Unscientific Beast Taming Chapter 1102 - 1102 The Worst Demigod in History (2)

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Chapter 1102 - 1102 The Worst DemiG.o.d in History (2)

1102 The Worst DemiG.o.d in History (2)

[s.h.i.+ Yu: Take root in the Sun, Moon, and Meteorite and prepare to attack. Over.]

[Baby Ginseng: Roger!]


In Baby Ginseng’s vision, a light spot approached and streaked across a huge super meteorite that contained the power of the sun and moon.

Under the Teleportation of Buggy’s phantom, Baby Ginseng instantly arrived on it and descended from the starry sky. Its target was the mystic realm where Yun An lived.


[Emperor Wu Members: Terrifying.]

At this moment, in a hidden legendary mystic realm of the Yun Nation, Yun An was still recuperating. The injuries it suffered were far more serious than Emperor Wu.

Most importantly, Susu’s attack was too painful. It was so painful that it wanted to die.

At this moment, Yun An had already sent his subordinates to find out Susu’s ident.i.ty.

It was suspected to be the strongest ocean demiG.o.d, the Blue Sea Sprite!

“d.a.m.n it.” Yun An cursed. Be it 3,000 years ago or now, its gaze was only on the east.

Who would have thought that the strongest demiG.o.d in the ocean would actually appear at this moment? Moreover, he had become the pet of a human Beast Tamer.

s.h.i.+ Yu, in addition to Emperor Wu, Yun An felt that his plan to unify the east might be delayed again.

At this moment, Yun An even had the thought of going to the Western Continent.

The compet.i.tion in the east was too cruel.

Why not… become a Western overlord?

However, it wasn’t convinced!!

“Eh, it smells so tempting.” Yun An, who was lying in the meteorite pile and bathing in the darkness, suddenly opened its huge eyes.

“The gains this time are not bad.”

It grunted and sensed the outside world of the mystic realm.

In order to heal its injuries, it sent many subordinates to other totem countries to find resources to recover its Restoration.

This time, when he smelled the fragrance, Yun An subconsciously thought that his subordinate had brought back supplements.

The tempting resources weren’t around either. Instead, they seemed to be high in the sky!

Yun An’s perception went infinitely upwards.

A meteorite that contained the power of the sun and moon was descending from the starry sky!

Yun An was first stunned, then it realized that something was wrong. It suddenly widened its eyes.

There was also a tree on the huge asteroid-like meteorite.

It was a towering divine tree more than ten meters tall. Fruits filled with tempting fragrance swayed on the tree.

A huge cream-colored trunk, emerald green leaves, moon-like golden branches, sun-like fiery red flowers, fruits that looked like ginseng babies, decorated this complete divine tree.

Countless ginseng baby clones pulled at the branch with tears in their eyes, afraid that they would be thrown down. Countless Sun Divine Trees grew on this meteorite, making it like a falling sun, the afterglow of the setting sun!

Strange, too strange.

Yun An felt that it was too strange.

However, the tempting aura emitted by the meteorite and the World Ginseng couldn’t help but move even Yun An, an Elemental life form.

“I want to eat it so much.”

It was this hesitation that s.h.i.+ Yu and the others’ greeting gifts had already arrived.

Baby Ginseng first raised the [Time Fruit] to the [Little Divine Skill] through the [World Kindness]. Then, it used it on its own, allowing its life level to temporarily reach the totem level. Then, it transformed into the [Life Fire Seed] and burned the potential and life brought by the [Plant Control] and the [Green Wood Divine Body]. It instantly obtained battle power close to the [DemiG.o.d level].

Moreover, at the last moment, it triggered [Moon Explosion] and displayed an attack that would shock even a demiG.o.d.

In the mystic realm, Yun An originally thought that it was hidden well. Even if it was also at the demiG.o.d level, it was impossible to find it. However, looking at the meteorite falling from the sky, flames slowly burned in its eyes.

Its natural instinct to sense danger suddenly made its entire body tense.

Bang… Bang… Bang… The heart core beat crazily.

“Attack!!!” At this moment, Yun An finally realized that it wasn’t to have something fall into its lap at all. Its pupils constricted. That was a trap, an attack from the enemy!!

Moreover, its power caused an alarm in its body through a Legendary s.p.a.ce!!

[Baby Ginseng: Successfully arrived at the designated spatial coordinates. The ‘Bombardment Ji’ team is about to use ‘Yiji Surefire Kill’. Over.]


[Contract System: Baby Ginseng has gone offline.]

A shocking light of the sun and moon bloomed in midair. The impact of the explosion instantly shattered the spatial barrier where Yun An was. The terrifying light Devoured the extremely shocked Yun An inside.

Yun An seemed to see a strong light. The feeling it gave was even more dazzling than a million suns and moons.

At the same time, light blasted in all directions!!

This was the most powerful self-destruction used by Baby Ginseng. It was rooted in Buggy’s Sun Moon Dragon Star to absorb nutrients. The self-destruction of the full buff was comparable to the full-strength attack of a demiG.o.d.

In a short moment, a huge light fireball more than ten thousand meters tall rose into the sky. An energy wave swallowed the ground, and strong light and wind mercilessly destroyed everything in the Yun Nation.

This radiation land that had been occupied by Yun An and was no longer alive instantly suffered an even more tragic blow. In almost a few seconds, one-third of the country was instantly moved to nothingness. Countless tall mountains were erased, countless lakes evaporated, and everything disappeared.

At the border of Dong Huang, the Iron-eating Beast Corps guarding here immediately felt a strong earthquake. After hearing the huge sound, they didn’t even dare to look at the strong light in the distance.

“It’s starting!!” General Ji Yun and the others’ hearts skipped a beat. They understood that the two parties had already started fighting.

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Unscientific Beast Taming Chapter 1102 - 1102 The Worst Demigod in History (2) summary

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