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Chapter 1025 The Timeline

The future Kahn aka the Martial Emperor warned the current Kahn about an upcoming enemy... the Timeline itself.

"I'm not bound to this timeline since I'm from the future.

There are many things I want to tell you but I can't because it will mess up the timeline more than it already is.

Although because of me changing your divine abilities, coming to the past and you choosing to kill and save certain people has changed many events and saved billions of lives...

We have messed with the timeline even if we did it for a valid reason." said future Kahn in a solemn tone.

"Wait a minute... wouldn't that also create a sort of paradox and another separate timeline in the future you are from? Because the outcome of the future has also changed because you're back in the past?" asked current Kahn to the future him.

"Don't believe the nonsense concept of time and s.p.a.ce from Earth.

90% of them don't apply in Vantrea at all.

Although what you said should happen and affect the original timeline...

Time in Vantrea is a conscious part of existence by itself. It knows how to fix the altered timeline." revealed the Martial Emperor.

"The first thing that will happen after you leave the Conclave of Heroes is that the original timeline will be completely erased.

And a new timeline will be established with changed outcomes and an undefined future.

Soon, this timeline will become the Main Timeline.

Even Hero of Time can no longer mess with it by changing major events or taking advantage of his knowledge of the future without restraint.

The b.u.t.terfly effect also doesn't do much here.

This isn't some Regression type of novel where the Protagonist can exploit future events or go around saving people's lives without consequences." spoke the Martial Emperor firmly.

"Also, everything I and Saalazaar told you regarding the events of the future as well as the war against the Demon G.o.d...

The majority of them only affect you and your future actions and not the outside world from this point.

And even so, those events can happen differently than the original timeline based on several things such as the survival of someone like Ka.s.sandra from the original timeline whom I never even met back then.

Or the death of a certain individual that greatly affected the flow of time such as you killing the Hero of Fire, which saved Maximus, Emperor Havi, and Venessa." he iterated with a wisdomous tone.

"The number of probabilities is in billions. And all you can do from now on is be in charge of your own actions.

The more you try to change the timeline, the bigger the backlash you will receive.

Even the Hero of Time had to be cautious to not make major changes before he ambushed you here. Otherwise, his own life would be in jeopardy after the Conclave." he explained.

"How?" asked current Kahn.

"You will learn the reason in the future, child.

Just let the history run its course." spoke Saalazaar, his tone full of caution and patience.

"There are things I want you to focus upon if you want to kill the Demon Emperor and finally...

The only method to kill the Demon G.o.d will be revealed to you by that 'certain someone' I mentioned before.

Just know that there's a reason why no other hero was able to do it and even I couldn't do it in the original timeline despite being on the verge of becoming a Demi-G.o.d." spoke the future Kahn in a stern voice.

"However, I can't tell you the reason or it will change the course of the future. 

But I will tell you what you need to focus on in the upcoming years of your life.

And far more importantly, there are some people you must meet.

And few people you must save for the sake of the world." spoke the Martial Emperor.

"One of them is Maximus Gladius. He was also my friend in the original timeline when I hid myself in the Nadur Empire as Atreus Bellator.

Despite finding out about my real ident.i.ty... He chose to defy the Nadur Empire and helped me escape after Hero of Light found of my existence inside the Hesperides." stated future Kahn as he recounted what happened in the original timeline during the Conclave of Heroes.

"I do not know how the current Maximus would react... but if he is still the same as the one from my timeline... then you must befriend him and aid him without questions." ordered the Martial Emperor.

Although the bond between current Maximus and Kahn was nothing more than just acquaintances... if the future Kahn told him to befriend and help the Hero of Nature, then Kahn knew it would be for an understandable reason.

"Like I decided to spare the Hero of Time for now and turned him braindead...

There are 2 more Heroes you must not kill no matter what.

Also, you must be cautious of some of them... Especially the Hero of Lightning.

As for the Hero of s.p.a.ce... although he wasn't typically a friend... he wasn't an enemy either. Just that he had his way of handling his responsibilities.

Just never mess up or hurt people close to him and you will be okay." instructed the Martial Emperor.

"Both of them could've been great allies to me in the Great War against the Demon G.o.d had our relations.h.i.+ps been so messed up since the beginning.

Soon, the future Kahn gave a list of people he was talking about and the current Kahn made a mental note.

There must be an important reason if the future him was telling him to deal with these people a certain way.

"Alright... 3 to kill after becoming a Demi-G.o.d.

3 to save... I'm already done with Maximus.

1 person to meet after the Conclave of Heroes.

Also, there's that 'benefactor' and the 'certain someone' whom I will meet soon.

Finally, the 'being' I must absorb using my divine abilities...

Am I missing something?" said current Kahn as he checked his to-do list.

"And how am I supposed to meet them?

Apart from a few of them and that powerful being you mentioned, I can't even tell where or how am I to find the rest." he said in a puzzled voice.

"Don't worry... let the time run its course. They will find you instead." replied future Kahn.

"Now... the timeline will find ways to correct itself in accordance to the original one by killing some people or even changing their fates altogether.

So from now on... You're no longer living this life for yourself!" spoke the Martial Emperor as he declared in a domineering tone.

"You will be fighting for the fate of this world."

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