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Chapter 1794 - 1794 Stop

Cui Huai had been wondering why the president’s guards were among his people. Now, he realized that the guards who had helped the president should be the people Chen Sheng had brought.

“Tell them to stop,” Chen Sheng said calmly, his gaze on Cui Huai’s face.

Cui Huai pursed his lips and looked around. At this moment, Mark had been captured. His hands were cuffed, and there were two knives around his neck.

As Mark had already been captured, Mark’s men surrendered one by one and squatted at the side.

As for the people Cui Huai had brought, they were still fighting to the death because they only listened to Cui Huai.

In the crowd, Sha He held a large hammer in each hand and waved it casually among the enemies, sending the enemies approaching him flying.

However, it was difficult for two fists to fight four hands. He gradually fell into a disadvantage alone and became more and more pa.s.sive.

Cui Huai looked at Chen Sheng beside him. Initially, they were sure to win, but they did not expect Chen Sheng to betray them.

He should not have trusted Chen Sheng back then.

Cui Huai panted heavily and said coldly, “The reason why you accompanied me here to kill the president is because you wanted me to go to the president’s side and separate from my people. Then you can threaten me openly, right?”

“Mm,” Chen Sheng replied coldly.

When Cui Huai heard Chen Sheng’s words, he had a cold smile on his face, as if he did not care about the knife at his neck at all, let alone his own safety.

Chen Sheng looked at Cui Huai in front of him. There was no fluctuation in his cold and arrogant eyes. “Now that the situation is hopeless, you have no way out. If you insist on moving, don’t blame me for being rude.”

Cui Huai looked at Chen Sheng’s face and thought of Chen Sheng’s previous appearance. He did not understand why Chen Sheng would betray him.

But on second thought, none of that seemed to matter.

Cui Huai looked at Chen Sheng in front of him and smiled coldly. “When I came here today, I never thought that I would go back alive, let alone think of a way out.”

After saying this, Cui Huai whistled.

The clear whistle lingered in the entire hall, attracting the attention of the surrounding people. Everyone looked at Cui Huai.

At Cui Huai’s signal, Sha He slowly took out his pistol. Right on the heels of that, the people Cui Huai had brought also took out their pistols and aimed them at the president in front of him.

Mark looked at Cui Huai’s cheap trick, and the corners of his lips curled up. As long as the president died, he would be the next president.

At this moment, Mark was in no hurry. He tilted his head and looked at the president not far away, as if he was watching a show.

Cui Huai looked at the president standing not far away with hatred. He was like a bomb that could explode at any moment. He said loudly, “Today is the day you die. Go to h.e.l.l and apologize to my family now!”

Cui Huai was about to get everyone to shoot when the president asked in confusion, “Cui Si, could there be a misunderstanding between us?”

“Misunderstanding? What misunderstanding can we have?” At this moment, Cui Huai was furious when he thought of the tragic death of his family. “What were you thinking when you ordered my entire family to be killed? Have you ever thought about how much I’ve sacrificed for you? How could you bear to?”

“I’ve never ordered the death of your entire family,” the President said without hesitation. He looked at Cui Huai in front of him with clear eyes and a magnanimous expression. “You’re a hero. The Cui family is also a descendant of a famous family. The Cui family has been loyal and pure for generations. They’re the great generals of our European country. The Cui family has made many contributions for generations. The Cui family has at least two death exemption gold medals. Even if you do anything treasonous, I’ll only restrict your freedom at most. I definitely won’t kill your entire family!”

Cui Si looked at the president’s righteous expression and thought of the death exemption gold medal in the Cui family’s hands. That made sense. With the death exemption gold medal, even if the Cui family did something rebellious, the president would be lenient. At most, he would expel the Cui family from Europe.

Cui Si looked at the president in front of him, as if he was looking at the president who was wholeheartedly thinking for the people many years ago. Back then, he had always insisted on protecting the president because he felt that the president could allow the entire European country to prosper.

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