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Chapter 1075 - 1075 Ultimate Mechanical Ling

1075 Ultimate Mechanical Ling

As s.h.i.+ Yu finished speaking, the expressions of Ji Mengzhu, her mother, and the Iron-eating Beast ancestor changed.

Wu Ling City and Imperial City were very close.

The fact that the Black s.p.a.ce Divine Dragon dared to attack the city was most likely because the Yun clan had already learned that Emperor Wu wasn’t in Dong Huang.

Ji Nai knew very well that Emperor Wu and her husband had gone deep into the Yun clan’s territory to investigate information.

s.h.i.+ Yu might be right.


If the information was exposed, it was very likely that they had already gone against the Yun clan.

Although these two people were very strong, it was the territory of the totem demiG.o.d after all. If they were surrounded by the enemy, even if they could retreat unscathed, they would probably sacrifice a lot.

Now, not only did Wu Ling City encounter a crisis, but Emperor Wu and the others might also encounter a crisis.

“I’ll contact the other three generals and mobilize reinforcements,” Ji Nai waved her sleeve and said anxiously.

“With the support speed of the Dong Huang Dynasty, it’ll be too late by the time we rush over,” s.h.i.+ Yu said.

Apart from the s.p.a.ce Emperor Dynasty, even in the modern era, the support speed was very slow. On the other hand, in the modern era, there were advantages that other eras didn’t have, communication.

Fortunately, s.h.i.+ Yu remembered that in this encounter, the high-level and top-notch battle power damage of both parties was only totem.

On the Yun clan’s side, a totem was killed. On Dong Huang’s side, the Iron-eating Beast ancestor died in battle, but it also beat the Black s.p.a.ce Divine Dragon to the verge of death and barely protected Wu Ling City.

But now, if he helped the Iron-eating Beast Ancestor kill the Black s.p.a.ce Divine Dragon in advance, he didn’t know what would happen to the battle over there.

“I’ll go provide support,” s.h.i.+ Yu said.

“You’re going to support…?”

At this moment, the Iron-eating Beast ancestor, Ji Mengzhu, Ji Nai, and the others looked at s.h.i.+ Yu in confusion.

s.h.i.+ Yu, an outsider who had yet to join the Dong Huang Dynasty, could actually do this for Dong Huang, even going deep into the dangerous areas of the totem country?

However, when they recalled the strength s.h.i.+ Yu had displayed just now, everyone was relieved.

The strongest general below Yun An couldn’t even withstand one move from him. What could stop him?

With such reinforcements, it was simply like a divine weapon descending from the sky.

Ji Mengzhu quickly said, “Sir s.h.i.+ Yu, can I really rely on you? I’ll go with you! I have a communication positioning jade pendant with my father. After we get close, we can quickly lock onto their location and contact them.”

s.h.i.+ Yu looked at her and nodded.

“Then, it’s decided. Just in case, Senior Ji Nai, Ancestor, protect Wu Ling City and deal with the aftermath just now,” s.h.i.+ Yu said to Ji Nai and the Iron-eating Beast Ancestor.

“You flatter me, you flatter me.” The Iron-eating Beast ancestor was shocked. d.a.m.n, what right did it have?

“Wu wu wu.” Eleven felt that there was no problem. After all, if it hadn’t risked its life to resist the Black s.p.a.ce Divine Dragon, the thousands of Iron-eating Beast cubs in the Iron-eating Beast Training Mystic Realm would have all died.

Its ancestor might be inside.

“Then you have to be careful. You have to return safely.” Ji Nai saw that Ji Mengzhu had taken the initiative to follow and had no objections. Her race had all wandered through the totem battle and had long ignored life and death.

As a legend of Dong Huang, if Ji Mengzhu couldn’t even withstand this little Quest, she would be letting down the nurturing of the entire race.

“Then how are we going?” Ji Mengzhu asked.

“On a spatial battles.h.i.+p.” s.h.i.+ Yu looked at her and smiled, stunning Ji Mengzhu.


Behind s.h.i.+ Yu, a huge black summoning array that was a hundred meters in diameter appeared again. Under the shocked expressions of Ji Mengzhu, Ji Nai, and the Iron-eating Beast ancestor, a green and white whirlwind lingered and light outlined. Soon, a contracted creature they had never seen before was summoned.

As ancient people, they were naturally unfamiliar with such Arms, but if it were a modern person, they would definitely shout “machinery battles.h.i.+p”!

This was a super battles.h.i.+p that was like a futuristic Arms in a sci-fi masterpiece. It was completely white in color, and some devices lingered with green light. Its structure was abnormally complicated, and the huge cannon weaponry was perfect!

This huge battles.h.i.+p was filled with a sci-fi beauty. It was completely surrounded by a green whirlwind, as if it was absorbing the wind elemental power around it.

“s.p.a.ce battles.h.i.+p, Green Dragon, ready.” Ling’s mechanical and emotionless female voice sounded.

“Follow me,” s.h.i.+ Yu said to the confused Ji Mengzhu.

At the moment, Buggy’s spatial control, Instant Transmission, was actually not s.h.i.+ Yu’s fastest transportation.

The strongest speed in a short distance was undoubtedly Buggy, but in a long-distance journey, in terms of endurance, it was undoubtedly Ling.

And fusing their powers into one was clearly the true strongest speed.

Before the World Tournament, Ling had already become a seven-in-one mecha. Now, Ling, whose top-notch intelligence had been activated (Perfect+47), might be the mechanical life form with the highest intelligence on Blue Planet.

All kinds of mechanical operations had already been studied and mastered by it. At the moment, its race was no longer suitable to be described by the Hundred Transformations Machinery or the mechanical phantom beast, the Wind Kirin.

It was already an ultimate machine. It could do whatever other mechanical lives could do. An ultimate mechanical Skill was naturally able to form a battles.h.i.+p with Buggy.

< Name > Ling

[Race]: Mechanical Life (Hundred Transformations Mechanical → Mechanical Beast, Wind Kirin → Ultimate Machinery)

[Stats]: Machinery, Wind

[Level of Growth]: Overlord

[Race Skill]:

“Super”: Wind Element Control (Perfect+47), Divine Net (Perfect+47), Ultimate Machinery (Perfect+47), Turning Misfortune into Luck (Perfect+47), Wind Spirit Bead (Perfect+47)

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