the rapid spread of the monsters, the Empire is under great threat. Andrast has decided to lead the Empire’s elites back to the Cesar Forest in secret, in order to completely destroy the ‘demonic seed’ left in the Cesar Forest.”

Sandy continued to flip two pages of the book and said, “Unfortunately, it was too late. By the time they rushed to the Cesar Forest, they discovered that a powerful monster had already been born in the ‘demonic seed’.”

“The Empire’s elite team led by Andrast a.n.a.lyzed and concluded that the monsters were the source of this large-scale plague. Only by eliminating the monsters can we completely stop this plague from spreading all over the world.”

“At that time, the whole world was attacked by plagues and monsters. The afflicted cave-dwelling beasts, humans, and barbarians decided to work together to deal with the monsters.”

“After paying a great price, the three forces used the alchemy array of the Empire’s alchemy Saint, Aviligo, and the endless abyss that was discovered in the underground world to temporarily seal the abyssal demons in the endless abyss. It could be considered a temporary solution to the abyssal demons.”

“After everything was over, when the Cesar Forest was finally cleared, people found that there was still a very small number of demonic seeds left after the birth of the demons.”

“After the discussion, those who were present divided the remaining demonic seeds into three parts. The humans obtained one part and left it in the royal family for research, a small part was left in the underground world for the protection of the cave-dwelling beasts, and the last part was studied and kept by the barbarians.”

“The three sides agreed that if the demonic creatures broke through the seal again, they would still contribute their strength and work together to eliminate the demonic creatures again.”

“Since then, the alchemy Saint of the Empire, Aviligo, has been studying how to completely eliminate the demonic seed with the support of the Emperor, Andrast.”

“After decades of research, Aviligo refined the demonic seed through alchemy and obtained great power from it. He was entrusted by His Majesty to set up an organization called the Saint and has been trying to find ways to completely exterminate the demons.”

He closed it.

Demons, Saints…

Fang Heng pondered in his heart.

What Sandy said just now was undoubtedly the origin of the Saint and the abyssal demons.

They finally had a lead on the final boss.

Starting from the time when Andrast, the Emperor of the Empire, first established the Empire, the evil demons were quickly sealed in the abyss after they were discovered.

Fang Heng looked up at Sandy and asked, “Specifically? Where were the abyssal demons sealed? Does the book have a description of the location?”

“Uh, no. It’s just that with the help of the cave-dwelling creatures, Andrast found an endless abyss. At that time. everyone thought that it was the most suitable place to seal monsters. The book didn’t specify the specific location, but according to the description. it should be in the Empire’s territory…”

Sandy flipped back a few pages to confirm and after pondering for a while, he said, “Give me some time to go back and investigate. I should be able to lock down the exact location of the endless abyss within a certain range.”

“Right, the book also said that other than Andrast herself, her descendants more or less inherited some of the abilities from the ‘demonic seed’.”

“Yes, the virus has modified part of Andrast’s genes, causing her descendants to also inherit part of the mutation. Therefore, the royal bloodline of the Empire has displayed a natural talent that far ordinary people.”

Qiu Yaokang nodded and agreed, “That’s right.”

“According to my a.n.a.lysis, Andrast, the founder of the Empire, has a special physical quality. Her body mutated after it combined with the ‘demonic seed’ virus body, forming a mutated virus body.”

“The virus is still living in Andrast’s body after her death.”

“Andrast seemed to have realized this as well, so she built the mausoleum and used an alchemy magic array to temporarily seal the ‘demonic seed’ in the corpse. In essence, Andrast was also trying to prevent the spread of the mutation virus.”

“Although they don’t have the concept of a virus, they may also understand this special infectious substance.”

“After that, the mausoleum was invaded by an unknown enemy, and the virus in Andrast’s corpse was stolen.”

“Unfortunately, when the body was stolen, the magic array that sealed the bones was destroyed, causing part of the virus to leak out and spread, forming the mutated dark serpents we saw earlier.”

Qiu Yaokang said as he picked up the bottle of white frost virus and showed it to everyone.

“The white frost should be the product of the reproduction of the virus left in some of the corpses.”

[Hint: The player team has completed the current main storyline trial mission-mutated demonic seed.]

[Hint: The player party’s friends.h.i.+p with w.a.n.gnet has greatly increased. The player party’s basic friends.h.i.+p with the barbarians has increased.]

[Hint: The trial score of the player team has been greatly increased. The player team has received an additional 16 hours of game time.]

The game prompt appeared on Fang Heng’s retina again.

Fang Heng glanced at Qiu Yaokang.

It seemed like he was right.

w.a.n.gnet frowned and stared at Sandy, “Alright, and then? What else did the autobiography say? The Empire’s ancestors knew so much about the virus, so they should know how to restrain the virus ‘backlash’, right? Do you have any information on this?”

Sandy flipped back a few pages and explained, “Andrast is also affected by the virus. She’s fighting against the demonic seed most of the time.”

“After studying alchemy magic arrays, Aviligo found out that they could alleviate the backlash. Andrast then ordered him to seal the five rings that we just found. The purple essence can also temporarily weaken the backlash of the ‘demonic seed’.”

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