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Chapter 1026  Fate of the World

Meanwhile, in the peninsula made by the G.o.d of Nature, a bizarre scenario occurred.

"You… what are you doing?!" spoke a white tigerkin as he was shocked to the core.

Currently, his body was bound to dozens of unbreakable chains made of darkness as his Light elemental aura was diminis.h.i.+ng.

"Don't worry… Borat won't know anything since the formation and the barrier I made will give an illusion that everything is normal here." spoke an ice elemental blue fenrirborne.

This was Kahn in his Atreus Bellator persona and the person who he had tied up in chains and sealed abilities in a magic formation was none other than Conan Doykle.

For some reason, this supposed ally from the Hero's Party was now suffering from torture at the hands of the Brawler semi-saint while Maximus was still stuck inside the G.o.d's Altar.

Woos.h.!.+ Soon, another Atreus emerged from his shadow and a doppelganger beside him.

"What the f.u.c.k are you trying to do, Atreus?! Do you think others will let this slide?!" shouted Conan in anger.

"Why would there be any issues, Conan? Even if I killed you here… no one will know.

Because you're not going to die inside the Babylon…" spoke Atreus with a devious smile.



Soon, his entire visage started changing as his body transformed into that of a white-tigerkin, looking exactly like Conan himself.

"This!... What kind of witchcraft is this?!" bellowed Conan in disbelief.

Atreus used the Tigerkin bloodline he had from long before and transformed into Conan for some reason.

"You see, Conan… I still haven't forgiven you for what you did with those million innocent civilians.

I thought I could let it go… but no matter how cold I have turned recently, this just doesn't sit right with me.

And you… will pay for those million lives with your own." declared Atreus.

His main intention was to kill Conan for a long while and finally, with no one watching… he was acting on his decision.

"I will be taking your place and after returning to the Nadur Empire, I would stage a suicide.

I will also leave a note behind in your name, confessing to the ma.s.sacre and killing myself out of guilt." stated Atreus as he took away Conan's sword.

"You… you won't get away with this, you f.u.c.ker!

Maximus will find out the truth and he will expose you!" exclaimed Conan in fury.

"Is that so? Well let me burst your bubbles…" spoke Atreus with a sinister smile and the very next moment…


He stabbed Conan's heart with his own sword and then using the claw, Atreus pulled out his heart.

"You see… before the Conclave of Heroes even began… Other than Borat who didn't have innocent blood on his hands…

And whether you and the others were killed during the trial or not…" spoke Atreus in a grim voice and declared a tyrannical tone.

"Maximus and I planned to kill you b.a.s.t.a.r.ds anyway."


In the peninsula made by G.o.d of Darkness, a serious conversation took place.

Suddenly, the future Kahn's tone turned commanding as if he had relayed an undefiable order to the current Kahn.

"Before you ask questions… I want to tell you something about the Demon G.o.d." iterated the Martial Emperor in a stern voice. "Do not even think about fighting him in this timeline unless you've become a Demi-G.o.d first.

Because the truth about his existence and this entire war is not something I ever expected." he revealed.

"What do you mean?" asked current Kahn with a serious tone.

"The 8th Hero of Darkness was right to do what he did. Or this world would've ended 300 years ago.

Right after the Demon G.o.d killed 6 Heroes in a single day, the ma.s.sacre only me, the Hero of Lightning, s.p.a.ce, and Light survived…

I came to know the truth." said future Kahn in a cryptic tone.

"Care to f.u.c.king elaborate instead of talking in ciphers with me?" asked Kahn as he shrugged his arms. "Haha! Wish I could… but that information is something you should receive only when the time is right.

Soon, the 'benefactor' whom master Romulus told you about will come for you. With that person, you must go and find that particular individual I mentioned in the list of people you must meet. Only he can teach you one of the necessary ways to kill the Demon G.o.d and prepare you for the Great War." said future Kahn. "I wish I could tell you more but it will change the future too much to the point nothing will work in your favor. But remember… the timeline and this world will try to reset the course to what it was originally supposed to be.

And then, you will have to make a choice that will decide the fate of the world." declared the Martial Emperor in a solemn voice.

"What I meant by saying that you have to fight for the fate of the world is that… many of your actions are going to greatly affect the newly established Main Timeline.

Since the timeline will try to correct itself… You could lose someone very dear to you or you will have to let them die for the greater good.

There might come a time when you may have to sacrifice billions of innocent lives or even accept your death to preserve the balance of life." stated future Kahn in a somber tone.

"You will have to pay a great price so the timeline can correct itself and it will be for the better.

I hope that you understand the gravity of the situation and the consequences of your decision this world will face.

Whether Good or Bad or for the sake of saving the world or protecting your own interests…

Whatever choice you make… it will all be up to you.

Just know that even Good decisions might have bad consequences and something good might come out of unfavorably Bad situations.

I cannot speak for you even though we are the same person with the same soul, it's just that the world has been different for both of us." spoke future Kahn, his tone full of wisdom and premonition.

Finally, after a few minutes of contemplating, current Kahn asked…

"Why are you fighting against Demon G.o.d?"

This question was something current Kahn wanted to ask for a while as he wanted to know how the selfish him who was mostly detached from the matters of G.o.ds and the Demon G.o.d got involved in this fight to the point that he would even risk his own life.

"The current you who was forced to act selfish and focus on self-preservation wouldn't understand.

Although I understand why we both had this mindset in both timelines… we just hadn't seen the sunlight on the other side.

For me, it happened 15 years later and for you, it still hasn't happened.

Just know this…" spoke the Martial Emperor in a serious yet firm tone…

"This is bigger than you and me. There are many things far more valuable than your own life at stake.

Killing the Demon G.o.d regardless of the cost… even if it means our death…

This is the only way to save this world…" he declared in a stoic voice.

"To save everything."

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