Unscientific Beast Taming Chapter 1086 - 1086 Shocking Emperor Wu for Ten Thousand Years (5)

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Chapter 1086 - 1086 Shocking Emperor Wu for Ten Thousand Years (5)

1086 Shocking Emperor Wu for Ten Thousand Years (5)

This… was its goal.

“It’s you…”

“You killed my two subordinates.”

Its words directly made the hearts of the Beast Tamers present skip a beat. They also raised their heads slightly in unison and looked at the green dragon in the sky above them.

They instantly understood that Yun An was here to avenge his subordinates.


Because s.h.i.+ Yu had sent his pet to kill the Black Ram and the Black Meteorite Yak, Yun An personally descended and came here.

“Set up the array!!!”

“Prepare to fight!!” General Ji Yun shouted, his forehead covered in sweat.

“Yes!!” The Beast Tamers and pets of the Iron-eating Beast Corps had just removed the Golden Domain. At this moment, they encountered such a dangerous moment and had no choice but to mobilize their army skills again.

However, be it s.h.i.+ Yu or Yun An, they ignored this group of people.

Yun An asked the Green Dragon Buggy.

As Buggy’s Beast Tamer, s.h.i.+ Yu also asked Yun An.

“Hey, Yun An, where’s my cow, where’s my sheep???”

An exasperated voice came from the ground.

A figure couldn’t take it anymore and floated in the sky with the help of invisible Psychic power, staring at Yun An.

Under the breeze, s.h.i.+ Yu’s clothes and short hair fluttered in the wind. Words that stunned both parties came out of his mouth.

Yun An: “?”

“Master, it should have descended here with the bodies of those two totems. It’s a skill that’s not in the records,” Ling a.n.a.lyzed.

“I can tell.” s.h.i.+ Yu was speechless.

Yun An had such a Skill?

s.h.i.+ Yu felt a lingering fear. This was because in this s.p.a.ce and time, he had brought the Black Meteorite Yak’s body with him for a long time. If he knew that Yun An had such a Skill, he wouldn’t have brought it along no matter what… Good thing it was delicious. He might have eaten all the Black Meteorite Yak before Yun An revived.

The Black Meteorite Yak and Black Ram they had just obtained were directly sacrificed by Yun An??

“Sir s.h.i.+ Yu, be careful. That guy is terrifyingly strong,” General Ji Yun said solemnly. “It has mastered an unbelievable skill! Even Emperor Wu can’t take it head-on!”

“In addition, no matter what, it’s best not to let the pet come into contact with it.”

“Yes.” Ji Mengzhu looked around nervously. Yun An had actually descended here. This meant that Emperor Wu didn’t fight it!

Then where was Emperor Wu?!

Now, it wasn’t them supporting Emperor Wu at all.

Instead, they urgently needed the support of Emperor Wu!

“I know.” s.h.i.+ Yu nodded.

At that moment, Yun An had no mood to care about others at all. It was all focused on the Green Dragon Buggy. It had paid a huge price to descend here with its injuries just to take away this Green Dragon.

Only in this way would its three dead totems not be a loss.

“Little worm, are you already prepared to withstand my anger by attacking my subordinates?” Yun An stared at the Green Dragon Buggy and directly attacked.

Quasi-divine skill, Annihilation!!

The ultimate strengthening skill of its Yun Race, the so-called radiation virus, was one of the manifestations of this skill.

If the Skill hit, it would definitely cause irreversible injuries.

Even if an injured person used legendary medicine, used divine medicine to eliminate it, obtained strong treatment, and obtained strong cleansing… It would only recover the appearance and suppress the power of destruction.

The true power of destruction would remain in the attacker’s body from the beginning to the end, unable to be completely cleansed.

This was the “law”.

A colorless mist wrapped around Yun An’s entire body, and the sound of laws that resounded through the world erupted.

Yun An’s body changed at the same time in the attack. The black metal prism all over his body flowed and turned into a huge beast form standing on two feet. He stretched out a huge palm with three claws and pinched the Green Dragon Buggy.

An earth-shattering divine might also wrapped around this pinch.


Under the deterrence, the Iron-eating Beast Corps’ Golden Domain just condensed before collapsing unstable.

Everyone’s pupils constricted, unable to understand this terrifying power.

“Not good!!!” Ji Yunchong was shocked. He didn’t expect Yun An to use his final ultimate move the moment he came up.

But that made sense. As an existence that could easily kill a Yun clan general, the green divine dragon was worth Yun An’s treatment.

However… Could this green dragon resist Yun An?!

General Ji Yun couldn’t judge in his heart.

At the same time, in the face of this shocking squeeze, Buggy suddenly fell into memories.

Half a year ago, no, even longer ago, all of them had also faced a similar attack from Yun An.

Buggy still remembered the life-and-death threat it felt at that time.

They knew that they were unable to resist and could only take out the Dragon G.o.d Protection and use the Blue Sea Ruins to escape.

But now…

Buggy didn’t feel any life-and-death crisis when facing this attack.

With its current strength, it indeed couldn’t deal with Yun An alone. It could only be considered a top-notch totem.

However, it still had teammates! And Beast Tamer!

“Roar!!! [Ji!!! (Ji!! Beast Tamer, save me, Susu, save me!)]” In the sky, Buggy shouted.

The Annihilation Palm attacked, and a dragon roar resounded through the world.

The expressions of General Ji Yun, Ji Mengzhu, and the other Beast Tamers of the Iron-eating Beast Corps changed drastically.

But in the next moment, something unexpected happened.

A huge black summoning array appeared in midair under s.h.i.+ Yu’s feet.

Legend array?!

At this critical moment, s.h.i.+ Yu’s summoning did not attract Yun An’s attention at all, even if the array blocked the direction of its attack.

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Unscientific Beast Taming Chapter 1086 - 1086 Shocking Emperor Wu for Ten Thousand Years (5) summary

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