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Chapter 1218 Unt.i.tled

Among the eight major plates of the Cang Lang Continent, the Central Continent was the largest. The once barren Ice Blazing City occupied nearly a fifth of the Central Continent.

Because the ecological environment of the Ice Blazing City was extremely harsh, not a single blade of gra.s.s grew and it became a lifeless city. Slowly, it evolved into the largest but most worthless piece of land on the Cang Lang Continent. The mayor of the Ice Blazing City actually became the mayor with the largest territory on the Cang Lang Continent.

The Divine Miracle Continent was the second-largest plate in Cang Lang City. Among the Divine Miracle Continent, Cang Lang City was the vastest. This was the center of economic trade and also the land with the most geniuses in the Divine Miracle Continent. As for Cang Lang Academy, it was built in a secret location in the Divine Miracle Continent.

No one knew where Cang Lang Academy was established.

They only knew that the entrance to Cang Lang Academy was located in a lake in the northwest of Cang Lang City. Only students and professors who had obtained Cang Lang Academy's pa.s.s would be teleported to Cang Lang Academy. As for other trespa.s.sers who dared to jump into the lake, Grand Masters and Beast Tamers below them would at least have their flesh peeled off by the array formation in the lake, or worst, they would die directly. Even if Prime Masters and Prime Emperor powerhouses jumped into the lake, although they could rely on their powerful strength to resist the attack of the array formation in the lake, they would still lose their way and be unable to find the way that led to Cang Lang Academy.

It could be said that Cang Lang Academy was the most mysterious place in the three thousand worlds.

Legend had it that Cang Lang Academy was established in s.p.a.ce, like the interstellar city.

But who knew the truth?

Cang Lang City was a modern city filled with a sense of futurism and technology. There were many tall buildings in the city, and there was a lot of traffic. In the sky above the city, all kinds of aircraft were driving along their own air tracks safely. In short, Cang Lang City was like a galactic metropolis.

The aircraft quickly flew out of Cang Lang City's airs.p.a.ce and towards the northwest.

The prospective new students were all standing on the sightseeing platform outside the aircraft and admiring the city below through the special gla.s.s. Feng Yuncheng also pulled Beatrice to look around. He pointed at the tallest building in Cang Lang City behind him as she said with some yearning, "I want to propose to you from there."

Beatrice was stunned. Before she could speak, a prospective freshman standing beside them said to them enthusiastically, "That's the G.o.d Creation Tower. Only super geniuses below the age of 80 who have broken through to the Prime Master Realm are qualified to become members of the G.o.d Creation Organization and are allowed to enter the G.o.d Creation Tower."

"It's every young Beast Tamer's dream to enter the G.o.d Creation Tower." At this point, the prospective freshman turned around and secretly glanced into the hall. His gaze landed on the elite uppercla.s.smen of the Cang Lang Academy's inner academy as he told Feng Yuncheng and Beatrice, "Senior Zhan Wuya is a member of the G.o.d Creation Organization."

"Is that so?" Feng Yuncheng turned around and shouted, "Senior Sheng!"

When Feng Yuncheng didn't hear Sheng Xiao's response, he tiptoed and tried his best to look into the hall. He saw Sheng Xiao and Yu Huang kissing at the drinking bar.

Many people were stealing glances at them.

Feng Yuncheng rolled his eyes and scolded softly, "How shameless!"

How enviable!

After a while, Sheng Xiao and Yu Huang walked over hand in hand.

Sheng Xiao asked him, "Why are you calling me?"

Feng Yuncheng glanced at him sideways and teased, "Are you done kissing?"

Sheng Xiao couldn't be bothered with him.

He stared at the lush forest below as he muttered, "We're almost there."

The aircraft was slowly decelerating, so they should be arriving soon.

Feng Yuncheng told everyone about the G.o.d Creation Tower. After he was done, he said to Sheng Xiao, "Senior Sheng, break through to the Prime Master Realm quickly and go to the G.o.d Creation Tower to get a members.h.i.+p. This way, we can ride on your coattails."

Sheng Xiao replied, "Boring."

Feng Yuncheng rolled his eyes.

At this moment, the aircraft had already pa.s.sed through the vast forest and they saw an inland sea. That sea appeared very suddenly, as if someone had forcefully hollowed out the mountain and created an inland sea.

As the aircraft circled above the sea, a male voice sounded on the radio in the hall. "Students, we have arrived at our destination. Please be prepared to get off the plane!"

Hearing this, the prospective freshmen hurriedly stood up and lined up.

As soon as the door of the aircraft opened, the prospective new students flew into the sea of clouds more than ten thousand meters high. After their bodies fell into the clouds, they circulated their spiritual power and rode their swords down.

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