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Chapter 2110  Entering

Ten minutes later, Sandy dragged Mo Jiawei back to the team.

Mo Jiawei's face was bitter and he looked reluctant.

It had actually been a long time since he entered the game to gain experience.

Most of the time, he stayed in the Zombie Apocalypse to collect and gather resources from various worlds, build prisons, and even contact major forces to gather intelligence. He also had to maintain normal communication with the Federation.

He was more like the chief steward responsible for the daily affairs of the prison.

It was also a very tiring job.

After all, Fang Heng couldn't be at ease leaving many things to others.

Of course, Mo Jiawei's upgrade did not fall behind either.

The extra resources that Fang Heng had when he leveled up were enough for him to level up to Level 40.

Currently, Mo Jiawei was still stuck at Tier 1 of his talent skill advancement. According to him, the reconnaissance talent skill was quite decent in the initial stage, but it became somewhat inadequate in the later stages.

The Tier 2 talent upgrade was seen as a great opportunity for a qualitative change. If there was no chance for that, then he would just have to wait patiently. Either he remained stagnant or he advanced to the best of his ability! After all, he had been in the game for less than a year.

Mo Jiawei's strength was definitely several versions ahead of the average player.

However, compared to Fang Heng, he was already far behind.

Mo Jiawei felt that it was too dangerous to run around with Fang Heng, especially since he could not contribute much. He believed it was better to stay at the Zombie Apocalypse's headquarters.

However, this time, he was forcefully dragged along by Sandy.

Sandy excitedly raised Mo Jiawei's hand high and exclaimed, "Let's go, Fang Heng! Departure time! Let's collect the treasures of civilizations from the Otherworld! We are the great protectors of historical artifacts!"

Amidst the commotion, Fang Heng stepped into the teleportation channel.

At the same time, in the holy realm.


Orkney let out a soft gasp.

Previously, they fell into an ambush set by Fang Heng. Although they didn't suffer severe losses, it still left them embarra.s.sed and humiliated.

It was really a little ugly.

After that, Fang Heng escaped into the Zombie Apocalypse.

Due to the game's special restrictions and protection, players could not continue entering, even if it was from the holy realm.

Orkney received the latest instructions from the Great Sage to remain in the holy realm and be ready to pursue Fang Heng at a moment's notice if any unusual activity was detected.

The holy realm's stance was clear.

Fang Heng, do you fancy yourself quite formidable? Enjoying wreaking havoc wherever you go? Then I'll send a team to stick behind you and tie you down!

It was just that the Holy Court had never expected that Fang Heng would actually escape to a place they had never thought of.

"It's the World of Forests."

Orkney raised his head, his eyes solemn.

The World of Forests was closely related to the origins of the vampires.

In the past, the Holy Court had been investigating the World of Forests and the vampires.

They knew there was a connection between the vampires and Fang Heng, but at that time, there was no concrete evidence.

Moreover, they did not really regard Fang Heng highly at that time.

They did not expect Fang Heng to escape to that place.

All the judges of the holy realm looked at Orkney in unison.

Although they could track Fang Heng to the specific location of the World of Forests through the grand premonition spell, the World of Forests was currently enveloped by a special force, and they could not enter it.

"Fang Heng, is this also one of your schemes..."

Orkney closed his eyes and shook his head.

He had been extremely careful when he accepted this mission. He did not expect that he still could not find Fang Heng.

This time, Fang Heng went to the World of Forests.

Was it a random choice made in a moment of desperation?

Or was there a new trap waiting for them?

No matter what, the World of Forests had a close relations.h.i.+p with the vampires, and it was even related to the prophecy spell of the holy realm. He could not sit idly by after he received the news.

"You guys stay behind and continue to track down Fang Heng. I will immediately report this to the Great Sage."



The game notification flashed across Fang Heng's vision.

[Hint: The player has entered the World of Forest through Abe Akaya. Abe Akaya's remaining energy (5/10).]

[Hint: The player is the first to enter the hidden special world, the World of Forests. Due to the influence of the early-stage mission, the player has an additional 30 days of protection. Other players or organizations cannot enter the World of Forests during this protection period.]

[Hint: Due to the player's early selection phase reward, the player will receive additional mission reminders and mission selection suggestions during the game. The player will complete all the main missions and obtain the control rights of the hidden high-level game world, the World of Forests.]

[Hint: The player has triggered the optimized Tier 1 main storyline mission: Tree Whisperers Alliance-The secret of the sacred tree.]

[Hint: In the current environment, the player is not able to build high-tier spatial teleportation channels.]

[Hint: The player will be sp.a.w.ned at a random place and will obtain a random native world ident.i.ty.]

[Hint: The player has entered the world as a team. The player's random sp.a.w.n location will remain the same.]

Mission t.i.tle: Tree Whisperers Alliance-The secret of the sacred tree.

Mission difficulty: C.

Mission description: There is an organization in the World of Forests that wors.h.i.+ps nature and life. It is called the Tree Whisperers Alliance. Please find the Tree Whisperers Alliance and ask them for information about the sacred tree.

As the game notification slowly dimmed, the sounds of noisy conversations could be heard around them.

Then, Fang Heng slowly opened his eyes.

A treehouse-style bar?

It looked like it was decorated in the medieval style.

Fang Heng quickly looked around to confirm his surroundings.

Indeed, it was a bar.

The five of them were sitting around a table.

After Fang Heng reacted, he s.h.i.+fted his gaze to Mo Jiawei.

And you said that your luck wasn't good enough?

In the past, when it came to random teleportation, those who were lucky would be randomly thrown into the wild, and those who were unlucky would be directly sent to an abyssal cave.

Most of the time, it took players almost half a day to find a city. But here they were, being born directly in a tavern?

After all, it was much easier to gather information in the tavern than outside.

Sandy looked around and seemed to be infected by the lively atmosphere. He laughed loudly and raised the beer bottle on the table high, saying, "Come on, brothers, I wish us success in this mission!"

Under the light of the bar, Cleriway's little face was flushed red. She raised her gla.s.s which was bigger than her face, clinked with everyone, and drank it in one gulp.

Everyone was shocked by her alcohol tolerance.

Fang Heng also took a big gulp of beer.


Wait a minute, this was a little strange.

Fang Heng suddenly realized that the taste of this beer seemed very normal.

There was also a DJ, lights, and a dance floor?

Fang Heng lowered his head and looked at his modern attire. He then touched his pocket and took out a mobile phone.

Orange 13.

Good heavens, so it was a low-tech world!

It seemed to have not much difference in technological level from the real world.

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