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2456 He Is Him

If the soul origin could be damaged, he might as well borrow the power of Soul Sinking.

And then using 70% of his strength to activate the sword move. The instant Qin Yu's origin was destroyed in the heavenly sea, his true body naturally suffered a severe injury.

Although the primordial rune had enhanced the activation of the Soul Ferry, it was ultimately defeated by King Qin Guang's power of the origin.

Qin Yu's face was full of shock. At that time, he had comprehended the second and third sword moves in a hurry. How could he have had the time to consider it? He could only fight with all his might.

Thinking about it now, it was just as Immortal Emperor Yao had said.

"Your third move is guided by the basic rules of the Yellow Springs, and then you fuse the rules of annihilation into it to unleash this move. This move can be said to be tremendously shocking or astonis.h.i.+ng. I've never come into contact with the power of annihilation in this move, so it's not proper for me to guide you."

To be able to become one of the strongest humans, and even if he only had a trace of his soul, Immortal Emperor Yao was still qualified to guide Qin Yu.

Now that he wanted to advance again, he could only hope that the power of divine sense would increase again.

After that, he segregated 30% of his power and immersed himself in the sea of the Path of Heaven without being affected. His strength could then advance further.

"With your current strength, if you encounter a cultivator at the Tribulation Fifth Level who can sense the power of the primordial rune, an early-stage living being should not be your match. Your strength should be better off than the mid-stage and below, like Lei Qingye. However, you hardly have a chance if you encounter an opponent who can manifest the primordial rune.

"This is the a.n.a.lysis of your strength. If I were to control your body, you should be able to kill someone at the seventh level using the technique appropriately. However, it's very hard to do so with your current cultivation realm."

Immortal Emperor Yao's a.n.a.lysis was tremendously detailed, pointing out Qin Yu's doubts and strengths one by one, allowing him to have a clear understanding of his strengths.

Qin Yu was shocked.

When facing King Qin Guang, he could not even stand up if he did not use the most powerful Soul Ferry.

And it also damaged nearly half of his soul origin, only then could he reach a draw with King Qinguang.

However, Immortal Emperor Yao had thought he could kill a cultivator at the Tribulation Seventh Level. This gap indeed terrified Qin Yu.

"Although the Tribulation Transcending Stage is mainly based on energy, if the strength of the two is close, the technique is more important. For the Tribulation Transcending Stage, it's a matter of whether it's suitable and rarely on the level. Look at that young man from the ghost realm. His moves are tremendously simple but give a feeling of the integrated Great Dao. His strength is currently even stronger than yours.

"Brother Xiao Hai is indeed very strong! How could the person who could make Grandmaster Ji humble himself and take him into the Ji family be simple?"

Qin Yu felt proud when he heard Immortal Emperor Yao praise Xiao Hai.

"But what cultivation realm is the integrated Great Dao? Why haven't I heard of this realm before?"

"The Tribulation Fifth Level can create the world and pry into the primordial rune. The realm above has a big gap because 80% of people will not be able to open a pa.s.sageway to pry into the primordial rune, let alone pry into sufficient power of the origin to grasp the power of the origin and integrate their bodies with the Great Dao."

"Is this the realm of Tribulation Sixth Level? Are you saying Brother Xiao Hai has reached this cultivation realm?"

Qin Yu was shocked.

"He hasn't reached this level. I don't know how he cultivated it, but his cultivation method has a trace of this charm. Therefore, his strength is tremendously formidable. I think it's only a matter of time before he reaches the Tribulation Sixth Level. Further up is to condense the soul and divine persona. With the divine persona, you can borrow the power of the Path of Heaven and master this portion of the Path of Heaven. With a thought, the power of the Path of Heaven will become your arm. This is the power of the Tribulation Seventh Level."

Immortal Emperor Yao spoke confidently, clearly describing the cultivation realms after the tribulation to Qin Yu.

After saying that, he pondered for a long time before saying slowly.

"The path of cultivation is as complex as the number of the stars in the sky. There are billions of paths, but only a handful of people can break out of the encirclement in the end. Even if I've reached this step, I can't say if I'm becoming my true self or just a p.a.w.n..."

During the few days, Qin Yu was immersed in Immortal Emperor Yao's dao discussion.

This short period could even surpa.s.s the comprehension he had gained from cultivating for several years.

It was the guidance of an Immortal Emperor. Not many people in the Holy Region could have this kind of treatment.

Even if it was only a trace of soul and spirit, it still had a clear understanding of cultivation.

"Immortal Emperor Yao, the Holy Son of the Yao family died in my hands. I even killed many people from the Yao family. Why are you still helping me?"

Qin Yu frowned.

"The heavens and the earth are impartial, treating all things without personal favoritism. When you're at the foot of the mountain, you'll find towering peaks insurmountable. When you reach the summit, you'll discover that these so-called peaks can be conquered. When you're ten thousand meters above the ground, you'll realize that the once towering peaks are just the size of grains of sand. As you ascend further, you will find some things incredibly laughable..."

Deep in the Azure Rock Forest, in the Dragon Burial Cave.

Xiao Sheng suddenly opened his eyes.

"Are you saying you've detected Xiao Hai's internal qi? How is he now?"

"He has lost all of his mental ability. I can only say that he is and yet isn't him. Now, he is truly a living being of the ghost realm, just like how he fought for Nanzhou back then."

Immortal Crane opened its fan and smiled.

"Xiao Hai, when we meet in the demon and ghost realms in the future, I wonder if I can have a real battle with you."

Xiao Sheng's eyes shone with a sharp light.

"Aren't you curious about Xiao Hai's change? Perhaps he is no longer the Xiao Hai you know of."

"He is him if he exists."

Xiao Sheng closed his eyes and continued to cultivate.

"What a strange person."

Immortal Crane smiled wryly.

"Master, the humans in purgatory have begun to retreat. The planar suppression of the demon and the ghost races in purgatory has almost disappeared. Now, many living beings in the Tribulation Transcending Realm have entered purgatory. Should we do something, too?"

The Vermilion Bird asked.

"The Path of Heaven of the human, demon, monster, and ghost races are intertwined, seemingly separated yet in one. However, one thing is for sure. As long as the cosmic luck of the human race disappears, the demon race will naturally obtain cosmic luck of the Path of Heaven. Perhaps the demon race will be able to recover their position in the year of the Primordial Chaos."

Immortal Crane said softly.

In the three years of the Path of Heaven before the Primordial Chaos, various powerful demon races suppressed the universe. The most ancient demon race ancestor could even resist the Path of Heaven.

At that time, the demon race had suppressed the alien races to the point that they could not even breathe.

Everyone was striving to survive in constrained situations.

It was only after the rise of the human race that this situation gradually changed.

The human race's supreme experts used the power of the Path of Heaven as a guide for inventing various powerful techniques. Moreover, the techniques were tremendously strange, and cultivation paths were innumerable, suppressing the powerful demon race.

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