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Chapter 996 - 996 Been Taken Advantage Of

996 Been Taken Advantage Of

Even though the bangle could change the temperature around Qiao Mei, she still felt more at ease wearing a thick cotton-padded jacket. Qiao Mei did not want to be careless at all. The babies’ safety was the most important thing to her. The closer she got to her due date, the more she had to be particularly careful.

Qiao Yu knelt at the side of the heater to warm her hands. Xia He leaned against the chair at the side and nodded off. Bad things always came one after another and would not give people a chance to catch their breaths.

She had not rested well for the past two days. Dealing with these things felt even more tiring than going to work! There were either people who wanted to attack Qiao Mei or all kinds of people who came to her house to argue with her. It seemed that being too rich was not a good thing. There were always people who used all kinds of reasons to ask for money.

Qiao Mei walked out of the bedroom and sat on the main seat. “Tell me how you found this place.”

“What did you say?” Qiao Yu asked in a state of shock.


How could Qiao Mei not ask about her injury and situation immediately? She was indeed a cold-blooded person who did not even care about kins.h.i.+p.

“I said how do you know where my house is? Shouldn’t you be sleeping in the factory’s dormitory now? Are your ears too frozen to hear anything? I’ll only say things once. Don’t make me say things a second time,” Qiao Mei asked with a smile. However, it was a treacherous smile filled with murderous intent.

At the mention of her job at the factory, Qiao Yu immediately perked up. She hurriedly pointed at Qiao Mei and questioned, “Don’t be so hypocritical here! My job at the factory is long gone. Do you dare to say that it’s not your doing!”

“So what if it’s me and so what if it’s not me? Everyone knows how you came to the capital. Do you need me to call my second grandpa and tell him?” Qiao Mei curled her lips and said with a smile.

At the mention of Qiao Zhuang, Qiao Yu fell silent. Compared to those days in the village, it was still better to stay in the capital.

“I told you, I don’t want to repeat myself. Either you tell me quickly or get lost from my house,” Qiao Mei said with narrowed eyes.

Xia He was dozing off at the side when she suddenly thought of the matter of her b.u.mping into a ghost in the morning. Could it be that the sneaky person was Qiao Yu? Looking at her figure and the color of her clothes, there were quite a few similarities.

“Mei Mei! Don’t tell me she’s the ‘ghost’ from daytime! Let me take a closer look… It must be you! I can’t be wrong!” Xia He shouted as she pointed at Qiao Yu.

Just as Qiao Yu was finding it hard to defend herself, Li Gui suddenly walked in from outside the door. The commotion just now had also woken up the four children in the backyard. Li Gui asked Zhang Qin to accompany Zhang Miao to sleep and rushed over once she had settled the children down.

When Qiao Yu saw Li Gui, it was as if she had seen her savior. She crawled over and hugged Li Gui’s leg without letting go, crying and asking Li Gui to stand up for her.

“What’s wrong with you? Get up to talk and say whatever you want to say slowly. Don’t be anxious,” Li Gui said gently.

After Li Gui helped Qiao Yu up, Qiao Yu was about to sit on the stool beside Li Gui when Qiao Mei deliberately coughed twice. It scared Qiao Yu so much that she quickly stood to the side.

“Can you not make us ask you question by question? It’s like pulling teeth! It’s so late at night and we don’t have time to waste with you,” Xia He said impatiently.

“I… I was… Su Liang took advantage of me!” Qiao Yu covered her face and cried.

The three women exchanged glances. How did Qiao Yu get involved with Su Liang as well? Could it be that Su Liang had the guts to do such a thing in the capital? Did he have a death wish?

Qiao Yu should still be a virgin. If someone had touched her hand or hugged her waist, that would at most const.i.tute hara.s.sment. The man would not be charged even if she reported it to the police. He would be released after paying a fine and being criticized and reeducated for a few days. However, if she was raped, then the process would be completely different.

“I! Of course I know! He really took advantage of me!” Qiao Yu said.

There were only two rooms in her house back in the village. Other than Qiao w.a.n.g and w.a.n.g Qin who went out to live on their own, the rest of her brothers all had to live together in the same s.p.a.ce in Qiao Zhuang’s house. Qiao Yu slept in the same area as them and they did not bother to hide whatever they did. The first few times, Qiao Yu did not really understand what they were doing, but she understood after a while.

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