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Chapter 1244 - 1244 A Dog

1244 A Dog

“That’s true. You’re now a dog by Boss Jin’s side!” Qiao Nian explained.

Jiang Yue’s face instantly turned red. She reprimanded loudly, “Shut your stinky mouth and stop spouting nonsense!”

Even if Gu Zhou looked down on her and he didn’t like her, she didn’t want him to know that she had been humiliated by Boss Jin.

“There are marks on her neck from when she was playing with Boss Jin. I don’t know if they can be removed, but I think Boss Jin will definitely be willing to spend money to restore her to her original state,” Qiao Nian said lightly.

Just like that, Jiang Yue’s wound was torn open by Qiao Nian. She flew into a rage out of humiliation and said, “Qiao Nian, you’re underestimating me. If you can get Gu Zhou to come here, do you think I won’t let Boss Jin come here? Let me tell you, if I die here, Boss Jin will definitely settle scores with the two of you!”


When Qiao Nian heard Jiang Yue’s words, she raised her eyebrows slightly. “Looks like you’ve served Boss Jin well. I wonder if he’ll still protect you this time.”

“Every word you say is mocking me. Didn’t you marry Brother Ah Zhou for the sake of the Gu family’s rights and status?” As Jiang Yue spoke, her eyes were as red as a rabbit’s. She said pitifully, “You’re clearly a gold digger, but now you’re pretending to be innocent. You think you can fool everyone, but you can’t fool me!”

“Your thoughts are dirty, so in your opinion, the entire world is dirty. You’re really too pathetic!” Qiao Nian looked at Jiang Yue pitifully. “You’ve never reflected on what you did wrong!”

As soon as Qiao Nian finished speaking, Boss Jin walked in with six bodyguards.

Boss Jin’s gaze fell on the bodyguards lying on the ground. After he gave Jiang Yue money, Jiang Yue went to look for the bodyguards.

When he found out about this, he did not stop her. Instead, he asked the most outstanding Takeda to recommend himself to Jiang Yue.

These bodyguards were not weak. Why were they all lying on the ground?

Boss Jin looked away from the bodyguards and quickly walked to Jiang Yue’s side. He grabbed Jiang Yue’s hand and looked at her nervously, asking worriedly, “Yue’er, are you okay?”

Boss Jin was a little vexed. If he had known, he would have persuaded Yue’er to wait. He had to wait for everything to be ready for revenge.

Jiang Yue immediately burst into tears and threw herself into Boss Jin’s arms pitifully. Although she knew that her actions would make Gu Zhou think that she was despicable, only Boss Jin could save her life now.

“It was too scary. It scared me to death.” Jiang Yue cried and said pitifully, “Yue’er thought that she would never see you again. I was really afraid. They even want to kill me now!”

He still wanted to kill Jiang Yue?

Boss Jin’s eyes instantly turned cold as he said sternly, “Let’s see who dares to touch you!”

He looked at Qiao Nian sinisterly, as if Qiao Nian was some heinous criminal. He wasn’t as gentle as he had been with Qiao Nian previously.

Gu Zhou immediately s.h.i.+elded Qiao Nian behind him and looked at Boss Jin coldly.

Boss Jin noticed Gu Zhou’s actions and frowned slightly. He said, “Second Young Master Gu, I don’t think you’ll get into a conflict with me over a toy. I can give you any toy you want!”

What Boss Jin meant was that he wanted Gu Zhou to move aside so that he could deal with Qiao Nian.

When Boss Jin heard Gu Zhou’s words, his frown deepened. He looked at Qiao Nian with a complicated expression.

This Qiao Nian was really capable. She could actually become Mrs. Gu.

Boss Jin retracted his gaze and looked at Jiang Yue in his arms, his eyes probing.

Why hadn’t Jiang Yue told him before that Gu Zhou and Qiao Nian were really husband and wife?

However, at this moment, Jiang Yue kept her head lowered pitifully, as if she had suffered greatly.

“Boss Jin, do you want to die with Jiang Yue, or hand her over?” Gu Zhou raised his eyebrows slightly and said coldly, “This day next year will definitely be the anniversary of Jiang Yue’s death.”

Gu Zhou’s tone was very domineering, as if he would not allow anyone to question him.

Hearing Gu Zhou’s words, Boss Jin glanced at Qiao Nian and asked in confusion, “Are you really going to make me your enemy just because of the conflict between the two women?”

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