Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself Chapter 1306 - 1306 Irreconcilable Hatred For Killing My Mother

Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself -

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Chapter 1306 - 1306 Irreconcilable Hatred For Killing My Mother

1306 Irreconcilable Hatred For Killing My Mother

“Why are you still calling me Mr. He? It sounds too distant. Call me Uncle He in the future. I heard what happened in the small banquet hall just now. Wenxian is a little temperamental. Don’t mind her.”

Qiao Xi sized up He Weinian. No matter when, his words and actions were always so appropriate, causing others to be unable to catch a trace of mistake.

Cheng Juan’s performance was perfect when facing his enemy. He chuckled. “Uncle He, you’re being too serious. I’m already very happy that you don’t blame me.”

“How could I blame you? You did the right thing in this matter! You should be professional. Don’t ruin your reputation for Wenxian. You’re the most outstanding student I’ve sponsored. I’m already very touched that you’re willing to stay by my side and work for the He family. How could I blame you for such a small matter? Follow me to the front and sit down.”

He Weinian smiled affectionately, then went forward to greet Gu Zheng and Qiao Xi. The surrounding people all looked over and discussed softly.

“What? The jewelry appraisal master is a student sponsored by He Weinian?”

“I heard that Cheng Juan used to be an orphan. Coincidentally, Chairman He sponsored the orphanage he was in. There were more than ten children in total. In the end, only Cheng Juan was willing to stay by Chairman He’s side and work for him.”

“I see! Mr. Cheng can be said to be grateful. Unfortunately, the other children in the orphanage are too heartless. They’re not even willing to stay by Chairman He’s side.”f??ewe??૦?el.c??

Cheng Juan gritted his teeth and suppressed the anger in his heart. He turned around to look at Gu Zheng before leaving with He Weinian.

After everyone left, Qiao Xi leaned over to Gu Zheng’s ear and asked, “Do you think Cheng Juan is staying by He Weinian’s side to take revenge for his companions?”

“Xi Xi, what other motive do you think he has?” Gu Zheng asked.

Qiao Xi thought for a moment. “I can’t say. I just have a feeling that Cheng Juan seems to be hiding something. Perhaps he doesn’t have the strength to go against He Weinian yet, so he doesn’t want to say it. But I think he’ll say it one day.

“No matter what his motive is, Third Brother and I will do our best to help him.” Qiao Xi could understand Cheng Juan very well. He and his companions had relied on each other back then. They treated each other as their own biological brothers and sisters. Now that he was the only one who survived, his only mission was to take revenge.

“Xi Xi, you probably don’t know that Cheng Juan and He Weinian’s deceased son are the same age. His son was just born when the car accident happened.”

Qiao Xi abruptly raised her eyes and suddenly recalled something. Cheng Juan had gotten Qin An to help him change his age. Could it be that He Weinian’s son did not die and survived the car accident? Did he become the current Cheng Juan?

The car accident happened 28 years ago, which meant that Cheng Juan was 28 years old, but his information showed that he was 26 years old.

If Cheng Juan and He Weinian really had that kind of relations.h.i.+p, wouldn’t Cheng Juan have a grudge against He Weinian for killing his mother?

Qiao Xi felt that Cheng Juan must have found some clues, but there was no evidence. He could not alert the enemy and could only continue to hide his ident.i.ty.

The venue suddenly fell silent. The auction was about to start. Qiao Xi took off the necklace and handed it to Song s.h.i.+jing.

“Young Madam, are you really donating it?”

Qiao Xi nodded without the slightest hesitation, but her gaze pa.s.sed through the crowd to look at He Weinian and Cheng Juan. She instructed softly, “Quickly donate it.”

Only valuable items could enter He Weinian’s treasure vault. This necklace had a tracking and listening device that could accurately find the exact location of the treasure vault.

He Weinian was full of smiles at this moment. Cheng Juan was sitting on his right, while He Wenxian, He Tingchen, and Madam He were sitting on his left. It was a harmonious scene.

“Juan, I saw you chatting with Ah Zheng for a long time just now. I didn’t expect you to hit it off with him so well. Do you know him?” He Weinian suddenly turned his head and asked with a trace of doubt in his eyes.

Cheng Juan replied calmly, “I’m not familiar with President Gu, but Qiao Xi and I are old acquaintances.”

He Weinian reacted and smiled. “Oh yes! Look at how bad my memory is getting. You’re a jewelry appraiser, and Qiao Xi is a designer. You must have worked with her before.”

Cheng Juan nodded, his tone carrying a trace of loneliness. “Yes, but I didn’t expect her to be married when I returned to the country this time.”

A trace of resentment flashed past He Wenxian’s eyes, but He Weinian smiled brightly. “Why do I feel that you want to get married too? Juan, you’re not young anymore. You’re 26 years old this year, right? Where do you plan to develop in the future?”

Cheng Juan replied gently, “Yes, I’m 26 years old. Qiao Xi wants me to go to her studio. I’m still considering it.”

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