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Chapter 579 Who Are We?

"My dear, who are we?" 

"Huh?" Lucy was momentarily confused as she heard that.

Lilith, looking dead serious, asked Lucy again, "Who are we, my dear? You, me, baby, we three, who are we?" 

"Mom… I seriously don't understand what you're trying to ask me…" Lucy said softly as she looked at her mother.

Lucy was stressed and overworked. Her brain couldn't process a lot of things right now and her mother's question was only confusing her further.

Lilith, not giving up on Lucy, held her face gently with both her hands and made her look straight in the eyes.

"Take a deep breath." Lilith instructed, to which Lucy nodded and did as told.

"Now tell me, who are we? What's our last name?" Lilith made the question even more easy to understand for Lucy.

Lucy blinked twice, not understanding why her mother was asking this. But she still replied, "Evure." 

Lilith nodded. "That's right. And what type of clan are we?"

"Vampire clan?" 

"Vampire ROYAL Clan." Lilith put more emphasis on the word royal and repeated.

Lucy nodded. "Right, right. But why are you saying something that I already know, mom?"

"My dear, you seem to have forgotten who we are and what power we hold." Lilith said, trying to hint Lucy where she was getting at.

Lucy shook her head. "I already know all of that though." 

Lilith, looking at Lucy, asked, "If you do, then why are you in such a hurry?" 


Lilith, noticing that Lucy still didn't understand fully what she was hinting at, sighed and gave up making Lucy understand things in an indirect manner.

She looked at her seriously and instead of running around in circles, gave it to her straight, saying:

"My dear, we are the Evures, the Rulers of all Vampires in existence. We are the strongest clan in the world and you seem to have forgotten that."

"We don't hurry to welcome the world, the world hurries to welcome us."

"You shouldn't be the one to stress about maintaining the reputation of the clan, they should be."

Lilith tried her best to explain to Lucy.

Clan Evure was indeed the strongest clan in the world and the Vampire Royal Family was the strongest family as well.


They held immense power and wealth in their hands and it was so much that n.o.body could even think about the depths of it and could only a.s.sume stuff.

Every major powerhouse of the world knew that just one message from the Vampire Royal Family was enough to cause a whole country and maybe even continent to topple.

Everyone thus feared the Evures and not only that, they also ensured and tried their best to not offend them.

One such example could be taken of the current banquet.

The ones who were invited and put restrictions on, they didn't dare disobey and only brought the number of people they were allowed to.

Once inside the Vampire Continent, they were scared to even hurt an ant and were trying their best to stay pa.s.sive and neutral. No matter what occurred here, they avoided conflicts at all cost.

This served to show how much they were scared to offend the strongest family of the world.

Lucy, who was trying her best to maintain the reputation and image of the clan, failed to understand that she didn't even need to do anything to maintain it.

Lucy had to understand that the phrase 'the world doesn't move according to your wishes' was something that didn't apply to her or anyone from her family.

The world will move exactly in whatever manner Lucy wanted, no questions asked. 

This was the immense power she carried in her hands. 

Lilith wanted to make Lucy understand this. This wasn't arrogance, but the truth. A leader had to think of everything and Lucy was thinking just like an average person of the world who was put on a throne and not in a more rational way.

Lucy, finally understanding what her mother said, looked at her and said in an innocent manner, "But mom… it is you who are strong. It is not me. How can I even act so mighty if I don't even have the strength to back it up."

Both of Lilith's children were humble and down to the ground. This was due to her excellent teachings and upbringing as a mother.

But currently, due to Lucy's lack of arrogance, she was getting stressed and didn't understand that she indeed held power to make changes in the world.

Lucy was still very innocent and more gullible than Lith, who was much younger than her.

Lilith had noticed that her youngest child didn't suffer much like her oldest but then again, her younger one hasn't even ventured too deep outside the world and experienced many things in life.

Lilith did see some signs of Lith showing some form of arrogance, but most of the time, he was really a sweet child who talked nicely with everyone. The best example of it was how he treated the servants and even Hecate, an outsider, so respectfully.

Lucy was the same and Lilith was once again stuck in a difficult situation.

Parenting was much more difficult than committing genocides in Lilith's opinion. 

Everytime she would face newer problems and the solution of which she had to figure out on her own through various trials.

Lilith could only let out a sign in response to Lucy's reply. She kissed Lucy's forehead and hugging her, said softly,

"My dear… don't be stressed and don't overwork yourself. If you need anything, ask mama, okay?" 

"Okay…" Lucy said softly while being in her mother's embrace, failing to understand such sudden change in mood. Her mother went from being serious to being her usual gentle self in a matter of a few seconds.

Lilith kissed Lucy's head and left without saying anything further, leaving the latter confused.

For the first time in a long while she had faced such a difficult situation and she knew she had to work her way into finding a solution to it.

Thus she left to work on it and let Lucy do her thing.

Lucy, having been hugged for a good while and also after getting many kisses from her mother, felt slightly better than before. 

It was as if she had gotten an energy boost now and with renewed vigour, she went to finish the final preparations for the banquet with Freya.


In the Dracula Castle in Milano…

A mature lady wearing an elegant gown and standing in the courtyard of the castle, looked in the direction of a pointy tower present at one end of the castle. She then shouted: 

"Dennis, where are you? Mother and father are waiting."

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