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Chapter 2823: Xiao Hai’s Trial


Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

As the beast tide was destroyed, the entire wars.h.i.+p directly flew into the void.

As they slowly walked through the layers of s.p.a.ce, countless spatial storms crashed into the s.h.i.+p.

The ancient s.h.i.+p began to shake violently. The shaking made people feel scared.

Vice Captain Leng Yuanxun pressed on the bow of the ancient s.h.i.+p and started to control the wars.h.i.+p with a serious expression.

“What a powerful spatial storm! The power covers such a far distance.”

This was the first time Fatty Situ had traveled through s.p.a.ce for such a long time.

For five consecutive days, they slowly sailed through this storm.

By the time they transmigrated to the Dao Mystical Saint Kingdom again, a full six days had already pa.s.sed.

When they smelled the familiar smell of soil, the feeling was indescribable.

Traveling through the void was like a huge rock pressing down on their chest. Facing the boundless universe, the feeling was extremely oppressive. It was different from standing on the land of the Saint Kingdom.

“The area may be isolated under such a long time of spatial storm unless there is a Dharma Treasure like this ancient s.h.i.+p! Even if a level nine Dao Consciousness wants to pa.s.s through this place, they will probably die if they don’t make full preparations.”

Qin Yu was somewhat shocked.

“The area covered by the spatial storm here is uncertain. According to the previous information, this situation has never happened. This is the first time we have encountered such a strange thing.”

Leng Yuanxun said with a frown.

“This is Wo Long Gang. Brothers who want to get off can leave now.”

The vice-captain spoke, but no one left.

“Brother, don’t joke around. How would we dare to leave? The spatial storm has covered such a vast area. Without your ancient s.h.i.+p, we won’t know how long we will be trapped here. I will just follow you.”

A middle-aged man said with a bitter smile.

It was already difficult for them to move forward with the help of the ancient s.h.i.+p that appeared from the wormhole, let alone by themselves. If they were not careful, they would be swept into the spatial folds and their bodies would be torn into pieces.

Everyone on the s.h.i.+p had ugly expressions as if they had not expected this change.

Almost three-fifths of the people had to get off the s.h.i.+p before they reached the Eight Desolates Beast Domain.

However, no one dared to get off the s.h.i.+p after seeing the situation.

“Since no one is getting off, we’ll head straight to the Eight Desolates Beast Domain. There’s less than a tenth of the journey left. It’s no longer convenient to use such a huge target like the ancient s.h.i.+p in this area. You can rely on your strength to travel. The final destination is the Eight Desolates Beast Domain.”

Leng Yuanxun said indifferently. After he had gotten everyone off the boat, he put away the ancient s.h.i.+p.

After that, he and Jiang Shengling started their journey.

“Boss Qin Yu, I feel a little creeped out. I have gooseb.u.mps! I’m afraid there’s some danger here!”

Fatty felt his hair stand on end. He held a magical artifact in one hand and a talisman in the other hand.

“The power of the Path of Heaven is different from before the spatial storm. This Path of Heaven is filled with darkness and blood. These magical beasts are like fish in water here but we are like rats crossing the street here. That’s why I feel so uncomfortable.”

Qin Yu sensed it slightly and immediately discovered that the internal qi here was filled with brutality and slaughter.

Even if a normal person lived here for some time, they would be affected by this Path of Heaven’s internal qi and become a violent person.

“What an extreme power of Path of Heaven! I wonder how the humans living here are doing.”

Leng Yuanxun, who was following behind Jiang Shengling, suddenly said softly. He also felt the change.

“In nearly two hundred years, this place changed so much after Dao Xuan died. Unless we can stop cultivating, this internal qi will more or less affect a large number of humans. This place is already not suitable for humans to survive. This is already the eleventh place we’ve discovered, and it seems like we’re getting faster and faster.”

Jiang Shengling sighed.

“You’ll know when you get to the Eight Desolates Beast Domain. That’s where the humans are the most numerous.”

Leng Yuanxun said in a low voice. A hint of uneasiness flashed in his eyes.

For some reason, he felt a sense of foreboding.

This Path of Heaven evil thought was too strong. It was so strong that even he was a little frightened.

Smoker Xie stared at the young man in front of him with a terrified expression in the Invest.i.ture of G.o.ds’ s.p.a.ce.

The power in his hand kept sweeping through the s.p.a.ce and a strange fluctuation surged out in front of him.

The feeling of that power was vaguely similar to the power of the Invest.i.ture of G.o.ds.

Although it was only a trace, it was enough to make people afraid.

This person was here to simulate the power of sealing G.o.ds.

“No way. Although this kind of minimal simulation can avoid the commandment, it will not succeed even if I waste ten times more time.”

How to avoid these commandments?

Xiao Hai stood there quietly with a bitter smile in his eyes.

It was almost unsolvable. What a terrifying Invest.i.ture of G.o.ds!

Xiao Hai felt that he had cultivated more than he had in the past hundred years.

However, he did not dare to increase his cultivation because he was afraid that he would be flagged. It would be troublesome then.

It was very difficult to find a gap in the Invest.i.ture of G.o.ds.

There were tens of millions of divine souls in the Invest.i.ture of G.o.ds. Countless divine souls were constantly trying to escape from this place.

However, no one else had escaped other than the giant up until now.

This giant was formed by the combination of the top 100 divine souls and the will in the Invest.i.ture of G.o.ds’ s.p.a.ce. The probability of winning against it was very slim.

“I’ll give it a try and see will the Heavenly Sin’s resentment be detected! The advantage I have now is that I’m just an ant. If the commandment can cover all the divine souls, then it’ll be troublesome!”

Xiao Hai’s face revealed a hint of excitement.

He stretched out his palm and gently drew a line. Immediately, the s.p.a.ce in front of thousands of swastikas of different sizes appeared.

Then, it slowly covered Xiao Hai’s entire body.

Under Smoker Xie’s terrified gaze, Xiao Hai’s body slowly disintegrated and finally disappeared from the Invest.i.ture of G.o.ds.

This was the disintegration power of the Heavenly Sin’s swastika. At this moment, Xiao Hai had turned into a part of the Invest.i.ture of G.o.ds.

Then, his divine soul almost merged with this s.p.a.ce. He instantly swam freely in this Invest.i.ture of G.o.ds’ s.p.a.ce.

A force tore through the s.p.a.ce almost when he felt the power of the Heavenly Sin.

In the next moment, Xiao Hai’s body started to tremble violently.

The extreme pain made him unable to even transform into his true form.

“Failed again.”

Smoker Xie muttered.

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