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Chapter 1828 - 1828: The Child Is Missing!

Translator: Atlas Studios    Editor: Atlas Studios

Even if the ginseng juice could heal Qiao Mei’s wound quickly, it was unable to immediately restore her strength after all the exhaustion. She would still need to recuperate for a week before she could fully recover.

“Oh right! You haven’t seen the baby! I’ll get the nurse to bring him over for you to take a look,” Xia Fang said with a smile.

“The child looks exactly like Xia Zhe when he was young! He even has the same birthmark! I’ve never seen a pair of father and son who look so alike. All three of us don’t really look like our parents. All of us have a combination of their features,” Xia Wen said excitedly.

“Really?” Qiao Mei asked.

“Yes, I saw the child immediately after he was born. He really resembles his father a lot and he wails very loudly. He should be a very healthy child!” Xia Fang said.

As the family members were chatting about the newborn baby and making comparisons between him and themselves when they were babies, the nurse ran into the ward in a panic. She said as she panted, “The child… the child… the child is missing…”

“What did you say? Speak slowly,” Xia Fang said.

“The child is missing!” the nurse said loudly.

“What! Why is the child missing! Didn’t you send him to the nursery personally?” Xia Fang questioned.

Qiao Mei propped herself up and asked anxiously, “Where is the child? Speak clearly, where is my child? Did you put him in the nursery yourself?”

“Yes, I’m the one who put him in the nursery. After that, this person caught hold of me and said that there was a situation in the operating theater and asked me to return to the operating theater immediately. Therefore, I asked the person to take care of the baby for me. His white coat and staff pa.s.s were issued by our hospital, so I listened to him without thinking too much. By the time I realized that something was wrong and ran back, the child was gone,” the nurse said anxiously.

“Then you should start searching immediately! Why are you still standing here!” Xu Lan shouted agitatedly.

Everyone inside the room rushed out to look for the child. Xia He stayed by

Qiao Mei’s side to comfort her. At the current moment, Qiao Mei could not be exposed to the elements nor be too worked up.

“You must calm down! The child will be fine! Eldest Brother and Mother have gone out to look for him! Don’t worry and just stay here! They’ll definitely find him!” Xia He said seriously as she pressed down on Qiao Mei t s shoulder.

Qiao Mei did not want to waste any more time. It had already been half an hour since she came back to the ward. The child was definitely not in the hospital anymore, but he was definitely still in this city. She must find him in the shortest time possible.

Such a young child was susceptible to all kinds of illnesses and diseases.

Although she had the “divine medicine”, what if she could not treat him in time? What if the child died before she could find him? She did not dare to think too much about it. She must find the child’s whereabouts as soon as possible.

“l know. Can you get me a gla.s.s of water? I’m very thirsty,” Qiao Mei said as she pretended to be calm.

There was only cold water inside the ward. Qiao Mei had only just given birth and could not drink cold water. She needed to drink warm water. Xia He picked up the gla.s.s, turned around and said to Qiao Mei, “Fine, fine, fine! I’ll go outside and get you a gla.s.s of water! You must remain calm! Wait for me to come back! Wait for me! You must wait for me!”

With that, Xia He ran out to get some water as fast as she could. Qiao Mei took the opportunity to run out of the ward with all her might. She ignored the soreness she felt all over her body and hurriedly ran to the back garden of the hospital. She found a hidden spot and squatted down.

Qiao Mei always had the habit of carrying vine seeds with her, but she did not have anything with her at the moment because of the surgery today. Without the vine seeds, how could she find any traces of the child?

It was early spring now and the plants in the garden were starting to sprout. Qiao Mei realized that there was ivy on the wall. This plant was from the same family as vines and could be used in the same way.

Qiao Mei plucked some ivy and used it to produce many seeds. She held these seeds in her palm and vigorously infused all her energy into them and planted them, letting their roots burrow deep into the ground and spread outwards quickly with the hospital as the center point. Within a short while, Qiao Mei was able to cover a radius of 10 kilometers. She began to rapidly scan through the memories of the nearby plants and finally managed to detect one particular man.

This man carried a child and ran across two streets before an accomplice drove over to pick him up. It was not a big group and there were only the two of them involved.. Qiao Me tracked the movements of the car and finally locked onto… Tan Jings house!

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