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Chapter 2468 Monster Race's Internal Qi

Previously, Qin Yu had obtained the monster race's vital energy from the power of sacrifice, so he was familiar with this internal qi.

It was actually the power of the monster race's Path of Heaven, and it even carried a concealed internal qi.

None of them had sensed this change. They might only be able to do it at the sixth or even seventh level of the tribulation.

Qin Yu's expression instantly turned tremendously solemn. If the monster race covered this place with the power of sacrifice, coupled with the fact that they had discovered the heavenly monster race previously, a huge secret of the monster race must have been hidden underneath.

It would be highly dangerous if they rashly opened this pa.s.sage.

Qin Yu suddenly stopped the absorption of the Northern Underworld Demonic Technique and injected ma.s.sive chaotic qi into the Sumeru ring.

In just an instant, he had also absorbed a vast amount of vital energy, which almost filled every cell in his body with abundant energy.

"Qin Yu, why did you stop? After your Northern Underworld Demonic Technique absorbs this energy, we shouldn't have any problem working together to break this seal."

Jue Wu asked curiously. She could feel after Qin Yu had absorbed a vast amount of energy just now, this crystal wall seemed to have become a little more fragile.

If he continued for a bit longer, it should not be a problem to completely open this seal.

Qin Yu shook his head and told them about his discovery.

Everyone fell silent instantly. If Qin Yu's judgment was correct, this place was a crucial territory for the monster race. The moment the seal opened, it would mean the experts of the monster race would descend.

When that time came, it would undoubtedly lead to a ma.s.sive catastrophe. Previously, when encountering the Moon Demon G.o.dly King, even Lei Xin was almost killed by an arrow instantly.

If someone even stronger descended, they might not be able to escape.

"Judging from our previous strength, we are indeed not strong enough. My idea is to go to Solitary Cloud City or even the Holy Region to spread this information so that more cultivators will come here. This way, despite any changes, we will still have sufficient strength to resist."

Flower Granny said gravely.

Cultivators could not be hot-blooded and act recklessly. If they knew they were no match but still faced the opponent, it was no different from acting like idiots.

"Yes. Moreover, I can sense the continent below seems connected to the human race's continent. It should be bad news if the monster race uses the power of wors.h.i.+pping the Path of Heaven to seal this continent."

Yan Ruoxue smiled bitterly and said.

If a human race's mighty realm cultivator had set this up, it could be explained as establis.h.i.+ng this energy barrier for protective purposes.

But at this moment, Qin Yu discovered that this energy barrier was of the purest demonic qi of the monster race. This meant the situation below was not favorable.

"How about this? As humans, we naturally can't leave our people in the lurch. Otherwise, it would go against our dao minds. I'll go to Solitary Cloud City to spread the news and see if anyone is willing to come, and you guys stay here and monitor the situation. If there's anything wrong, act according to the situation."

Lei Xin thought for a moment and said.

"That's fine. There were several powerful cultivators in Solitary Cloud City previously. If they're willing to come and help, the danger will be eased much." Flower Granny nodded in agreement.

"Let me go instead, Dean. I suspect that Moon Demon G.o.dly King hasn't gone far. If he attacks again, he's definitely on his way. However, he won't pose a threat to me."

After this advancement, Yan Ruoxue felt the Moon Demon G.o.dly King would not pose a threat to her anymore.

"Alright then. Ruoxue, be careful on your way. We'll stay here and wait for you."

Qin Yu patted Ruoxue's shoulder worriedly.

"Don't worry. Provided you hide your internal qi well, you won't trigger any powerful monster race." Yan Ruoxue hugged Qin Yu's arm.

Seeing Yan Ruoxue leave, Qin Yu sat cross-legged on the ground again.

After experiencing a hundred reincarnations and traveling to the ghost realm, his soul power had increased.

In fact, he had already surpa.s.sed Flower Granny, Lei Xin, and Yan Ruoxue. However, unlike them, he did not take the path of hiding his soul mark in the heavenly sea. Therefore, it was equivalent to skipping the process from the Tribulation Second Level Soul Statue to the Tribulation Fourth Level Condensed Throne.

Therefore, it was difficult to determine his exact strength. He could now use his power of the origin to attack.

However, the qi of the Path of Heaven was tremendously limited and could only be used once, compared with a Soul Sinking and Condensed Throne cultivator.

They could have a natal fortress at the bottom of the sea of the Path of Heaven and open up a pa.s.sageway to spy on the power of the origin at any time.

This included the fact that he could activate this part of the power more quickly in battle. Therefore, the comprehensive evaluation of Qin Yu's current strength should be at the Tribulation Fourth Level.

Qin Yu quietly calculated his strength. After exceeding the tribulation, he had to be even more careful. Sometimes, battles could happen in an instant.

For example, Cang Ming was even stronger than Yan Ruoxue, but Yan Ruoxue used spatial banishment to trap him in the void.

The greatest power that Qin Yu could use now should be the power of the spatial primordial rune.

Even the power of annihilation was not comparable to this power. However, the power of annihilation had somehow fused with the power of the Breath of Yellow Springs at the moment of life and death. It was also powered by Evil Eye to unleash a sword move and thus had such a power that destroyed the heavens and the earth.

After he returned to the human world, although he had been cultivating, it was very difficult for him to sense the power of these two Paths of Heaven. Therefore, it was very difficult for him to improve the sword move of the G.o.d-slaying Dusk for the time being.

Now, he wanted to see if the spatial primordial rune could be combined with a technique to unleash its greatest power.

Just like the Singularity s.p.a.ce previously, it would be best if it could be combined with another Path of Heaven. That way, it would have the power that destroy the heavens and the earth.

In the subsequent few days, Qin Yu and everyone else were immersed in cultivation.

He circulated the Five Emperor Coins in his sea of consciousness to the utmost but did not benefit anything.

"It's so difficult..."

Qin Yu smiled bitterly and said. Even the previous Singularity s.p.a.ce was created by chance.

The other two sword moves of Evil Eye were also created when he was in a life-and-death situation.

All of a sudden, a tremendously weak dark lightning struck the ground.

A surge of extremely weak internal qi penetrated the seal directly.

"It should be the monster race's power of sacrifice!"

Qin Yu's expression changed.

Previously, he had noticed the methods of the monster race's Path of Heaven. It was the same this time.

He was not the only one. Lei Xin and Flower Granny had also sensed that he could pierce through it.

"Qin Yu, just break the seal. If the monster race really uses the human race below to offer sacrifices, it might be too late by the time Ruoxue arrives."

Lei Xin shouted.


Qin Yu's expression turned cold as well, and he instantly activated the Northern Underworld Demonic Technique to the utmost.

Boundless magic power instantly entered his body. The vast amount of energy compressed his four acupoints to the extreme.

Qin Yu felt an intense tearing sensation as if with the influx of this violent energy into the body, the four key acupoints once again expanded a little.

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