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Chapter 1842 Counterattack

Very soon, Aktu caught up to the spot where the pillars of light had lit up.

In front of them, the first batch of players from the City of Darkness who had tried to deal with the Federation had been mostly wiped out.

"You again!"

Aktu's face darkened when he saw the leader of the Federation's military team.

It was Rhett.

He had suffered a loss at Rhett's hands before. He didn't expect to meet him again this time.

Aktu naturally wanted to get back at them, but he also knew that the gap between the two sides was huge.

This kind of gap was not something that could be made up for with just hot-bloodedness.

Rhett also noticed Aktu and smiled, "Hehe, it's you. I didn't expect to meet you again so soon. You were lucky last time. I hope you'll be as lucky this time."


Seeing that Rhett and his men had already set up the alchemy stone slab, Aktu immediately signaled for the players behind him to charge forward.

Aktu did not personally rush forward to join the battle this time. Instead, he formed an imprint with both hands in front of him.

The black fog that enveloped the surroundings quickly gathered in front of him, condensing into a pure black arrow.


The black arrow that was more than a meter long condensed and pierced towards Rhett and the federal team players.


The black arrow was affected by the holy power and exploded in the air!

The dense black fog and various negative effects once again enveloped the Federation players!

Aktu's expression changed when his attack succeeded.


He saw Rhett's figure suddenly appear in front of him from the black fog.

Not good!

Aktu cried out in his heart and quickly changed the imprint in front of him.

The surrounding black fog condensed into a black round s.h.i.+eld in front of him.


The round s.h.i.+eld had just condensed when it emitted a dull thud! It exploded with a punch from Rhett!

Aktu spat out another mouthful of blood. He was sent flying by the remaining force of Rhett's punch and disappeared into the thick black fog.

Rhett was also entangled by the black fog that enveloped him, and he couldn't chase after them.


Rhett realized that he had lost his perception of Aktu and let out a disdainful snort.

If it was a one-on-one fight, with his strength, it would be a piece of cake for him to get rid of Aktu!

However, in such a strange environment, the enemy could borrow the power of this strange black fog to attack him.

Rhett looked behind him. Although the people of the Mundt Gang were still trying to attack the team from all angles, the sacred alchemy stone slab was still intact under the protection of the team, and it was still constantly eliminating the Holy Light that enveloped the surroundings.

Everything was going according to plan.


Not far away, Aktu's back was slammed into a large stone pillar behind him.

He gritted his teeth and stood up again.

If he had recovered from his previous injuries, he wouldn't have lost so badly now that he couldn't even take a blow from Rhett.

In front of them, the players who were attacking the federal team fell one by one.

Seeing that the people from the Holy Court had already placed the stone slab in the predetermined position, Aktu's heart sank to the bottom...

A total of seven magic array stone slabs were needed to complete the magic array.

Seven pillars of light shot into the sky.

He could see the general location of the seven pillars of light.

Five of them had already arrived at the magic array and were awaiting orders.

This meant that most of the player teams that went to stop the Federation's military had failed.

There were only two left.

Once the stone slabs were all set up...At that time...




Of course!

Suddenly, Aktu noticed something. He was instantly shocked and turned his head to look behind him.

That was...

Not far away, Terry, who was guarding the stone slab, also noticed something.

He frowned and raised his head to look at a nearby rock wall.

In the encampment, a thick black fog that was even more dense than before continuously seeped out from the cracks in the stone walls!

This black fog was very unusual!

After the dense aura seeped out, it fused into the black fog outside and immediately spread out.

Coincidentally, Rhett's team was close to the black fog and were the first to be influenced by the black fog!

"Chi, chi..."

The holy stone slab's magic array released a pillar of light that continuously emitted a sizzling sound.

The pillar of light quickly dimmed under the corrosion of the black fog.

What was going on?

Terry judged that the situation was not good and turned to look at the auxiliary priest of the Holy Court in the team.

"The power of the black fog is getting stronger. It seems that the Mundt Gang has used some method to speed up the circulation of the black fog and release a thicker black fog."

"I was not expecting them to be able to do this, but this might be their last fight."

The priest's face also showed a solemn expression. He said in a deep voice, "Colonel Terry, please don't worry. The holy pillar of light will still be effective. As long as the seven light pillars can be successfully returned to their original positions, the black fog will still be completely purified."

"I understand. Leave it to us."

Terry focused his eyes and looked at the thick black fog in front of him. He shouted to his soldiers, "Raise your vigilance! You must protect the holy stone slabs!"


Amidst the black fog, Aktu was still in a daze as he looked at the black fog that was constantly seeping out from the high ground.

What a surprise!

Such a strong black fog aura!

Fang Heng!

It must be him!

He really did it!

The players of the Mundt Gang all had a special skill. After a period of cultivation, with the help of some special medicine, not only could they be immune to the influence of the black fog, but they could also use the power of the black fog to fight.

This gave them a great advantage in fighting in the black fog!

As the density of the black fog increased, their combat ability in the black fog also increased rapidly!

The opportunity had come!

Aktu's spirits were roused. He gulped down a vial of expensive recovery potion and formed an imprint with his hands in front of him.

"Whoos.h.!.+ Whoosh Whoos.h.!.+"

Thick black fog congregated in front of him, forming a pure black arrow.

Compared to before, the arrow was several times larger.


The black arrow darted at the direction of the holy pillar of light!


The arrow exploded!

Under the influence of the black arrow, the entire pillar of light instantly let out a roar and dimmed down. Its dispelling ability was reduced by several times!

Rhett's expression changed.

The black fog instantly surrounded their entire team!

The dispelling effect of the alchemy magic array's pillar of light was insufficient.

All sorts of negative effects came one after another.

Similar scenes were still happening in various places in the maze of the Mundt Gang's base.

Originally, the alliance of the Mundt Gang and the City of Darkness was completely suppressed by the Federation's military, and they were on the verge of despair.

Unexpectedly, the black fog in the cave suddenly became dense again.

Under the influence of the black fog, the Mundt Gang's counterattacked aggressively, as if they had been triggered!

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