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Chapter 2785: Immortal Crane’s Guess

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

This was not allowed by other Saint.

“Why didn’t Master stop him from the beginning? If we could have stopped him, he would never have succeeded!”

Azure Dragon was still unwilling.

“Although I think Zi Yang will not succeed, I still want to see a miracle happen.”

The crane raised its head and muttered.

“Master, what kind of s.p.a.ce is above the Saint Kingdom?”

The Vermilion Bird had also restrained her anger and asked expectantly.

The Saint Realm was already the peak to them. If not for what had happened today, they would never come into contact with the concept of the Divine Realm.

“That’s a legend, right? The human race was also glorious in the past. They also wanted to compete with the Divine Realm, but they lost miserably. Even the race is bearing the karma of that period now.”

Immortal Crane put away its paper fan and smiled at the people behind.

It can be said that if the lower realm collapses, the entire Saint World will no longer exist. Have you thought about why the lower realm can have such exaggerated energy?”

The top-notch Demonic Beast behind was instantly stunned by this question.

A trace of Saint Power contained an extremely terrifying amount of spiritual power.

Only after being tempered by the Cage of the Saint World could it become the power of the Saint World.

There would be a lot of losses in this process.

According to the law of conservation of energy, the energy would be depleted even if the Saint World only absorbed some energy. The spiritual power in the lower realm would slowly thin out.

Why did the living beings of the lower realm live endlessly, and why would earth-shattering figures appear in every era?

If this s.p.a.ce were a closed loop, the lower realm would only slowly deplete its spiritual energy and become a land of death.

“Could it be that the lower realm isn’t sealed, but is connected to various outer s.p.a.ce? The lower realm can also endlessly absorb spiritual energy from outer s.p.a.ce in this way.”

The Vermilion Bird thought.

“That might be possible, but the Saint who explored the lower realm in the early years discovered that the entire s.p.a.ce of the realm was indeed sealed. All the planes that had been explored could only obtain even lower energy in the end no matter what method was used to break through the s.p.a.ce.” Immortal Crane shook its head.

“Then where does the energy of the lower realm come from?”

Immediately, the demons behind Immortal Crane revealed curious expressions. They had never thought of such a question before.

“I guess it’s the filth of the Divine Realm. To put it more disgustingly, it’s the feces of the Divine Realm.”

Immortal Crane said with a strange expression.

“The Divine Realm expelled the filth in their eyes into the lower realm. Then, all the living beings absorbed this energy like dung beetles and finally sent it into the Saint Kingdom. This is my guess. I don’t dare to have any thoughts about the power above.”

After Immortal Crane finished speaking, the demons fell into a dead silence.

Although this idea was too shocking, it seemed to be the most reasonable explanation.

“This world is about to be in chaos. No one can guess where it will turn.” Immortal Crane sighed.

Countless forces were constantly playing games whether it was in the lower realm or the Saint World.

No one knew who was the chessboard and chess piece before the truth was completely revealed.

At this moment, Qin Yu and the others were at the bottom of the Nine Nether Cliff.

After some calculations, they made a decision.

The holy daughter seemed to be in a deep coma. Qin Yu had a Spatial Magic Artifact.

Living people could enter it, so Qin Yu temporarily transferred her inside.

Then, they planned to explore the Nine Nether Cliff first before transporting the holy daughter back to the small house on the outskirts of Lingxu City.

This place was too remote. They did not know when they would come again.

Furthermore, according to Qin Yu’s guess, it might not be as easy as Chen Zhisha appeared to be after he continuously displayed the level 14 peak power, Endless Life.

Otherwise, wouldn’t he be invincible?

Most importantly, they couldn’t hide torever.

“Your holy body has such a terrifying recovery ability. Every time you are seriously injured, you will recover at an abnormal speed after a short rest!”

Chang Mang had been severely injured several times during the battle against Creepy at the bottom of the Nine Nether Cliff.

Qin Yu was even shocked by the few times he was injured. However, this fellow was full of vigor again in less than half a day.

“I don’t know. Maybe it’s the Heart of Saint Kingdom or something else.

Anyway, I feel like my strength is inexhaustible. I’ve always wanted to fight!” Chang Mang’s fists collided.

As he walked deeper into the forest, he met another more powerful Creepy.

In this battle, his strength increased at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Aiden’s body was very strange as if he was moving very slowly.

However, Creepy’s attacks were always a step slower than him and could not land on him.

These attacks brushed past, causing Qin Yu to feel a little frightened at the side.

Aiden seemed to have entered a mysterious state. He didn’t stop walking.




Three layers of Creepy wrapped around him in succession. Violent attacks rose on the spot.

The power and speed of this attack were almost twice as fast as before.

A dense number of Creepy grabbed at his head.

The terrifying power had far surpa.s.sed level 9 Dao Consciousness.

If this attack landed on Aiden, he would be torn into pieces instantly.

Death b.u.t.terfly Flash Dance!Fi?dd ?ew upd?t?s on nove/l?in(.)com

Aiden’s body seemed to be dancing in the thrilling moment.

Countless blood splattered from his body, but all the fatal attacks were missed.

Hundreds of vortexes slowly appeared behind him.

Surging energy kept entering it. The rain of energy arrows shot out from the vortex.

The terrifying power directly destroyed those Creepy.

Was this peak power the domain of elves or another kind of power?

Qin Yu was curious.

His Death b.u.t.terfly Flash Dance and the arrows he shot were not as strong.

His skills had a significant increase after he used peak power.

At this moment, his strength was close to Chang Mang’s. He had also displayed his formidable abilities.

Furthermore, it had not been long since he entered the Dao Mystical Saint Kingdom. This kind of talent was simply terrifying.

Qin Yu was somewhat speechless. No wonder even Elder Tianji valued this person.

If he could continue to improve, it was hard to say what level his strength would reach.

“Qin Yu, has your peak power not awakened yet?”

Aiden retracted his power and returned to Qin Yu’s side..

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