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Chapter 1827 - 1827: Cesarean Surgery

Translator: Atlas Studios    Editor: Atlas Studios

“Boss! Leave this mission to me! I’m the best at abducting children!” one of Ah Pengs underlings shouted.

“The Huang family has really given us a lot of money this time. I think you’re just eyeing this sum of money! You’re only good at picking locks, not abducting children! These two things have nothing to do with each other!” another guy said.

“How much?” Hao An asked.

“The Huang family says they’ll give 100,000 dollars! They will give us a deposit of 20,000 dollars first and the rest of the money after the deed is done,” Ah Peng said.

“That’s a lot!” All the underlings had their eyes on this job. Everyone wanted to do it, but Ah Peng still had the final say within the gang. They could only listen to Ah Pengs arrangements.

“Guys, this job can only belong to Hao An. He’s the one who’s most familiar with the hospital setup and no one knows it better than him. Who dares to stand up and say that they are more familiar with the hospital than Hao An!” Ah Peng asked as he looked at his underlings. There was no response for a

long time. Ah Peng looked at Hao An and said, “Then I’m giving this job to Hao


“No problem, Boss. I’ll definitely do it well!” Hao An said with a sly smile.

After another three to four days, it was finally time for Qiao Mei to give birth. The entire family stood at the door of the delivery suite worriedly. From time to time, they would look into the room, wondering when Qiao Mei would be able to come out. The entire scene was reminiscent of the last time when Qiao Mei gave birth.

As the baby was already quite big, Xia Fang did not recommend that Qiao Mei give birth naturally as there was a possibility that it would not be a smooth delivery. It would be safer to have a Cesarean surgery.

“Mother, don’t worry. Qiao Mei will definitely be fine! Sit down and rest,” Xia He comforted her.

“I’m feeling so anxious! I don’t know why I’m especially fl.u.s.tered this time. 1 don’t ask for anything else. As long as Qiao Mei is safe and sound, I’m willing to do anything! Qiao Mei must be well…” Xu Lan said anxiously.

After a long wait, Qiao Mei finally gave birth. The nurse came out with the small baby in her arms and said, “Both mother and child are safe! It’s a boy!

Family members, you can come and take a look!”

Everyone swarmed around the nurse and asked, “How’s the mother? When

can she come out? Why can the child come out but not her?”

“Don’t worry, the mother will be out in a while. There are still some follow-up issues to be dealt with. Take a look at the child and then we’ll send him to the nursery,” the nurse said.

Everyone gave the baby a cursory glance. Qiao Mei was not out yet and they were still feeling worried. They were not in the mood to pay attention to the baby now and left the matter to Xia Wen.

Xia Wen carried the baby and took a closer look. He realized that there was a birthmark on the baby’s neck, similar to the one on Xia Zhe’s neck. This child also resembled Xia Zhe a lot, even more than Xia Fan when he was born.

“Alright, you can stay here and wait for the mother to be out. I’m going to send the baby to the nursery.” The nurse took the baby from Xia Wen’s arms and carried him away.

Hao An wore a white coat and used a fake hospital pa.s.s to get into the nursery. At this moment, the nurse had just given the baby a quick bath and was writing down his personal details.

“Doctor Xia wants you to go back. There’s an emergency situation and she needs you to go back and help with the surgery. I’ll look after the child for you,” Hao An said to the nurse with an urgent tone of voice.

The nurse noted that his white coat and staff pa.s.s were hospital-issued items and there was nothing wrong about him. She immediately said, “Thank you! I’ll be back soon! Take good care of this child!”

“Sure!” Hao An said.

Hao An waited until the nurse left for a long time and made sure that no one else had entered the nursery. He then wrapped the child with a blanket and carried him out of the nursery, quickly disappearing into the crowd.

Qiao Mei was on the way back to the VIP ward. As there was no outsider around, Xia Fang quickly poured some golden ginseng juice on Qiao Mei’s wound. This was Qiao Mei’s instruction to her before the surgery.

Qiao Mei’s wound healed visibly and very quickly. In an instant, the skin was completely intact and as white as snow. If Xia Fang did not already know the effect of the ginseng juice, she would have thought that she had seen something cursed.

“How are you feeling now? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere? Drink some more ginseng juice. The effect will be better if you use it both internally and externally,” Xia Fang said.

“If I drink more, it will be too much. Too much nutrition will also hurt the body. It’s just right for now. I’ll be fine after resting for a couple of days,” Qiao Mei said weakly..

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