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Chapter 1038 - 1038 Imposing

1038 Imposing

These people were still quite reasonable and just quietly waited outside the house. They were all from reputable families in the capital and there was no need for them to fall out with the Xia family over such matters. Some of them were the helpers or chauffeurs of the prominent families while some of them were the family members of government officials. The rest were people who knew the Xia family quite well and had either elders or other sick people at home who needed help.

A few hours later, everyone in the Xia family gradually woke up and started their day. Qiao Mei also washed up and dressed up before going downstairs to take a look at the situation outside.

“Don’t they get hungry? Do they just wait around without eating or drinking for the whole day?” Xia He asked as she stood behind Qiao Mei.

“There will probably be other people who come to take over their s.h.i.+fts. If a person doesn’t eat for a day and yet spends such a long time outdoors in the snowy weather, the person will fall sick sooner or later,” Qiao Mei said resignedly.

Xia He could not bear to see these people go hungry while waiting outside, but the reason why they were there made it hard for her to pity them. She said unhappily, “Then if they faint outside our door, will they blame us?”


Qiao Mei said thoughtfully, “I think so. After all, they’re all here only because of the medicine. If anyone freezes to death outside, even though it’s not our fault, we’ll still be criticized for not making a clear stand after so many days. No matter what, we’re in a disadvantaged position.”

Xia He nodded. Once she could make it through the day today, she would be able to return to Qiao Mei’s courtyard house. She was so tired of living with Xu Lan. Every morning, Xu Lan would wake her up early and ask her to practice her basic skills. These torturous days made her feel as if she had returned to her school days. It was so miserable!

It was rare for He Ning to drive his luxury car out. Two black cars followed behind him. His bodyguards were in those cars and the trunks were filled with money. It had been a long time since he behaved in such an arrogant manner.

He soon arrived at the entrance of the district where the Xia family’s house was located. The door guards could not be bothered to ask for details anymore. In any case, all the visitors were there to look for the Xia family, and they were all prominent people whom the guards could not afford to offend. The guards felt caught in a dilemma as they would be at fault no matter who they sided with, so they turned a blind eye to everything as long as no one caused any trouble in the district.

“h.e.l.lo, may I ask who you’re looking for?” the guard asked routinely.

He Ning slowly wound down the window and said, “He Ning here to look for Xia Wen.”

The guard took down He Ning’s license plate number and let him in. He Ning stopped at the roadside about 200 meters away from the Xia family’s house. He knew that the scene at the entrance of the Xia family’s house would be a spectacular one, but the actual scene in front of him still made him feel incredulous. There were even ladders which were propped up against the fence in the distance, and many people who could not enter the district had climbed in from there.

There were people everywhere he looked. One really could not underestimate the power of human desires.

“Hey! Is that the He family’s third son!” someone in the crowd whispered.

Everyone looked in He Ning’s direction in unison. This was also within He Ning’s expectations. Otherwise, why would he put on such a show of grandeur today? It was to let them know about what he was capable of and make them feel wary of the He family.

Previously, when the Xia family and Jiang Jin joined forces to eradicate his elder brother’s business chain and dig up the treasures buried under his family’s house, many people began to slight the He family and felt that they were easy to bully. Some people even looked down on He Ning.

Today, he would let these people see if he, He Ning, was capable or not.

“That’s right! I don’t expect him to really come! In that case, we have no hope anymore,” a man said with a sigh.

Many people started to look for the families in the district who had phones in the house. They needed help so that they could call up their superiors. A resident even moved the house phone outside to join in the fun and put up a sign next to it with the words “One dollar per use” on it.

In just the past few days, he had already earned more than 500 dollars! This was a new way to get rich!

“Get out of the way! Get out of the way, everyone! The people at the back, quickly move backwards!”

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