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Chapter 2709: Despair in The Nineteen Prison

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Qin Yu could see the strange smile on the man lying on the ancient door.

He seemed to be talking to himself and also to someone.

This battle was as fast as fireworks exploding. Qin Yu did not dare to stay too long.

He rushed into his ‘home,’ entering the deepest part of his memories.

The current situation was getting out of control.

If he delayed any longer, he would be discovered by the Buddha.

“You piece of trash, why are you back again?

When Zhao Gang saw the door being kicked open, he immediately cursed.

Qin Yu’s eyes narrowed. A storm swept up and instantly tore him into countless pieces.

He frowned, and a familiar scene appeared in front of him again.

This was the main gate of the Lei Ming Academy, where he was most familiar in the Holy Region.

At this moment, his body was filled with intense pain. The internal qi of the Soul Torment Mind Technique was violently activated.

It was as if it was warning Qin Yu not to enter this place.

Qin Yu shook his head slightly and directly stepped in.

He had no other choice now.

If he did not proceed, his soul power might be devoured by the Buddha or get involved in the battle between the two. Those were both situations where death was certain.

After stepping in, the familiar scene in front of him made him a little dazed.

The familiar Demon-Slaying Peak and Flower Peak, the familiar people, and Yan Ruoxue in front of him.

“Come back with me, Ruoxue. Even Thunder Courtyard can’t protect you today,” Holy Lord Yan said coldly. Beside him were Si Liuhe and Yan Guyun.

This scene was so familiar!

This was the scene where Qin Yu and Yan Ruoxue were almost separated by life and death. However, Flower Granny used her immature power of time to reverse the situation in the end.

She protected him and Yan Ruoxue. That was a scene that Qin Yu would never forget.

“Even if I die, I will never return to the Yan family!”

Yan Ruoxue was covered in blood. Her tace was so pale that Qin Yu’s heart ached.

The familiar expressions, spells, and her every moment were all engraved in Qin Yu’s divine soul.

Qin Yu took a step forward and stood in front of her.

Even if this was a scene in his memory, he would not allow Yan Ruoxue to be hurt.

As the attack landed, Qin Yu’s body was blasted back.

He looked at his hand in a daze. His strength had returned to the fourth level of the True Saint Realm.

Moreover, terrifying injuries had appeared on his body.

Blood slowly seeped out from his chest and stained his robe.

All of this was different from what he remembered, but Qin Yu knew that all of this was true.

He had tried to use different moves to receive Holy Lord Yan’s attack.

The injuries caused by the attack were also consistent with his wounds. This was a strange scene. Normally speaking, this was his memory. However, the scene had already deviated.

Moreover, the internal qi of the Soul Torment Mind Technique became more and more violent. It seemed to be warning Qin Yu.

Qin Yu roared and pulled Yan Ruoxue behind him.

He faced Holy Lord Yan again, and the immense power crushed his body.

Qin Yu’s consciousness started to blur. At this moment, he was no match for Holy Lord Yan.

“Heavenly Reincarnation!”

Yan Ruoxue slapped her head. Her strength soared once again. She blocked Holy Lord Yan again. Her body was covered in blood mist.

“Qin Yu, retreat! You will die!”

Yan Ruoxue shouted anxiously.

Qin Yu suddenly felt that it was unreal. He knew very well how anxious Yan Ruoxue was.

This couldn’t be fake. Even if it was fake, he didn’t dare to back down at this moment.

He dragged his heavily injured body and took another blow for Yan Ruoxue.

“I promised you that I would never let you fall into such despair again, even if it was in my memory!”

This strike smashed Qin Yu’s body onto the main peak.

His consciousness began to fade. The Soul Torment Mind Technique was frantically repairing his body.

However, it could not withstand that terrifying injury. Qin Yu felt a moist feeling on his back.

It was his blood. As the blood filled the air, his consciousness became more and more scattered.

He wanted to raise his arms to prop himself up but realized he could not do it.

This injury was real!

The Nineteen Prison could completely bring out the nightmare in one’s memories and turn it into reality.

Dean Lei and Flower Granny, who should have appeared, had already been wiped out by the Nineteen Prison.

This h.e.l.l that was above the eighteenth level of h.e.l.l was so terrifying. It made people fall into endless despair and changed the trajectory of fate.

Everything here was real, but there was a hand that changed the original trajectory.

At this moment, Qin Yu’s internal qi suddenly became extremely weak under the mine. Meng Jing, who was at the side, sighed.

Her hopeful eyes suddenly dimmed. She couldn’t even explain why she had

such expectations for a cultivator who had just stepped into the Dao Realm.

Perhaps Qin Yu was the only choice before this. Now that she saw that Qin Yu was about to lose his life, Meng Jing felt an indescribable sense of loss.

“I… I’ve entered countless places of despair. I even survived a Saint’s attack. My divine soul once entered the ancient battlefield, and I still came back alive!

What right do you have to keep me here?”

At this moment, Qin Yu’s strength erupted out of nowhere.

He stood up again and blocked in front of Yan Ruoxue.

The scab on his forehead had already blocked his vision, but he refused to retreat.

“It’s useless. So what if you can stand up? Your strength is like an ant. How can you resist me?”

A strange smile appeared on Holy Lord Yan’s face, and it started to twist.

It was unknown if Qin Yu had already reached his limit or if he was originally like this.

The terrifying power completely tore Qin Yu apart. At this moment, the person behind him had changed her appearance. With a palm strike, Qin Yu’s head was completely shattered.

At this moment, she revealed a distorted face. She seemed to be changed into another person in an instant.

Was this despair?

Qin Yu fell into boundless darkness.

Qin Yu’s body in the mine cave had completely lost all internal qi of life.

Meng Jing slowly turned around and left. At this moment, her last hope had been completely lost.

She needed to see if she could take this opportunity to get rid of the sandworm again. She had to try, even if it meant risking her life.

However, she did not notice that even though Qin Yu’s internal qi was completely gone, his fingers slowly trembled after a long time.

Moreover, the three Hearts of Saint Kingdom on his body had not left him.

One of the vessels of the Heart of Saint Kingdom was emitting a weak internal qi as it slowly entered Qin Yu’s body.

Qin Yu did not know how long he had been in the boundless darkness.

He felt like he was in a dream and saw a faint light..

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