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Chapter 774 Mocking Each Other

"But I… What if I get something wrong… I don't really know much…" Li Gui said fearfully.

Qiao Mei looked at the children and asked, "Will you help out in our family business?"

The children nodded one after another. They could not just watch Li Gui be so busy. That would be too much.

"Look, the children will help you. You can also ask Auntie Dong to help out when necessary. Give her an extra 20 or 40 dollars in the months when you collect the seeds and she will definitely come and help," Qiao Mei said.

This job was not too tiring and it was even better than going to the village office to be an accountant. Moreover, she could make so much more money. Since the children said that she could do it, she would give it a try!

"Alright! I'll remember that! Don't worry, I'll definitely do it well!" Li Gui said confidently.

After the matter with the seeds were settled, it was time to pack up all the stuff at home. The marinated and pickled foodstuff could all be sent to the capital, but what about the live animals at home?

The chickens and ducks had all been poisoned to death by Qiao Gui, so that was one less thing to worry about. Now, there were only two pigs left. Qiao Mei had originally intended to slaughter these two pigs and eat meat this winter!

Now, she could only give them to Li Gui's family. There were also two big baskets of eggs at home. She decided to sell them all to the villagers, to whichever family that could afford to buy.

This time, she would not barter for stuff. Otherwise, there would be more physical items to deal with.

If she had any left, she would give them to Li Gui. Anything that she could not bring along, she would give them to Li Gui. The children would eventually have use for the things when they grew up.

"Grandfather, what do you want to bring to the capital? Is there anything you want to sell?" Qiao Mei asked.

Qiao Qiang thought for a long time and said earnestly, "I don't have anything to sell, but there's something I want to buy."

"What is it?" Qiao Mei had never seen Qiao Qiang taking the initiative to buy anything. Qiao Qiang lived a very frugal life and did not like to spend his money unnecessarily. Whenever he spent any money, it was to buy things for Qiao Mei. He had always been very stingy with himself.

"I have a favor to ask of you. I'm asking someone from the village to get me some fabric from the county city. Make me a nice set of clothes. I can't possibly let that old fellow laugh at me when I get to the capital! You don't know this, but Xia Jun likes to laugh at me!" Qiao Qiang said.

Qiao Mei was so amused that she laughed out loudly. It was not as if she had never made clothes for Qiao Qiang, but she had never made a complete set. It seemed that Qiao Qiang cared a lot about going to the capital to see Xia Jun.

"There's no need to buy anything. We have fabric at home. I'll sew the clothes for you. But haven't you known each other for so many years? Why are you still fussing over these things?" Qiao Mei asked curiously.

This made Qiao Qiang recall the past.

At that time, Xia Jun and Qiao Qiang were both very young and had joined the army with a lot of pa.s.sion. The two of them were on par with each other and were the best soldiers in the army, so they naturally wanted to fight it out and find out who was better.

There were many times when Qiao Qiang won by a narrow margin. Every time, Xia Jun would find all kinds of reasons to provoke Qiao Qiang. As long as Qiao Qiang was inferior to Xia Jun in any way, Xia Jun would mock Qiao Qiang.

The two of them quarreled non-stop every time they met and sometimes even got into fights.


Their relations.h.i.+p improved because of a strange twist of fate. At that time, Xia Jun was trapped during a mission and it was Qiao Qiang who risked his life to save him despite the orders from his superiors to stand down. Later on, the two of them were punished together. From then on, Xia Jun treated Qiao Qiang like his elder brother.

Although there were fewer fights and squabbles, Xia Jun still liked to be critical of Qiao Qiang.

"I'll definitely make you the most fas.h.i.+onable clothes! You won't be inferior to Grandpa Xia!" Qiao Mei said with a smile.

"Alright!" Qiao Qiang said.

After deciding which items to bring to the capital, it was time to plan the actual day of the move. Everything was ready. She only needed to find out when the people in the capital had time to pick them up.

If Qiao Mei made the trip on her own, she would definitely be reprimanded by everyone for not taking good care of herself. This had already happened with Chen Hu once and she did not want to be reprimanded by more people.

The first thing she would do when she got back was to buy many chicks! She must settle the matter of the medicinal herb chickens! She must definitely make a lot of money from He Ning!

When Qiao Mei returned to her room, she started thinking about the designs for Qiao Qiang's clothes. She was not going to simply take some cloth and make some clothes. She even thought of embroidering patterns on them!

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