Unscientific Beast Taming Chapter 1071 - 1071 Reporting the Yun Race for Feeding (2)

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Chapter 1071 - 1071 Reporting the Yun Race for Feeding (2)

1071 Reporting the Yun Race for Feeding (2)

Not every Iron-eating Beast had a ginseng baby as a kitchen ginseng and medical ginseng.

Obviously, with the strength Eleven had displayed just now, the Iron-eating Beast ancestor felt that it was not its match under normal circ.u.mstances.

“This s.p.a.ce can’t withstand my power. There’s no need,” the Iron-eating Beast ancestor said.

“I’m very curious now. You, little guy, are ridiculously strong. Your talent potential is even above mine. Moreover, you seem to have taken the evolution path of our race,” it said. “How do you know the evolution method??”

“Moreover, the aura on its body just now was the aura of a Demon G.o.d, right?”


“I almost thought you were spies of the Yun Race, but thinking about it, Yun An shouldn’t be able to nurture a Beast Tamer like you. He can’t help but eat you.”

It asked the most important question that Ji Mengzhu had wanted to ask previously.

s.h.i.+ Yu smiled and said, “As I said, I’m an archeologist. This little guy’s evolution method and evolution materials were all archeological from the ruins.”

“It’s indeed eaten the meteorite fragment.”

“As for the spies of the Yun Race… that’s even more impossible. How can a spy walk into a trap and deliberately expose himself?”

They were all from archeology!

Ji Mengzhu, Ji Nai, and the others thought so too. However, they looked at Eleven. Its main body was actually really the Demon G.o.d Iron-eating Beast?

At the moment, only Ji Mengzhu’s father had the Demon G.o.d Iron-eating Beast.

The meteorite fragment came from the first battle between Emperor Wu and Yun An.

After obtaining the meteorite fragment, Ji Mengzhu’s father was the first to carry out an experiment and successfully evolved.

Unfortunately, there were no more meteorite fragments. Including Emperor Wu’s Iron-eating Beast, Dong Huang’s other Iron-eating Beasts had yet to complete the evolution of the Demon G.o.d.

s.h.i.+ Yu… had actually completed it?

“Archeology, what the h.e.l.l?” The Iron-eating Beast ancestor had a serious expression. It looked at Ji Mengzhu and Ji Nai.

Tomb robbing was so strong?

Ji Nai said, “I didn’t expect Sir s.h.i.+ Yu to have a historical talent… Ancestor, this Beast Taming Talent has a chance of awakening the dusty ruins mystic realm and prying into the secrets of the ancient times.”

“Back then, ‘Zhuge Yan’ in the army had this talent. Do you still remember him?”

“The origin of the iron-eating beast’s evolution can be traced back to a long time ago. The branches are complicated, and it’s not impossible to spread to various places. Three thousand years ago, Yun An was also defeated by the Eastern Race Alliance together, so it’s indeed possible for s.h.i.+ Yu to obtain the meteorite fragment that was left outside.”

The Iron-eating Beast ancestor said, “Now that you mention it, I remember. It’s that… We were exploring the ruins when he insisted on hearing a sound. In the end, the ruins collapsed all of a sudden, and a sealed overlord ferocious beast ran out. Is that the one?!?!”

The Iron-eating Beast ancestor curled its lips and said, “Strange talent. Bring him out to stay later. Don’t leave him here. Don’t destroy my mystic realm.”

s.h.i.+ Yu said, “Don’t worry, this mystic realm has just been established. It hasn’t contained strong traces of time. It’s not enough to be called a ruin. It won’t resonate with my talent…”

Just as s.h.i.+ Yu finished speaking.


The ruins trembled

s.p.a.ce cracks of various sizes appeared on the ruins.

The expressions of the Iron-eating Beast ancestor, Ji Mengzhu, and Ji Nai suddenly changed as they looked at s.h.i.+ Yu.

What did he say?

s.h.i.+ Yu: “?”

Eleven: Wu wu wu?

“Something happened outside.” s.h.i.+ Yu’s expression suddenly changed.

What happened?

“There’s an invader.” The Iron-eating Beast ancestor quickly reacted.

“Roar!!!” It was burning with anger.

He quickly opened the ruins and Teleported all the lives inside.

The other party might be controlling the nearby s.p.a.ce. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have caused the ruins to change.

In the outside world.

The wind and clouds changed.

The sky of Wu Ling City was already covered in dark clouds.

A thousand-meter-long pitch-black divine dragon circled in the sky, its golden eyes staring at the entire Wu Ling City.

“Roar…” Under its dragon roar, s.p.a.ce was quickly sealed.

The entire Wu Ling City seemed to have been sealed in a huge spatial domain. s.p.a.ce changed and the Void trembled.

At this moment, a terrifying Demon G.o.d Dragon Might spread. Most of the Beast Tamers in Wu Ling City sensed the change and looked at the dark-element divine dragon in the sky in shock.

The weaker people’s bodies were pressed down, and his entire body trembled in extreme fear.

After the Iron-eating Beast ancestor, s.h.i.+ Yu, Ji Mengzhu, and the others came out, they also looked at the monster in the sky with serious expressions.

“The strongest totem among the 12 generals of the Yun clan, the Black s.p.a.ce Divine Dragon,” Jinai said with a shocked expression.

“What’s it doing here? Does the Yun Race want to start a war directly?”

The Black s.p.a.ce Divine Dragon was the strongest totem modified by Yun An.

Although his predecessor was only at the overlord level, because after being modified, he had spatial, dragon, and dark elements and was supported by Yun An’s resources, after stepping into the totem level, his battle power was enough to be called a top-notch totem.

After seeing it, be it the Iron-eating Beast ancestor or Ji Mengzhu and her daughter, their expressions changed as they felt a life-and-death crisis.

“It’s real.”

“Not good, the other party doesn’t come with good intentions.”

“Ji Mengzhu, Ji Nai, I’ll find an opportunity to break through s.p.a.ce. You guys try your best to escape. I’ll deal with the other party.”

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