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Chapter 1708: Behemoth and Little Zi (2)


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In fact, in some works, the cosmic behemoth didn’t even use racial skills and only used physical strength.

It could be seen that in everyone’s understanding, the cosmic behemoth was a monster with brute force.

However, Bu Lu knew the skills of a bunch of races. It was fine if it knew one or two, but it had learned more than ten.

No wonder… it gave Beast s.h.i.+ Yu feedback on learning, comprehension, and adaptability. Did this guy add talent in the wrong direction?

“So annoying,” Bu Lu said. This d.a.m.n luck.

“After following me, your luck might change.”

“In short, from today onwards, we’re partners. No problem, right?”

“There’s a problem…” Bu Lu reacted and said, “So, why can your pet sign a contract with me? Am I your pet or your pet’s pet?”

“Ah, this…” s.h.i.+ Yu scratched his head and said, “There’s no difference, right?”

“It says it’s my pet, but it’s actually more like my embodiment and clone. We’re all me.’

Bu Lu t s eyes widened. Was that so?

Wait a minute, something was still wrong. Why was the physical strength of a

human Beast Tamer’s clone comparable to a super divine level cosmic behemoth?

“Don’t worry about this…” s.h.i.+ Yu pondered for a moment and suddenly said,

“Speaking of which…”

s.h.i.+ Yu stretched out his hand, and a halo quickly appeared on it. On the contract ring, strong spatial fluctuations condensed.

He suddenly had a bold idea.

“Bu Lu, try and see if you can receive this.”

Generally speaking, a contracted pet couldn’t be contracted by a second person.

However, could Beast s.h.i.+ Yu be considered a human?

Moreover, the contract method between Beast s.h.i.+ Yu and Bu Lu wasn’t the contract system of this era.

Were the two contract systems conflicting?

Under s.h.i.+ Yu’s request, Bu Lu touched the contract ring condensed by s.h.i.+ Yu in confusion and spoke in shock.

“What’s going on?” It stretched its hand back.

“Why are there still contract fluctuations.”

“Looks like it’s working??” s.h.i.+ Yu was surprised. “Don’t resist. Try contracting it. ”

“Wait, wait, wait.” Bu Lu hugged his head. He was a little dizzy and confused.

However, under s.h.i.+ Yu’s strong request, it still completed the contract with s.h.i.+ Yu’s main body.

It became s.h.i.+ Yu’s new pet after Shorty.

At the same time, s.h.i.+ Yu’s main body also received a pile of physical strength feedback and learning ability feedback… “Holy sh*t.” s.h.i.+ Yu couldn’t help but exclaim. “Holy sh*t?” Bu Lu said. “What do you mean?” “By the way, why can I be contracted twice?” “Is your contract method frivolous or not?”

“This keeps giving me a bad feeling.”

“l know you’re very puzzled, but don’t be puzzled first. I’m also very confused,” s.h.i.+ Yu said. “Do you know what this means?”

Bu Lu shook its head in confusion.

“It means that I can receive feedback twice. This bug is awesome,” s.h.i.+ Yu said. “Unfortunately, you’re not very impressive. You couldn’t let me reach the 14th heavenly layer…”

“As expected, it’s getting harder and harder later.”

“By the way, does the cosmic overlord army mean that the curse on your body was infected because your mother once explored an era ruin?”

“l think so, but when I was born, my mother died in childbirth. I don’t know the exact situation,” it said.

s.h.i.+ Yu was helpless to complain about why a cosmic behemoth would find it difficult to give birth to its child, but… “Did you look for that era ruin after that?”

“No. That ruin is said to be a mobile and uncertain ruin. My mother and the others seemed to have entered by chance. In the end, that team was completely wiped out, and only my mother came out alive.”

“What do you want?” Bu Lu was alert.

s.h.i.+ Yu said, “I’m also an archeologist. I want to see if 1 can help you solve your bad luck and find the source by exploring ruins.”

“You’re talking nonsense.” The cosmic behemoth sensed that s.h.i.+ Yu didn’t have this goal.

s.h.i.+ Yu chuckled and said, “Of course, there’s another reason. You’re my clone’s first contracted pet.”

“It only circulated its power around your body and completed the contract. This is very unbelievable, because I’ve also experimented like this on other lives, but there are no similar effects.’

“Therefore, you should be different, and the reason why you’re different is very likely because your body is contaminated with the power from the last era from that ruin.’

“My clone also cultivates the cultivation system of the last era. Perhaps… the cultivation contract system of the last era can only contract creatures from the last era, and you are recognized as a creature from the last era.”

“Therefore, I’m wondering if this ruin can ma.s.s-produce pets that can be contracted by clones…” s.h.i.+ Yu touched his chin. There was such a good deal for a pet to give feedback twice?

He seemed to have found a way to cheat.

“You’re crazy,” Bu Lu said in shock. “Do you want the entire team to have bad luck?”

“l won’t allow you to do this.”

As a Beast Tamer, he didn’t seem to be afraid of bad luck.

Bu Lu, who was so unlucky that it exploded, knew very well how terrifying this thing was.

It didn’t want its teammates to be all guys with as bad luck as it. It was already very difficult for it to survive alone. If the entire team was this lucky, it was probably only a step away from being wiped out..

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