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Chapter 2026  a.s.sembly

Several Holy Paladins rushed in from outside the tent to report to him.

"Commander, the patrol team we deployed outside the Lost Forest has discovered an anomaly, with a large number of zombie teams appearing in the Lost Forest area.  Lost Forest. It seems they are gathering and preparing to break through towards the periphery."


Guranqi raised his eyebrows.

They really came?

"Immediately mobilize the troops to a.s.sist in defense! Bring me over to take a look!"

"Yes, sir!"

Guranqi immediately followed his subordinates to the periphery of the Lost Forest where they had reported the anomaly. He looked up and frowned.

Shadows flickered in the Lost Forest.

It was too dark to see clearly, but he could confirm that there were at least tens of thousands of zombie teams hidden among them.

The Holy Paladins had already gathered outside the Lost Forest in advance, forming a defensive line to firmly hold their position.

They were here!

Before Guranqi could make the next step, the zombie teams began to move after completing the a.s.sembly. Soon after, countless zombie clones staggered out from the Lost Forest.

So many of them?

And they were all purely zombie armies?

Guranqi looked at the forest in the distance, and a hint of surprise flashed across his eyes.


An order was given!

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

The priests of the Holy Court behind the defensive line cast their holy spell attacks. Dense holy light beams shot out and bombarded the zombie clones that staggered out of the Lost Forest.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!!"

Instantly, waves of holy power exploded among the zombie teams. The zombies caught within the range of the holy mantra were instantly blasted and sent flying away.

The first wave of zombie attacks was halted.

Guranqi frowned.

It seemed like they had the absolute advantage, but...

In fact, the effect of the holy attack on the zombies was far from what he had expected.

These zombie creatures...

Something was wrong!

Their ability to withstand attacks seemed to be more than twice as strong as yesterday!

The priests of the Holy Court team had mixed feelings about the turn of events. These past two days, they had been dealing with these peculiar zombies. The light beam of the holy prayer that could completely kill a zombie creature with a direct hit seemed ineffective today.

Even though they were hit head-on, the zombies were still able to struggle and get up from the ground to join the battle again.

Only by following up with a holy prayer could it be completely killed!

Not good!

Guranqi suddenly realized that the team's output ability could not keep up!

Compared to that, the number of zombie teams was more terrifying!

Unlike the previous small-scale attacks, there were too many zombies this time!

The holy prayer's explosive impact could cause area damage, but it could only disperse the zombie teams in front of them and temporarily push them back a short distance. It is impossible to completely crush them! Moreover, there was a continuous influx of dense zombie hordes emerging from the Lost Forest in the rear.

It seemed endless!

What was even more terrifying to Guranqi was that the zombie team's front line had stretched exceptionally long. They kept pouring out from the edge of the Lost Forest's periphery, covering an area of nearly three to four hundred meters!

Relying on long-ranged teams to deplete their energy like before would not work today!

"Follow me!"

Guranqi raised the holy long sword in his hand and shouted, "Attack! Kill this group of undead!!"


The melee Holy Paladins shouted and immediately followed Guranqi to charge forward, charging towards the zombie teams!

In an instant, a large number of zombie teams drowned the team of Holy Paladins.

There were too many zombies and they were too meaty!

Even Guranqi needed more than ten seconds to deal with a zombie!

Not good!

As the battle progressed, Guranqi's mood became increasingly heavy.

Although the zombie teams had low defense and a single sweep of his holy-element area attack would take out a large number of zombies, however, their HP was alarmingly high!

After sweeping the area over a dozen times, not a single zombie was annihilated!

The team led by him had only managed to cause limited damage to the zombie teams. Instead, they were surrounded by the zombie crowd unknowingly.

If this continued, they would be surrounded by zombies and be trapped on the spot.


Guranqi immediately ordered the players to retreat slowly and keep a distance from the zombie teams.

He raised his head, only to see an endless crowd of zombies.

Compared to before, the number of zombies didn't decrease at all. Instead, it increased by more than ten times!

The dense horde of zombies surged out of the Lost Forest, showing no signs of stopping!

He was in big trouble!

There were too many of them!

Even if the zombies stood still, purifying them would take a lot of time!

"Hurry up! Mobilize our men immediately, we need reinforcements! Try to avoid a head-on clash and try to lure them away!"


At the same time, in the Lost Forest, everyone was observing the battle from afar.

Fang Heng nodded in his heart.

Since the vampire bloodline had evolved to the highest stage, the strength of the zombies had also increased sufficiently!

The most obvious was the terrifying self-healing ability of zombies!

This way, the success rate of the plan would be even higher!

This was not a loss!

Li Qingran and the undead faction players who were present did not know what exactly had happened. They only felt that the zombies had become more fleshy and their HP recovery speed had increased significantly!

Apart from that, the zombie's agility and strength attributes had also increased slightly.

It was just that these enhancements were not obvious in comparison to its recovery ability.

Li Qingran felt that even if they relied on the zombie teams to rush over, it would be enough to give the Holy Court a headache for a while.

When the other undead faction players who had followed them saw this scene, they felt their hearts skip a beat.

Fang Heng's strength had reached this level?

What made them feel the most terrified was not the strength of a single zombie, but the overall number of zombie teams!

The zombie teams were still moving over from the ghost tower!

"Senior Qingran, I'll leave this place to you for the time being. If there's any emergency, we'll contact you through the survival radio."


Li Qingran nodded and watched as Fang Heng leaped into the air. He transformed into a bat and flew into the distance.

On the battlefield in front, Guranqi led his subordinates and the Holy Paladins who quickly gathered from the periphery to fight against the zombie clones.

He made use of the slow movement speed of the zombie team as a vulnerability and maintained a safe distance attacking while retreating.


Guranqi felt that it was getting more and more troublesome.

He tried several times to distract the zombie team but failed.

Obviously, the zombie team's attack route was controlled by someone!

If he continued forward in this direction...

Could it be...

A layer of cold sweat broke out on Guranqi's forehead as a terrifying thought suddenly arose in his mind.

Bright Wood City!

The undead's target was most likely Bright Wood City!

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