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Chapter 2588: Picking up the Bear Head

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Qin Yu sensed a growing heaviness on his forehead as if something was awakening. A destructive internal qi slowly emanated through the skin of his forehead.

Brother Qin Yu, Hua Qianje and Ni Fei are approaching!

Shen Qian, on the branch, had recovered some strength. However, just as she managed to sit up, she saw Hua Qianje and the others walking in her direction.

Hua Qianje could see about 100 meters in this eternal night forest.

However, the living beings she controlled did not have this ability. Therefore, they could only hold torches to pave the way. At this moment, Shen Qian, sitting on the tree branch, was the first to notice it.

D*mn it!

Qin Yu could not help but curse at this moment. At this moment, the black bear was less than ten meters away from him.

Its powerful hind legs exerted all their strength, and a bear claw mark of nearly 20 centimeters sank into the hard black soil.

Following the power of this glare, its enormous body was like a black cannonball, cras.h.i.+ng fiercely toward Qin Yu. That destructive power was terrifying.


It let out a roar. This voice was deep and mighty, echoing in the air like thunder.

Go to h.e.l.l!

Qin Yus eyes reflected the enormous bear figure. Even before the bears body arrived, he had already sensed the suffocating force of the approaching gust of wind.

Open !

The Nine Heavens Manifestations Gaze suddenly opened and released a destructive light.

The light was scorching hot and dazzling like a flash of light and gave off an inescapable pressure.

The black bears body let out a m.u.f.fled sound, and its body visibly caved in a


An unrivaled power surged over like a wave.

The black bears bones had no resistance against this powerful force, and they crushed like fragile gla.s.s. The sound of bones breaking filled the air, making people tremble in fear.


The enormous bears body slammed onto the ground, but it did not die in the face of this terrifying eye power. Its body trembled slightly.

D*mn it, hes actually not dead yet!

A sharp pain came from Qin Yus forehead. His Nine Heavens Manifestations Gaze shot out blood as if it had broken, and then it closed uncontrollably. Hahaha, little b*stard, thank you in advance.

Just as Qin Yu struggled to approach and understand this bear demon better, he saw an old woman beside the bear demon at some point.

At this moment, her eyes flashed with ecstasy, but her hand speed was not slow at all.

The peach blossom twig in her hand pierced through the black bears head like a sword and killed the black bear.

A visible Saint power of the soul entered Hua Qianjes body.

Qin Yus eyes were wide open with fury. He had initially intended to make a desperate attempt after this painstaking attack.

After killing the black bear, he would use the Saint power he collected to deal with Hua Qianje and Ni Fei. However, he did not expect the black bear to be still alive.

Hahaha, how did such weak blood and qi injure this Bear King?

Hua Qianjie seemed to have used a part of her Saint power to strengthen his body. The heat coming from her body could be felt even from ten meters away.

Most probably, he has the Heart of Saint Kingdom! Hurry up! Kill him! Dont delay it!

Ni Fei suddenly thought of something, and a trace of shock flashed across his face.

If it was the Heart of Saint Kingdom, it would be tremendously dangerous for them if it was a powerful skill.

I initially wanted to keep you some time to torture you, but Elder Ni is right.

Its more important to increase our strength and fight for Saint Kingdom now.

We shouldnt be bothered by such trivial personal grudge.

Hua Qianjie laughed ferociously. The Saint power of the soul she had obtained from killing the black bear was driving her crazy.

It could almost double her strength.

In less than ten days, who else could be her match? She seemed to have thought of the possibility of becoming the Lord of the Dao Mystical Saint Kingdom.

Ill fight you to the end, you wretched creature!

Qin Yu let out an angry roar and charged at Ni Fei.

Little B*stard, you know you cant beat me, so youre looking for someone weaker to fight, right?

Hua Qianjie revealed a sneer of disdain.

Hua Qianje, if you still dont make a move, who will help you improve your strength if I die? I didnt share any of your Saint power of the soul.

Ni Fei looked at Hua Qianje and said coldly.

Got it.The origin of this chapter's debut can be traced to N0v3l--B1n.

Hua Qianjie revealed a meaningful smile. She was so powerful that she was a little fascinated.

Her fear of Ni Fei also lessened significantly.

However, the ability of Ni Feis seed was still somewhat useful to her. It allowed her to discover the surrounding situation faster. She might have missed the Black Bear Kings power if Ni Fei had not detected the specific situation here.

She broke off a twig and flicked her index finger.


A b.l.o.o.d.y hole appeared on Qin Yus forehead, and his body fell onto the ground.

B*stard, werent you very arrogant in the mortal realm?

Hua Qianjie sneered at Qin Yus corpse.

Get down here. How dare you run away? Let these newly joined guests see what I, Hua Qianje, can do.

Hua Qianjie was like a Lightning Leopard as she threw Shen Qian fiercely off the tree branch.

In less than two seconds, the terrifying speed left the other six or seven people with dimmed expressions.

This difference in power had reached a level.

Moreover, with Hua Qianjes strength increasing to this extent, she was no longer someone they could fight against. Other than being cannon fodder, they seemed to have no other use.

Seal of Heaven Returning! Activate!

The Seal of Heaven Returning in Qin Yus sea of consciousness lit up, and a wave of energy dragged his soul into the time pa.s.sageway.

Thats not right. This kids power of the soul just now didnt seem to be transmitted!

Ni Fei walked a few steps and suddenly said with some doubt.

It seems so. I just received the Black Bear Kings power, so I didnt react in time. Hua Qianjie suddenly became alert.bender

Even though she had just obtained the Bear Kings power, she did not relax at all.

This Saint Kingdom did not lack fatal geniuses. What it lacked was a Holy Lord who could survive to the end.

Her steel-like body emitted a slight sound of bones and then suddenly tightened.

Now, even if these outsiders wield knives against her, they might, at most, make a small cut. It would be tremendously hard to injure her severely, let alone kill her.

Something is wrong. Wheres Qin Yus corpse? Why did he suddenly disappear?

Ni Fei let out a roar. He had been staring at Qin Yus corpse just now, and he definitely was not mistaken.

However, in just a moment, the corpse on the ground disappeared from his sight.


Ni Feis head suddenly tilted, and his neck made a cracking sound as his body fell to the ground..

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