Unscientific Beast Taming Chapter 1312 - 1312 The Space Emperor Who Became Sorrowful (3)

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Chapter 1312 - 1312 The s.p.a.ce Emperor Who Became Sorrowful (3)

1312 The s.p.a.ce Emperor Who Became Sorrowful (3)

At this moment, the Light Dragon was also very stunned.

“Earth Law, Earth Control.” After being stunned, Lin Rui said something that made everyone present fall into deep thought!

Apart from the vibration law and the destruction law, the dragon s.h.i.+ Yu sent also mastered the earth law!

The laws of the earth stood where the ground was. Even the sky and the ocean were as stable as the ground. It could even casually create land, forming ocean islands and empty islands.

At the same time, it connected to the ground and controlled all the power of the earth.

Little Ji still let the other party’s attack hit it, and the dignity of the earth’s overlord was undoubtedly displayed. The Light Dragon felt that the attack had hit the ground of the World King Planet. Although it could cause damage, it couldn’t cause a destructive attack.

“Roar!!! (Little Brother, what’s wrong with you! I’m the overlord of the earth!!)” Little Ji was very unhappy to be ambushed. It seemed to have received the skill with light injuries, but it was actually slow and couldn’t dodge, so it was very unhappy.

It turned its head and released a destructive dragon’s breath, but the Light Dragon dodged with a flash. Its speed was extremely fast.

“It’s useless. Its attack can’t hit.” Seeing that s.h.i.+ Yu didn’t use his talent to join the battlefield for a long time, Lin Rui didn’t join the battlefield either. Both parties watched the two contracted beasts fight.

“Is that so?” s.h.i.+ Yu didn’t believe it, nor did Little Ji. It directly covered the entire place with strong gravity. The world instantly blurred, filled with endless gravity black lines, but the Light Dragon still flew easily in midair. The gravity didn’t seem to affect it at all.

s.h.i.+ Yu knew that it was another quasi-divine skill similar to a mirage where light and s.p.a.ce intertwined, deceiving all attacks.

“s.h.i.+ Yu was suppressed by Young Master Lin.” At this moment, such voices began to appear in the audience.

Seeing that Little Ji was helpless against the Light Dragon, everyone couldn’t help but recall the pain of being tortured by Lin Rui’s Lightspeed Law and the Light Dream Law.


Only the Phoenix man had a calm expression. This was nothing. s.h.i.+ Yu had a bunch of pets. Even if in this match, it was difficult to determine the winner, just casually sending a few more could change the situation.

Moreover, with this Earth Dragon’s defense and attack power, it wasn’t easy for the Light Dragon to easily defeat it.

“See, as long as we want to, we can be invincible.” In the arena, Lin Rui smiled and said, “So, can you tell us first?”

Lin Rui himself also felt that he had a huge advantage.

Seeing this, s.h.i.+ Yu was amused.

“Do you really want to know?” s.h.i.+ Yu crossed his arms and said, “I’m afraid that if I say it, this battle will end.”

“Huh?” Lin Rui and the Light Dragon were stunned.

“Then I’ll tell you first.”

s.h.i.+ Yu said, “The origin of its destruction law prototype is also very simple. Do you know the Ancestral Dragon, which is the ancestor of the dragons among the five major G.o.d races on Blue Planet, or rather, the first dragon on Blue Planet?”

Lin Rui and the Light Dragon’s expressions changed.

“In the Mythical Era of Blue Planet, the Ancestral Dragon divided into two, turning into the main body of the Creation G.o.d Dragon and the clone of the World Destruction Demon Dragon. Among them, the World Destruction Demon Dragon mastered the power of destruction and gave birth to the Dragon Race. However, because it was too brutal, it wanted to destroy the world and was suppressed by the Ancestral Dragon.”

s.h.i.+ Yu smiled and said, “However, actually, the World Destruction Demon Dragon didn’t completely die. In the future, it wreaked havoc again. Coincidentally, we encountered it. Therefore, we helped the Ancestral Dragon clean up and completely killed the World Destruction Demon Dragon. At the same time, we digested its power.”

“This is how destructive power comes about.”

“If I’m not wrong, you’re also a descendant of the World Annihilation Demon Dragon, right?” s.h.i.+ Yu looked at the Light Dragon Lin Rui had contracted.

What he said had a huge impact on Lin Rui and the Light Dragon.

It also had an incomparable impact on all the geniuses present.

Many people widened their eyes and looked at s.h.i.+ Yu and Little Ji. They… destroyed and absorbed the dark side of the Ancestral Dragon on Blue Planet??

So this was how the destructive power came about?

Ancestral Dragon, World Destruction Demon Dragon… An ancestor of the Blue Planet Dragon Race…

Even the pupils of the s.p.a.ce Emperor Divine Pet in the void were constricted.

“Impossible…” The Light Dragon was angry. Although their ancestors had long abandoned the dark and joined the light, no one would be in a good mood if they told you in person that they destroyed your ancestors.

However, as Little Ji raised its head, a dark red light flashed in its eyes. The bodies of the Light Dragon and Lin Rui trembled at the same time.

“Roar!!!” A terrifying dragon might spread from the Destruction Body. The destructive power wrapped itself around deterrence, shocking everyone.

“Then feel the suppression of the bloodline.”

As s.h.i.+ Yu finished speaking, Little Ji’s dragon’s might directly caused s.p.a.ce to tremble. The substantial dragon’s might swept through everything, just like how the Dragon G.o.d and the Dragon Emperor couldn’t resist the World Annihilation Dragon’s might at that time. As a descendant of the Blue Planet Dragon Race, the Light Dragon in front of them was as afraid as they were after facing it.

It indeed sensed the suppression of the bloodline power, and its thoughts, consciousness, and physical movements became extremely slow.

As the deterrence erupted, time seemed to have frozen. The entire arena fell silent.


Little Ji raised its head and roared!!!

It attacked again.

Amidst the trembling sounds around, the ground under Little Ji’s feet quickly cracked and spread quickly. In an instant, there was no intact place in the arena.

Quasi-divine skill, Cataclysm!

To be precise, it was a combination quasi-divine skill after fusing the destructive power and combining it with Earth Control!

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